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– Good afternoon gents, I’m Ollie. It’s Make Me That Guy, and
today we are gonna be looking at the top jackets for men for winter 2017. So obviously winter is nearly upon us. It’s getting super cold here
in London, where I reside. So I put together a little
list, and I’ll have seven, I think it’s seven. – [Man] Six. – Six, it’s six. Shit presenter, doesn’t know
what he’s talking about. Our six favorite winter
jackets for 2017, all right. So number one. We are going for the
slim, puffer, all right. You’re gonna see that
flashed up right now. We are not trying to go
for the old-school puffer, with the big, massive puffy layers. We want these smaller,
thinner, more ribbed puffs. And also we’re going for
this kind of faux material, which kind of looks like
it’s gonna set on fire at any minute. It’s much more expensive. And it’s a bit more high-end. It’s almost more silvery and
actually looks more delicate than the tougher,
old-school puffy material. So we’re gonna flush out a
bad old-school puffer as well and we’re gonna go for the
skinny, slim, ribbed puffer. All right, that is our number one jacket. Not in order of appearance actually. It’s just the first one
we happened to mention. All these jackets are cool. Of course they are. We always deliver the good shit. The hot shit. The stuff which keeps
you warm in winter shit. – What? – Anyway, all right,
I’m back to the jackets. I’m not a rapper. Not right now. Okay, our second jacket is
one of our favorites for 2017, is the long camel coat. Okay it’s not made of a camel. It doesn’t have a hump. Other funny camel jokes I can think of… No more camel jokes. It’s just about camels, this video. It’s not even a nature video. Anyway, back to the jacket. No more talk of camels. What the hell is he on about? Obviously this is called the camel coat because it has this camel color to it. Right. It has nothing to do with camel toes. If you wear this jacket
and you have a camel toe I suggest you really sort yourself out, because it’s got nothing to
do with jackets or winter. If anything, a camel
toe is related to some, and women, this is a men’s channel. Anyway. All right, so it would
be kind of “manel” toe when you got kind of a man camel toe. Stay away from that video idea. Video idea. All right, Okay. No more camel toe talk. The camel jacket called so
because it is camel in color. All right, it’s a long overcoat,
but it’s this strong color which makes it really slick. And if you want to stand out a little bit, it’s a favorite. It has been for absolutely average. Uh-uh, average? Ages. It has been for absolute ages. It’s always in. Always looks good. And it’s gonna give light
to color combinations. Or it really sets off a dark suit. So you can wear it for work. Wack it over your suit and look hot shit when you’re on the train, staring at women you’re
never gonna speak to. All right, cool. And it also looks great with a polo neck, thus I’m wearing this to
demonstrate some jackets do look good with a roll-neck,
polo neck, turtleneck or whatever you want to call it. So that is the long camel overcoat. And that is number two. Okay, number three is
our oversized overcoat. Over-stand this, it’s over-cool. Over. Woo! Sorry, it’s that rapper coming out again. Just, you know, I got Bas,
it’s just flowing out. Anyway, so, back to the jackets. Again. This is not a hip-hop video. For God’s sake, you’re in
a polo neck and a blazer. You’ve got long blonde
hair and just leave it out. Anyway. The over-sized overcoat. It’s similar to the long camel coat. Right. It’s an over-sized coat. But this one we’re going
to wear purposefully a bit over-sized. It’s trending this season. Go for it in a gray or a black. Wear it big. Make sure it’s not coming
too long on your arms because then you’re looking like you stole your dad’s jacket. We want a really big,
bulky, long overcoat. We’re going to flash up
a few examples right now. Remember guys, if you want
more information on these as we’re an international channel. Well we’re aiming at an
international audience. We’re not going to tell you brands. But if you google the
names I’ve given you here, you’re be able to find them
within your own budget range and your own locality. And also if you put
over-sized overcoat for 2017 you’ll see some examples
of how to wear it. And see it’s very prominent in men’s fashion for this season. So, check that out,
the over-sized overcoat and I’d prefer that in
a light grayish color. We have number four,
the men’s duffle jacket. All right. We’re not going for a massive old-school duffel jacket. You don’t want to look
