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hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to the heavily requested much-anticipated plus-size wish app clothing haul if you haven't heard the wish yet before its but it's just an app for your phone and they have a ton of different stuff that is super duper duper duper inexpensive first impression the app really gives me like a bootleg kind of feel like everything I'm buying is probably hella bootleg but you guys really really really requested this so much so back when you requested it I placed an order and these are my screenshots from when I place the order because the prices do change so I looked at the plus I stuff and I place my order on September 22nd and today is November whoa November 5th so September 22nd is when I place the order and it took over my took what six weeks my means am i doing that quickly for me to get all of the items actually I think I'm still missing one but I couldn't stand to wait any longer because I did ask you guys this morning on Twitter which video you wanted to see this one a what's in my bag or the thigh high boot all hands down this one I had the most votes so if you guys ever want to be a part of which videos go up you need to follow me on like Instagram snapchat Twitter cuz that's where I ask those things and I will have all those links down below but anyway let's jump into it I actually tried the stuff on first normally I try it on well I try not when I get my clothes and then I usually film this video and then I usually try them on again for you guys on camera this time I did it one time because it was just something telling me I might not be able to put them on twice so um let's start with the jeans that I got these were the women stretch distress ripped jeans I imagine I don't know my screenshot is kind of cut off and these said they were 89 percent off basically and I paid eight dollars and 55 cents instead they originally cost 55 I paid eight dollars and 55 cents and the shipping on these was three dollars so one of the things with wish is that you pay shipping and every single individual item which is hella anoying but I guess it's like buying stuff like from eBay type of thing you know like if you bought from a bunch of different people on eBay then you'd have to pay shipping a bunch of different times so my actual order total like the amount that I spent was 113 dollars and 20 cents and of that total $35 of that actually went to shipping because like I said I paid for everything individually and the actual item total came up to 78 20 so these jeans I got in a XXL and the distressing on them on the actual model is nothing like you distressing this on the actual jeans not even close not even a little bit and not know I mean wish but without a doubt steals other people's photos and puts them next to the clothes on the app and the reason I tried it is not just because you guys asked for it so much it's because some of you actually had really good things to say saying that you know you had ordered stuff you loved it and it's so inexpensive and everything else so basically these jeans jeans plus shipping cost me $11 an extra extra large I'm typically a size 16 16 18 in my denim and being didn't even come close to fitting no frigging way this what is this leg why is it the same length the whole time like who's wearing these freaking Jack Skellington No so anyway they also very they have very very very little stretch in them see I'm pulling them and they're really not stretching they don't have stretch the other they have stretch the other way sorry but again still not very much so these are a huge bust if you want an expensive jeans and you want to spend 15 20 bucks on jeans then you should check out like like rue 21 and like charlotte russe when they're having sales because you can get jeans under $20 and the quality far surpasses these and they're still you know relatively inexpensive and they'll last you a fair amount of time so yeah hi Lee don't recommend wish for genes at Alice let's do this shirt next okay so this was supposed to be like a shirt dress and it says the fashion miss leisure t-shirt long sleeves shirt loose tops color black and khaki and so the girl in the picture looked super cute and it's nice and long and buttons go all the way down and there's a whole bunch of buttons and it just looks cute it looks nice and I ended up spending eight dollars for the actual item plus four dollars for shipping so let's say twelve dollars total and when I got it I was like I didn't order this you know I was like I didn't order some tight little sheer black shirt why would I order this then I was like oh this is the dress the dress no it's not no it's not you're lying so I'm miraculously I actually got my arms into it no it doesn't feel good doesn't look good I probably shouldn't be wearing it and I almost never have a issue with my buttons like being open across my bust when I wear button ups but I had a major issue with it with this particular top and I only had it on for a few minutes and as you can see it's already it's already messing up in the stitching like when you button it it bunches it together which is very odd obviously very poor I'm stitching and it has significantly less buttons okay we have 6 we have 6 buttons and we don't even go to the bottom like so they stopped at like my belly button like this is not a shirt dress okay and I believe this when I got in the size 2x I can't find that oh don't there's no tags or anything like on these items so I hope you're not expecting anything