Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Create a ’50s Costume for Women

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I’m a freelance
fashion journalist, and the owner of AustinStyleWatch.com, street fashion site,and I’m going to talk
with you a little bit today, about how to put together a 50’s costume for women. Now,
we all know the classic 50’s outfit. We see a lot of costumes at Halloween time, with
the poodle skirt. We’re going to kind of diverge a little bit away from that,and do something
a little less costumey, and a little more authentic, but nonetheless, something you
can really put together in any place in America, so the first thing we’re going to start with,
and it’s very classic 50’s, is hats. You’re going to see this in a lot of old movies.
It’s a really classic 50’s look and it’s a little different from the normal kind of stuff
you’re going to see, with the ponytail and the bobby sox, but hats are a classic. You’ll
see them in everywhere from Hitchcock movies, anything, so hats, you’re going to go for
stuff like the pillbox, or what you might also call, fascinaters. They’re usually the
kind of small hats that fit back here on the head. You can find these on eBay really easily,
a lot of vintage shops, and flea markets are a great place to look. The next thing we’re
going to look at, slips. Slips are something that have fallen by the wayside, in modern
women’s dress, but if you’re going to be wearing a dress, that’s going to kind of have a fullness
to it, or is going to be sheer at all. A slip, or something to make your dress a little bit
fuller, like a crinoline or something like that, is going to kind of lift up the skirt,and
it’s what gives that extra kick, when you see 50’s girls dancing, and their skirts come
out real full and wide, so when you’re thinking of you costume, think about old timey undergarments,
as well as what’s on the outside, because the undergarments are what give the outfit
the shape, of the era,and the next thing we’re going to look at, is 50’s style dresses. Now,
this isn’t a poodle skirt, but it’s also got the same kind of cut to the skirt, as the
poodle skirt, that’s real full and wide, so that when you’re dancing, you’re going to
get that same kind of wide, full look, which usually is the kind of thing you’re going
to in 50’s wear, is going to be something like a sock hop, so look for something with
a natural waistline, that falls right here, between your hip and your ribs,and with a
real full skirt, and the last thing we’re going to talk about, is the shoes. You see
the saddle shoes a lot. Those are the white shoes, with the black stripe on them. Saddle
shoes are a great pick, and especially if you’re going to be at a sock hop, but another
good pick is also kitten toe heels. They’re the type of little peep toe, and they’re usually
quite high. Those are also a good choice, if you’re not going to be doing quite as much
cutting a rug, so this has been how to put together a classic 50’s outfit, for women.

11 thoughts on “Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Create a ’50s Costume for Women

  1. i do hate how people have this impression that the 50s was all about poodle skirts and saddle shoes.. It was SOOO much more… this vid barely isnt even enough.. obviously..

  2. English gentleman (36) seeks wife. Age 24-36. To live 1940's lifestyle on daily basis.

    Well ladies, there is no harm in asking is there? Those of you whom dress in 30-50's style look gorgeous.

    I like the 30's-50's and it might be fun to furnish a house like that and drive the relivant car etc. Lots of other hobbies and interests as well.

    Rob in England

  3. I like your description for slip and think that you can make a special video for this underwear. Why not you in slip and say to us your impression?

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