like Paddington Bear. Yeah, I think that’s what he wears. Respect a man like Paddington because you know, it’s real out there. Abandoned by his parents at the station. Do you know what I mean. Hard life and that. Anyway, our number one
hip-hip, come on, right. This is a really cool jacket
though, for this season. And they’re very popular right now. Especially in a slim cut. So we don’t want one which
mimics like a kid’s jacket. And you’re looking like you’re wearing a huge jacket to keep you warm. You want a slim cut, fitted one. We’re going to flash up a few examples. And you get a nice variation going on with the duffle fastening things. They’re like a sort
of, tooth, aren’t they? With a leather strap over it. And they look really cool. And I also suggest you
get one with a hoodie. So the duffle, the slim
men’s long duffle coat with hoodie is really cool. They’re gonna keep you really warm. And they’re a nice kind of variation on a smart, casual, but classic
men’s style, again for 2017. Okay, number five, we have the pea jacket. All right, it’s another absolute classic. It’s in the same family,
let’s say, as the camel coat, the over-sized overcoat. It’s another variation right? It’s smart. It’s got thick felt material. It’s gonna keep you nice and warm. And it can be worn with a suit over it. Again, I love this in a bit more of a, sort of different color. I don’t really like them so
much in a black or a blue. It looks plain. You know like the normal
boring businessman. Try this in a dark maroon. A dark green or a brown. It gives it a bit more, sort of style, a bit more fashion input. And it turns it from just a
standard coat you’d wear to work into something really cool
that you’d go out with, or socialize in and what not. So try a pea coat, another classic. Been around for ages. Ain’t going anywhere in 2017. Okay, number six, we have the parka. All right, so, the parka,
classic English jacket. Again, it’s a favorite every season. It’s not changing for 2017. This is the one with the furry collar. Whether it’s real fur or fake fur. You should have fake fur because you don’t want to kill animals. To keep you warm. That’s not cool. Don’t kill animals, unless
you’re going to eat them. Then kill them. No, don’t kill animals. We’re gonna get really bad
comments on this video. I’m just not funny at all. In any way. Back to the parka. So the parka, a classic jacket. Favored by the mods. Back in the Sixties, when they fought with the rockers. Let’s flash up a modder right now. There we go. We’re in a parka. He’s a bad boy. So are you if you’re wearing this. So it’s really nice. It’s got that classic English vibe. The fur collar’s gonna keep me warm. Always in a green color. It’s the typical parka. You can get one in the black, or a blue, or a red now as well. But it’s that green which
is the classic parka. And I like to keep it
classic with a parka. So I think the green is
the choice for this season. That’s the parka. All right gentlemen. I’ve just realized I forgot one jacket. What’s wrong with me? It’s gonna be the trench coat. Because the trench coat
ain’t goin’ nowhere as well. The trench coat, invented by Burberry in the first World War for trench warfare. You too now can wear it for urban warfare, when you go out and look hot shit. And you show those haters that you’re winning the battle of style. It’s the trench coat. All right, so check that one out. Again, the trench coat, we
can wack a hoodie in with it. It’s a favorite, it’s a classic. The best one’s are by Burberry. If you’ve got a few grand
to spend on a jacket, go to Burberry. If not, you just go to the I-Street and get a nice trench coat. And I also love them in
a beige color as well. Another absolute favorite. And as I said that will also look great with a polo neck. All right, as will the pea coat. As will the over-sized overcoat. As will the… camel coat. I think that was it. All of the long overcoats
style ones will look great with a polo neck. All right, especially. Okay, so that’s why I’m wearing this one to make clear what that is. All right, so that was our bonus jacket. We didn’t just forget it. We wanted to give you a bonus. Maybe we forgot it, you’ll never know. All right, so, anyway, I’m Ollie. That was our favorite jackets for 2017. Winter 2017. For all the gents out
there who want to look hot while they’re cold. Or they want to stay looking hot and hot inside while it’s cold. You get the idea. Anyway, moving on swiftly. I’m Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy. It’s been a pleasure as always. Please subscribe. Subscribe. Like, leave a comment. Plenty more videos coming very soon. Be sure to check out the website. We’re gonna be back very soon. Join us again. Cheers gents. (upbeat music)

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