like that and I highly doubt you can return it stuff but if you can let me know cuz I'll return everything except maybe one thing oh yeah this is the kicker so this shirt dress right here this dress this was in a size 3 XL 3 XL ok I don't know I'm illiterate I'm wearing an extra-large right now okay like I don't normally order a 3x eyelid anything but um yeah let's move on so I also bought these kind of cargo pants things they are stretchy and these are like a deep red kind of color these are in a size 2 XL and as you can see they're you know a little left limb up here and they don't have much detail on them outside of this little cargo pocket not now I mean not a whole lot to them very thin material but they looked really good on the model of course so these I got in a XXL and then they were $8 marked down from 165 dollars guys what a steal so eight dollars plus two dollars shipping so 10 bucks in total and uh yeah so they didn't go up there it would mean I'm actually it's not enough it's not enough here like this is not long enough to cover anything from me so I got it maybe about a third of the way up my butt before I actually ran out of material it wasn't you know like this could actually go around my butt my waist um but I ran out of material like the rest of my leg had filled it up already and it was just not gonna happen so it is stretchy so I didn't get into it technically but I there's no way I could ever actually wear these so much smaller than me could potentially wear them so if maybe you're like a size maybe like a short size large then you can order these in like a double XL and you get some pants I don't recommend it but if that's your thing go for it so I also Duff is great pair but you know what I wonder if this is what the white pair was like I think I think these were supposed to be the white pair because I didn't actually have like there's nowhere on my order that says like what are these so sure enough these these actually yeah okay so these are a double XL and they were marked on from seventy dollars big savings to $6.65 and three dollars in shipping so just shy of ten bucks for these again just like the other ones and same exact problem could not even come close to getting these up like I said they're really stretchy so if you want a super comfortable kind of like a jegging pant with really bogus rips on it well I think what is that why would you do that they look so stupid you got these rips look so dumb but in the picture they look really nice so not the same pants at all obviously they are stretchy though they have a drawstring and again they didn't even come close to fitting no there were a couple of things that did fit but before we get into that let's let's let's get into this so this is like a shaper kind of thing and this I got in this x-x-x L so three x's and this was marked on from $22 to $3 shipping was $2 so it cost me $5 Kate try to put it out of you guys tried real hard as soon as I stretched it a little bit which this was probably like just above my knees when I stretched it I mean it wasn't I didn't it didn't get very far but it immediately just ripped in half in every area like it's it's ripped all over the place I mean it wasn't just one spot it immediately like instead of stretching it just ripped everything ripped so it's obviously crap I mean it's no good if you want super inexpensive shapewear I did a whole video on it but you can go to like Burlington and literally spend like six dollars on a piece of shapewear and it's not gonna be higher power Spanx quality but it's gonna be way better quality than this trash so no thank you no I did also buy this little necklace because they do have jewelry and stuff and I was like you know what let me see what they do have to offer because frankly I didn't have high expectations I kind of knew I was gonna be wasting you know all my money or whatever or rather I knew money was gonna be wasted but I wanted to check some some other stuff out so I did get this little necklace thing and it's got like the little stone on the end I don't know what they're called but they seem very popular right now so it's just kind of a delicate little band that band a chain and then it has like a foil covering on it it you know it's not bad it's not my style or anyway I wanted to show you guys they do have other things like like jewelry that potentially could be good just first glance and by feeling it doesn't feel bad or anything and that costs me $1 for the chain and then $1 for shipping so for 2 bucks this was not a waste I will go and hang it and probably let my daughter wear it unless it like turns are all green or something I'm not sure I'd normally let her wear chains but let's go into the two things that I actually did but so I ordered this shirt and this is the women's autumn something something and they said it was marked down from $35 to 7 and then the shipping on this was $4 so that's $11 total and it comes in a bunch of different colors so I got in the color beige which it this frankly this looked most like what was actually in the photos I don't think it's the same item at all but it looks very similar to the point where you know if I wasn't looking too closely I probably wouldn't have even noticed okay there's no tags or anything so I figured obviously that the low part goes to the front the long part goes in the back but it fits I got it in a size double X I think I said that and it's got a nice little batwing on it I know some people really hate bat wings but for me they're like everything because hello I think my upper arm