Yale Professor Attacked Over Halloween Costumes Says We’ve Evolved To Get Along

I don’t agree with that. Then why the fuck did you accept the position! Who the fuck hired you?! You should step down! If that is what you think about being on [unintelligible] you should step down! That 2015 confrontation on the Yale campus between Nicholas Christakis, a sociologist and physician, and protesting students was part of a controversy over how to dress up on Halloween. It all started a week earlier when the school’s Intercultural Affairs Council sent an email encouraging members of the community to be careful not to offend their fellow students with culturally and racially insensitive costumes. Christakis’ wife Erika, an expert in early childhood education at the university responded with her own thoughts. ‘Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious… a little bit inappropriate or provacative or, yes, offensive?’ ‘American universities’ she wrote ‘have become places of censure and prohibition.’ Students said that by sending her email Christakis had failed to create a safe space at Yale’s Sillman College, where she served as associate master. Nicolas Christakis jumped into the fray, defending his wife’s email, and then he tried to engage in a dialogue with protestors. Scenes of students shouting at Christakis, one of Yale’s most respected faculty members, went viral. Do not interrupt me, I was not angry and now I want your job to be taken from you. I don’t want you to have this job, I am disgusted knowing that you work at Yale University where I will get my degree. Where I will look back and think I have to argue with you. Don’t, no, sir, sir sir don’t do it, don’t do it- Christakis not only held onto his tenured professorship but three years later he was awarded the Sterling Professorship, Yale’s highest faculty honor. And his confrontation with students kicked off an ongoing national debate about freedom of speech, political correctness, and Millennial sensitivity on college campuses. Homophily or the fact that we prefer to connect with people we resemble have fundamental significance. As a sociologist, the 56-year-old Christakis is no stranger to highly charged group interactions. His new book is Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society, which argues that our genetic makeup predisposes us to favor peaceful interaction and respectful co-existence over angry and violent mob rules. I have a vision of us as people that actually privileges our common humanity that is interested not in what is different among us, but what is the same. I sat down with Christakis to talk about his theory that what unites us as humans is stronger than what divides us, the power of evolution as an explanatory system for society and whether enlightenment values such as civil discourse and intellectual freedom are still respected in our nation’s colleges and universities.

100 thoughts on “Yale Professor Attacked Over Halloween Costumes Says We’ve Evolved To Get Along

  1. Education needs three things as soon as possible
    in order to solve the problem.
    Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics.

  2. Young deceptive colored women and self hating white women will be the death of civilization. God bless the jezebel spirit lmfao

  3. It's even funnier now that we all know these schools were admitting certain minorities in through affirmative action and not by merit.

  4. This is interesting notion of what you should do but rather what you want to do.

    The students can ask you to be more racially sensitive when choosing your Halloween costume but you cannot force some one to adhere to your moral code of not being an asshole.

  5. Wow… I wish I had his patience…well, and also his brain. True shame that these kids couldn't even listen just wanted to yell BS.

  6. So bizarre how it was always young people that offended older people and now it's completely turned around with young people offended by everything

  7. "We've evolved to get along"? Depend on who you mean by 'we". Do you mean 'we' as in Europeans? – the cold weather people who relied on one another to prepare for the long harsh winters and where we had to get along during the long stay indoors – or else we'd be kicked out to die alone. Or, do you mean just people in general? Because people in general are tribal and have never gotten along unless they're very small groups in a larger dominant society where they're forced to observe the main cultural norms – and even then those groups will always harbor resentment and will act on those resentments if they get within an inch of power.

  8. haha, I was aware of the stupidity of american students on such silly points … but this really sets a new record. How pathetic! US is already the laughing stock of the world and I cannot imagine how US will look like when, in the future, these students will be on the first line of US society.

  9. This guy knows what he's talking about, he seems very smart, I'm surprised he was dumb enough to try to explain himself to a bunch of entitled teenagers. Teenagers are the worst and if you give them some black privilege I'm surprised he made it out of there alive.

  10. Professors tells contact-wearing interviewer that if it weren't for medieval lens grinders, "You would have been long gone, and had no progeny, and that would have been the end of your line." Interviewer doesn't get upset or shout down professor or tell him he should be fired. Wow! I thought every time someone said something you disagreed with, you should circle around them in a public space and not listen to what they have to say and demand their resignation

  11. A) if you are at Yale (or any ivy league school) you are not repressed. B) if you are still IN SCHOOL- stop trying to tell the world how it should be! wax on, wax off…

  12. Sorry I can't garner any support for this guy. He helped create the very environment he's now lamenting. But he's only lamenting it because it's been turned on him.

