13 thoughts on “Yoder Smokers Thermal Jacket | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue

  1. Yoders are ok. But I traded mine for Blaze Ironworks. Built in double lining. Better heat distribution from end to end vs Yoder. USA made.

  2. I use a welding blanket. I toss it over my offset. About $40 but it's not fitted ;). It does cover the sides though as one person noted.

  3. New sub, but may unsub…why do these "bbqers" think that using pellet cookers is smoking..i get that it's easy because you push a button and wait but seriously BBQ should ALWAYS be done with lump coals and wood..maybe it's just the Texan in me but nothing else compares and nothing else should be taught. Next generation needs to learn the correct way, they don't need to get any lazier..

  4. There's definitely a place for a pellet cooker but I wish more people would try a Kamado. There's no need for a blanket and once you learn your pit you'll be able to go hours or days without needing to make and adjustment.

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