needs to breathe so this is comfortable its stretchy it's pretty much what was in the picture um no complaints I'll probably keep this shirt versus all the other stuff which probably won't I'm so now this is the most expensive thing that I bought and this was so like I wonder this casual sweater dress it's so pretty on the model you guys so pretty like I got a fine one for like real life you know somewhere like that I can go to the mall buy it or something and it was only it was $11 in the shipping was $5 so 16 bucks but it never came and I said I was gonna be here like two weeks into October and it never came so I mean whatever but the last thing that I bought which was actually the first thing that I put my cart is a triple XL again like you gotta obviously you got it water bigger this says it was marked down from $87 for 25 and the shipping was 11 so I spent $36 on this item so I was like this better be real nice okay so it's it's not bad considering the quality of everything else and how awful it is this is in bad but it almost reminds me of like like dowel clothes you know like your dowels not your I don't know what your dowel but like my daughter has like little American Girl dolls or lean a little knockoff version cuz I'm not fighting hydraulics I'm tattle yeah so like you know have it they have like clothes and like Halloween costumes and stuff like technically their clothes right but you don't necessarily want to wear those clothes that's kind of what this reminds me of so it did fit it was a little bit tight on my arms and it's a three XL so obviously if you have noticed you you definitely have to size up but it looks kind of similar to the one that was in the picture actually it's obviously not the same one but it does look similar and it's like a ruffle leaf kind of coat it has double ruffles like on the bottom and then it has it's like a double breasted pea coat basically with the ruffles so it it feels kind of gross I don't want to wear it but if I guess I'm in a pinch I could it came with a belt and it's actually cute like silhouette the actual silhouette it's kind of cute and like I said it pretty much fits it's a little bit tight of my arms I don't quite understand what the purpose of these buttons are like you're never gonna button it to get my head doesn't even fit inside of this hole if it was even close to buttons I guess it's just for the style but there are hold on the other side so I don't know about that um maybe if I rip no signs of me ripping it it came ripped I'm gonna say maybe if I ripped this then I would be able to fit my arm in a little bit more comfortably that's great so I can't but I didn't hate this coat I don't love that it cost me almost $40 but not the worst thing ever like I I don't know I okay final thoughts here Jerry Springer style here at my final thoughts I don't necessarily recommend shopping the wish app I did it obviously because you guys asked me to so many people were curious to see if they could get an expensive plus-sized clothing on wish and I would say yes you can get an expensive plus-sized clothing on wish but will it fit and probably not how you want it to fit the quality is really really really bad the shipping takes a long time and I think overall like I definitely could have spent one hundred and thirteen dollars boohoo and gotten probably honestly the same amount of stuff and the shipping might have taken forever boohoo because you guys suck at that but um you know I would have gotten clothes that I actually want to wear and that would probably compliment my actual body a little bit better like I said though the jewelry wasn't necessarily a bus so they do have other items on the app I can't really vouch for them but I guess if you guys have any wish stories let me know down below let's all share our experiences maybe I just picked out duds and there are actually some gems on there I'm not sure but I hope did you guys enjoyed the video give me a thumbs up if you want to see more like this or if you have any other sketchy websites or anything that you want me to try oh one final thing you guys told me many many times that you were that I should use like a prepaid card or something because they're gonna steal my information and which is a massive massive app I mean I remember watching the fight the Mayweather McGregor fight and wish was like all over the ring I mean you gotta have that was that right that was the I saw which written everywhere like you gotta have some kind of money to be doing that you know all the items do have reviews and a lot of them are in different languages but I kind of looked for like the English reviews and basically everyone says order really big or this doesn't look anything like the picture that's pretty much what I saw on all of the reviews but if you have any other apps that you I'm gonna check out our store think I'm gonna check out let me know but oh my my card my money and all that like no crazy activity has happened on it so I think it's safe to order from them it's just not something I would recommend but yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed the video I will bring you the what's in my bag video and the thigh high boots video and some other videos I will bring those to you very soon so yeah that's all I have to say don't forget that you guys can always follow me my daily life me and my family I'm over on the fairway vloggers channel which is always linked down below so I hope that you have enjoyed this video I hope you're having a really amazing day and I'll see you in the next one bye guys