  13. I work in data analytics and this is due to indoctrination through data. Young people are being shaped and manipulated by the data sets they participate in. Ie Facebook and social media becomes a viral infection of data.

  14. I am ready to slap the shit out of black leftists. I am not white so it's okay if I kick the shit out of them. I will be right by Candace Owen's side.

  15. I'm going to say that black girl got into Yale because she wrote an essay on her activism as a marginalized black, female living in racist post-civil rights America. Affirmative action at work here.

  16. True story, my 13yr old grandson was pulled out of class and spent the night in juvenile detention just before Halloween after posting a picture of himself wearing camouflage and saying his Halloween costume was a school shooter. No gun, yet someone decided he was a threat. His teachers all vouched he was a good student and got among well with his fellow students and displayed empathy for others. For some reason our Az community wanted it's "me too" moment and is now collecting probation fees, and collecting regular drug testing fees (even though there was no indication he had ever used drugs) and undergoing court ordered counciling as part of his probation. Halloween was supposed to be scary, but it is more scary that such a knee jerk response from society could have occurred.

  17. Bullshit. That student has a name and is a person. Address THAT STUDENT BY NAME, OUT THAT PERSONALITY. EVERYONE HAS TO FUCKING KNOW.

  18. I haven't read his book but the obvious flaw in his argument is the part of humanity that is infantile and parasitic. There are many modes of coexistence that do not engage either the polarity of killing the other people or loving the other people. For most of us, that mode is either annoyed toleration or quiet exploitation. People sort of tolerate others because they have to, in part, and this has become the problem he has confronted. The other aspect that keeps people tolerant is FEAR, fear of someone else's agency and capacity to retaliate. Without the instruments of state to protect these bratty children, they would have to orient themselves toward much greater care in language and deportment and wouldn't think of just shouting their narcissistic idiocies because a punch in the face would be likely. When you compel the authority figures to be afraid of other authority figures you're fucked. Feminism caused all of this. A total disturbance of madness and ego. And now everyone I know is worse as a human being. I don't donate to charity anymore. I used to donate $3000 every Christmas to the food bank. I won't help anyone. And worst of all, I have started discriminating on who I hire when it's my turn to do job panels. I refuse to hire women. They will be way more trouble than it's worth. And I refuse to hire black people. They will also be way more trouble. So congrats, SJW's, you are creating through your fantasy the very demographic you've demonized but which hasnt existed – a demographic consciousness of white males. I see it every day. More and more white males are seeing one another as a thing, and sharing in their commonalities. And whereas your rantings against white patriarchy were nonsense, just watch from this point on. I simply refuse to hire any women or promote them. The only woman in the organization answers phones.

  19. Hmmmm. It is almost as if this "incident" was the perfect opportunity for him to win a high level Yale award and to get major speaking engagements AND a hit book.

  20. I thrive on challenges however unsettling and unnerving they may be…it is an incentive to learn.
    And as a threshold to adulthood and life in Society, when available, the academic world is the place par excellence where to be challenged and learn.

  21. All the millennials I know who are successful went to trade schools, or got jobs right out of high school. Most of them that I know that went to college, are drowning in debt and can’t find jobs in the field they studied.

  22. The newest models of Red Diapered Doper Babies. Bye bye great America. The barbarians have broken through the gates

  23. It's looks like kids are having a prayer circle to deal with the trauma over an email about offensive Halloween costumes that people haven't even worn yet.

  24. The real reason black girl was so angry is because she can't get a man, sadly, even black guys don't like black girls or they ll go for non black girls every chance they get

  25. If students behave like this at Yale. How do they get there. No common sense or integrity. Don't know how to talk to your professors. Shame on you.

    Entitled idiots.

  26. Those students are are lazy,just wasting time and the taxpayers money, they would be more useful cleaning the dirty streets…

  27. I agree. If empathy, co-operativeness, inclusivity and other values were "weak" then they would have died out. On the contrary, it's actually the "strong" traits like callousness, ruthlessness and so on are dying off. This shows which is really strong and which is weak.

  28. The job of universities is not to create 'safe space' but to create an argumentative and ideologically volatile place where student gets to have constant debate about what is society and how we should behave culturally , politically etc. People who only wants to hear and see things that they agree with are kindergarten level infants , not mature adults. This mentality has in fact paved the way for internet algorithms that shows us what we want to see. This is why most Americans try to avoid politics while go to Europe people are vocal about their opinion and they never shy away from discussing it .

  29. He's a hero, and a legend. A great man, who will be remembered. The students will be a reminder of the worst in us, and a grim snapshot of how universities lost their way.

  30. Much respect for Dr. Christakis not backing down. Hopefully the young woman has matured and grown since this incident.

