Women Try On Sexy Christmas Costumes

– [Lena] I am – trying on sexy Christmas outfits? – [Kellie] Oh, I’m so, so scared. *laughs* And I feel like my innocence is gonna go out the window. – [Lena] Oh, man. So I’m just gonna – I’m gonna try this on that way. – [Kellie] I’m – uh, feeling a bit revealed, if I’m honest. No, I feel more foolish. Does that make sense? I feel like if I went out with this on it’d be like, “what the blah is she doing?” – [Lena] I feel I would be absolutely terrified to go out wearing this – Especially in, sort of, Dublin winter! It would be so cold! *laughs* – [Harker] Is it for going out, or is it for getting the ride? Like, is it roleplay thing? ‘Cause… a snowman’s probably a weird – roleplay. – [Kellie] Although, if you were trying to be sexy, like, that’s very easy to come off. Just saying. – [Harker] I mean, I think if I was dressed up – as Santa’s brother like this, there might be some angry parents. – [Kellie] Who has the time to be this sexy? You know what I’m saying? – [Lena] I think – everything about this says more “Grinch” than sexy, though. – [Kellie] It – it does feel I’ve got paid 100 euro to turn up to a Christmas party and be like – *falsetto* “Ooooh! Whose birthday is it!?” – [Lena] …I feel more naked than in the other one. Which makes no sense because I’m wearing so much more. I don’t think there’s anything appealing about this! – [O.S.] Can you imagine yourself ever wearing this? – [Kellie] If I was like, “Here, lads, look how stupid I look in this dress!” Other than that, no. Oh, my Lord! Oh my Lord! See, this can’t be shown on camera! There – like, there’s no way this can be sho – *laughs* – [Lena] *laughs* I am too scared to breathe! – [Harker] Don’t wear this out! Jesus Christ, like! – [Lena] By far the sexiest one, but – – [Kellie] Yeah, it’s, uh – it’s a little bit short! – [Lena] *laughs* – [Kellie] So I’d might add, like, an extra – four inches, maybe, or – an extra fourth – oh, Jesus! – [Lena] *laughs* Because this has, like, the – the tulle underneath, it does actually have a bit of shape, which I think is really nice. – [Harker] This is my favourite one so far. Even if it was the shortest. – [Lena] *laughs* I feel so exposed! Like, I don’t know where to put my hands! *laughs* – [Kellie] I’m so warm! I don’t know how, though, because I’m not wearing any clothes! – [Lena] I think it’s the first one that might actually pass – as being “sexy”. – [Kellie] I feel sexy because I feel naked. Does that make sense? Honestly, like, I literally feel like I have to, like – – [Harker] You never want to be wearing clothes that have a Velcro backing on them. Like, that’s never gonna be a good time for anybody. I feel like I’m in a lot of – fish netting. – [Kellie] How do I look? – [O.S.] How do you feel? – [Kellie] Stupid. – [Lena] What I don’t feel, is sexy. I feel like I could safely wear this – to church. – [Harker] This is definitely the most socially acceptable one to wear out. This is also the one I’d wear the least. *laughs* – [Kellie] I feel like I’m not wearing very much material, ’cause it’s all – it’s all just this material, and this wouldn’t hide shit. It’s not very sexy. – [Harker] I feel like someone put me in a green bin bag. – [Lena] *laughs* – [Kellie] If you ever got bored on a night out, you could just do this for ages. – [Lena] It’s kind of – painful to wear. It’s itchy. I can’t move without feeling like something is, sort of, scraping me. – [Kellie] I think if they were gonna do, like, “Oh, let’s do a Christmas tree,” they could have put some lights on it, or something – or some tinsel. – [Harker] I don’t like this one. I’m not a happy Christmas tree. – [Lena] I don’t know how there’s a market for these things. I don’t know who designs them, and who buys them, and who – wears them. – [Kellie] I might wear them, but, like, I wouldn’t, like, wear them outside. – [Harker] So, uh, unless you have a Santa fetish, or a Christmas fetish, you’re not getting a lot of mileage out of them. – [Kellie] Stupid Christmas costumes are stupid. Erm… and, uh – they’re not what Christmas is about? Look at this! Absolutely ridiculous! Ab-so-lute-ly ridiculous! Brilliant. Yep, just what I wanted for Christmas: My f***ing vagina on the Internet. And what would you like for Christmas? Aah! Ugh. I… *laughs* *snorts*

100 thoughts on “Women Try On Sexy Christmas Costumes

  1. A ton of people have already commented on how great Kellie's legs are, so I won't. I'll just silently nod my head in agreement.

  2. The woman in the glasses reminds me of Amy Farrah Fowler from big bang theory… Except the Irish girl has a good personality

  3. the white background was a terrible idea most girls got naked it would just be looking at a transparent wall

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  6. They are all attractive. The short haired one is adorable her face is so blushed lol. I love how she's covering herself lol.

  7. Who ever picked out those "sexy costumes" is fired. What garbage. Where'd you find them, the Dollar store? I feel sorry for the girls that had to be involved with such cheap bullcorn, They were good sports, and someone should apologize to them and the whole internet community.

  8. Kellie, I wanted YOU, in the red outfit, with me, in a private place for 72 hours! That's what I want for every Christmas… alas … still didn't happen this year … probably won't the next, or the next, or the … or ever even…

  9. This may have just became my favorite video ever I love the goth and the girl in glasses ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  10. I had kept from laughing, because well, it looks like these women's dignity were being made fun of by a jerk producer.

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