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  1. I really like this video because she is so honest about these things, but it is definitely known, that on wish there is a difference in sizes. Normally the S M L etc. are in Asian Sizes and because asian women are a lot smaller and thinner that the typical western women, the sizes differ quite a bit. That is a thing that is actually specifically written beneath most of the items and also most of them have a sizing chart, so if you know your measurements or take them before ordering at least you would have seen that there is a huge difference and you just can not order your regular US size. Of course things can be a little tight here and there but this keeps you from actually being physically unable to get on. Also it really helps to look at customer reviews. Mostly you can find a lot of pictures or descriptions of the fabric etc there. I'm usually M-L, I have things in that Size from Wish that fit okay, normally I go for XL there, but I also have a jumpsuit in XXL, because the Chart recommended me this size and it actually fits perfectly. 🙂

  2. use the size chart for better results, you have to remember that your ordering from china, they are small people, large to them is like some of the petite small women in this part of the world, xxl is like a large over here.

  3. A tip for getting your money back: if you include a photo, they'll give your money back for almost any fault, including wrong items. So take a picture of a different item with the packaging material it came with, and claim receiving a wrong item -> Quick refund. Though this is technically a fraud, which leads to a question, chicken or egg? Who fraud first?

  4. I'm an 18 in pants and an XL in shirts. A large or XL in leggings and a 3X in dresses aka 18 in dresses.

  5. I will NEVER buy clothes from wish again unless there are multiple picture reviews from other customers so I can see what they really look like. Make up and other stuff is pretty good but I bought 2 shirts. Both at 3X when i wear an XL they fit like a medium shirt would. Like i was pissed. But Makeup is really good, Jewelry is awesome but the chokers won't go around my chubby neck 16" circumference. The chains and other things are really good. If you're skinny the clothes fit way better (I bought a little fox patterned shorts overalls for my bestfriend) makeup brushes were pretty good, rings are okay too got my mom a nice ring. I also got a spotlight thing that clips on your phone and that worked amazing three levels of brightness and it gets VERY bright. The phone stand I ordered was a bit floppy tho so get the regular stands instead of the bendy ones. I'm gonna try She-In soon. Not as cheap (still cheap tho like some cute stuff between 7 and 20 dollars) but better quality It seems and they provide exact measurements or ranges on each size. (Plus good Polyvore Replacement) Tho some of the non plus clothes seem to be way better and have way more options than plus sizes but honestly that is the same everywhere.

  6. You also have to size up like two sizes because most of the stuff on wish is from japan and china and their sizes are way smaller

  7. Sarha if ir wish orders late they refund you. Takes time but if your item shows up still they let you keep it. Watch out for their jewlrey!! Can you do a joom haul ?

  8. I just ordered a 5xl sweet shirt to wear under clothes and it's more like an XL we need to do something about this and wish needs to be made to give us correct size's or not be allowed to sell Americans incorrect sizes and advertise there sizes as American size's

  9. I've found with Wish your better off going by the size measurements charge for each item. Then going off of 1x or 2x because they're mostly asian companies so everything is in cm and not inches. Once your know your measurements then your golden I've gotten several cute things off of there that way.

  10. You're a little harsh but I understand from the things you ordered how's you have issues. I've been shopping wish Ford several years and i agree with you that they definitely could use some upgrading. I learned a long time ago that to be successful with wish you have to order several sizes larger unless of course you are a toothpick. The clothes stress pretty much out of my spectrum. I'm a little too picky Ford then but if you want some nice affordable jewelry or shoes then wish isn't bad. I wouldn't order electronic items or a lot of the clothes but I have bought a few items of clothes that are awesome and got great. I'm a plus size woman and do I ever understand the challenges of shopping. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Oh, but the way..you can return items if done within 30 days after you receive the item.

  11. I don't know if anyone's told you yet but Wish is really good about refunds, they don't ever ask for returns they just refund it if you ask for it.

  12. Some of these online companies are a joke. To me the telltale sign is andb they have no reviews or the reviews look take or are "too good."

  13. If it takes to long they will give money back. So don't complain you bought it. Lol get your money back 😂

  14. Your YouTube channel just came up in my listing …I didnt know what it was…. i was just going to scroll by you until i seen that you did a video on fashion nova…that spark my interest !!! THANK GOD I FOUND YOU!!! I luv your body I luv mine's I just have a bigger tummy than you but I so glad that you have this channel… you have helped me so much on picking the right clothing and loving the size that we are …. thank you again keep up the good work.

  15. Wish app is dropshipping. So basically your order is coming from China hence the long wait…slow boat from China saying applies here! LOL

  16. wish is and aisan like shop so ur gonna get really small sizes im only a smal in womans and i had to order an xl

  17. You can get your money back by saying it did not fit right and show them a photo. Then they give you your money back. They don't seem to give you a way to return any items which confuses me.

  18. You are so comical. The only people that fit in “Wish” clothing are little Barbie doll size 2 people. I’m glad you showed the necklace. I haven’t seen anyone show the jewelry before.

  19. If you people would pay attention. A lot of Wish products are seconds. Chinese people are usually smaller.

  20. I am Sooooo glad you did this! I am constantly looking through their app, and wanting to buy clothes! But now!!! Heckkkksss No!!!😱

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