  31. This is what so many of the other professor's at Yale wanted.
    Cultural Mraxism attack the status quo with nonsense untruths.
    Everyone of those loudmouth crude students is overly privileged attending an Ivy League college.
    Their not experiencing what they've been brainwashed into believing.
    The ideology of cultural Marxism is solely based on attacking the patriarchy of western culture.To bring chaos to every level of society.To have the people turn against each other. Why because of a handful of pre-World War 2 intellectuals deem western civilzation oppressive. The basic structure of European patriarchal societies should be laid to waste.
    How too attack? From within criticize every norm nothing should remain that holds the patriarchy together.
    The hatred the original creators of this ideology had for white heterosexual Christian male is staggering.
    I suggest you conduct your own research into this insidious undermining ideology.The arrogance expressed by these men & women believing they could dismantle western civilization not for the betterment of humankind. Rather for their personal issues with Christian European patriarchal societies.

  32. Affirmative action programmes promote Entitled brats to position of insanity because of expandable boundary of privileges. When Kids, puppies UNDERSTAND set boundaries, they are happier and feel safer

  33. I wonder if those students know how many people laugh at them or of they think they accomplished something. They are clowns

  34. never knew "The Yale Professor" was actually this guy. Just purchased his book and looking forward to reading.

  35. Viewing this unfolding from abroad for many years now, makes me sad; I just want to throw up now.

    I’m all too pleased my child, also an American citizen, is not attending or experiencing their education in any US high school or US university.

    All is too ill in the States. I’m sick to my stomach, wanting to throw up, as what we view unfolding is not at all representative of the human values to which we want our child to subscribe now or ever; it’s sick and toxic. What we’re seeing about the US is disturbing.

    Sorry “left”, but cut me out of your sorry game of ignorance, use, abuse and manipulation…which, by the way, does not make me, in any way, shape or form, a member of the right wing, but rather FREE from all of you, left and right!

  36. I kind of have to agree of christakis if you're an adult and you're looking for a safe place then perhaps the real world isnt great for you and you should go back to your live with your mother and father supporting you.

  37. Yelling in his face, demanding his obedience, waving her fingers in his face, and closing the distance between them are signs of AGGRESSION. She is very lucky this is the academic, intellectual type bc she does that to the wrong person she's getting a healthy dose of CTE. Fuck ur grievances you go go an ivy. Fuck ur tears, no one cares. All I see is a lot of fucking losers.

  38. Humans are naturally self serving. We do form groups for security reasons but beyond that unfortunately we have to be taught to be kind.

    A baby is a savage. If that baby grew up the will continue to be a savage.

    The fear of a violent death not altruism is the natural state of mankind.

  39. Everything is a joke. Like these whinny cunts even know what it’s like to be oppressed. 😂 so America of them.

  40. I love counting the number of yes the professor says especially as he gets excited by the question. It's quite humorous but also tells me how passionate he is.

  41. Once the sjws get going there is no stopping them right or wrong they latch on to an argument no matter how little of a leg they have to stand on and roll with it by yelling, crying, talking over, and overall trying to suppress the voice of their target to get their point accepted as right even if they are fucking being ridiculous. #fucksjws

  42. I mean, it's probably not a good idea to dress up as a Nazi or a KKK member, I get that. But what the professor said was also defensible, it's Halloween, just let the students have their fun.
    In the end I just think these kind of rules are a bit unnecessary, I believe even these obnoxious teens would know better and draw their own line, and if there really are some retards think being provocative is funny, I'm sure the other students will beat the crap out of them anyway

  43. Next time just hit them in the fucking face, same story as in Canada with Jordan Peterson, you can't argue with stupid animals, you just give them the stick

  44. These college students will not survive this world emotionally intact. The suicide rate of this generation is going to be higher than any other ever measured, because hurt feelings.

    how can this be?

  45. Spoilt brats hearing someone disagree with them for the first time in their lives and throwing a tantrum that a 3 year old would find impressive!
    First world problem slacktivists

  46. "I want this job to be taken from you" fuck you bitch. You should be grateful to even be going to one of the most elite universities in the fucking world. Now prove that you have the actual intelligence to make something of yourself instead of attacking this man.

  47. If you are not a minority then I don't want to hear anyone complain about us playing the "victim" because you guys will never understand or have to go through our experience. I do agree that he may not have meant no harm to the students, but his clear oblivion to the fact that his wife's words caused harm and shouted out ignorance is where he failed to see why the students were upset in the first place. AGAIN ALL OF YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  48. All this over some Halloween costumes lol We are wasting our time, it seems were becoming stupider. It's sort of like "The Rat Utopia Project" from back in the 1950's.

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