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well that was a newbie mistake I was filming my intro and I forgot to turn my mic on I'll come back to my channel or if this is your first video that you're seeing for me hello my name is and and if you are not subscribed yet please don't forget to hit that subscribe button and click on that bell symbol so you can get notified when my next video will go live for today's video is not gonna be a vlog it's I actually took out my big camera and my lights today I'm gonna share my huge I guess it's not that huge but I do have a few items that I've added to my closet for this winter which is a little problematic for LA because it's not really that cold for me to be having some of these things but I'm hoping that you know might come Christmas time it's gonna be super cold and I can actually wear some of the stuff that I bought Casey are also interested I will link the items on the description box down below like I always do they are sold out already I will try to find something similar for you also will be linked down below so you guys don't have to like look for them and these are some of the things that I got from Black Friday Cyber Monday and just like things that I've been buying here and there to just add to my closet I know I was doing vlogmas last week and I just kind of fell off I just got really really sick and thank you guys so much for those who reached out and getting me some home remedy ideas and just telling me to get better I've been kind of like sick for a while and I kind of started vlogging missed basically being sick I think what really took me to the edge was the that I was just tired I was trying to get like the vlogmas videos up in time and I was not sleeping and it took a toll in my my body and also the like firestar happening the air quality was not good and you know I would go out sometimes to walk Lionel cuz you know he gots to poo just like the terrible air quality didn't really help my situation so yeah like the past few days I just took that time to get some rest and just sleep as much as I can I'm feeling a little bit better I don't feel too crappy like I'm actually functioning now I can do stuff with that said let's just get started with the hall all right so I'm gonna start off with my hmm Hopkins only got one thing and I got this blush tone palm beanie and I thought this was just adorable again it's not even that cold for me to be wearing this here I have no right to be wearing a beanie in LA but I just thought it was cute maybe it'll snow one day or I'll you know I'll wear it when I go snowboarding or something but yeah I just thought this little palm is adorable it's like a chunky knit style be nice looks a little festive but not too festive that I can't wear it after Christmas also got a few things from a sauce so I got this gingham print dress that has a good three-quarter sleeve for some reason I thought the material would be a little bit different so this is kind of like a jersey stretch material it's not like a cotton like a 100% cotton kind of material that I was thinking it would be I have been like just obsessed with the gingham print I know it looks like a picnic blanket for some people but I just love the print especially for the holidays kind of in-between this right now I think this might be a return the fabric of this is very thin that your underwear might show up a little bit if like let's say you're wearing maybe neon undies you know you never know or red undies I'm the ACE awesome so I sound like weird sizing so I got this in u.s. 2 which is UK 6 I think I could have gone with us 4 because it's a little bit snug on me if I sized up a little bit it would have fit a little better but yeah I think this might be a return just because the material is so thin and I'm not really liking that I also got this mock neck dress from ASOS and this one is also thin but since this is a black color I feel like it's a little bit more forgiving and I just like this a little bit I have been just really into just simple dresses lately just think that this was nicely layer with a lot of things in my closet you could also just wear this with just black tights and some cute boots and you're ready to go for the most part a lot of the stuff that I picked up on this our dresses the winter here in LA is non-existent so obviously I can get away wearing these items right now and live in a colder climate you're gonna have to layer up and bundle up okay next I also got this black denim skirt and this is what I have been searching for I also got this in UK for which is us0 I think I could have gone with us too because this is a little bit snug but again this is like a high-waisted denim skirt I'm hoping that if I throw this into wash in the dryer it's not going to show you because it just fits me perfectly right now there's really no room from like any bloating for this skirt but it is a high waisted skirt and it's a thick material so I don't think that this will shrink and if it does then there's really like no stretch to it this is like non stretchy denim so I do like the kind of faded black wash this denim skirt I guess I could have gone a size up and it would have been okay I was just worried that it might be a little bit too big and it'll hang on my body a little differently I should have bought two different sizes just to make sure they just returned the other one but I did it if you guys didn't notice I cut my hair again like really short not feeling it right now but I feel like when it grows up it'll be fine but right now we are just gonna deal with it I picked up some items from Nordstrom and if you guys haven't figured it out yet Nordstrom is where I like to shop this is the Levi's a 501 jeans I am kind of bummed because okay I pick the my normal size size 24 but I think I could have sized up one more cuz this one is a little bit too fitted for me I wanted a little bit of like a boyfriend type of shorts so this might have to go back because I'm not really into the whole my butt hanging out look I got these two dresses in two different colors because I couldn't decide which one I wanted to keep but I think I picked one size too small I got the extra small I should have gone with the small this is very form-fitting and I don't really I'm not really into very form-fitting clothes I do like the length of this because it's like a mini length if you're bloated or if you have a food baby like happening there it's going to show very thin material a dress but I really liked it because it has like the v-neck and you guys know that I have been really obsessed with these like choker neck detail I like the gray dress for a more casual look and then this burgundy one I feel like would be a nice holiday dress however since I got it in an extra-small if I put this in the wash I feel like this will shrink a little bit and it's gonna be even more form-fitting another dress that I picked up is this one this is kind of like a dress shirt style dress and I love the print it just has like the pinstripe with the white and the burgundy going down this one is an extra small and this one fits me perfectly this has a drawstring where your waistline is so you can cinch it on the waist leg and it also has like a v-neck cut with a halter and on a lookout for like a dress shirt style dress and this one has definitely checked that box and I like how it has the buttons on the sleeves so it looks very very business casual but you can also just dress this down or dress it up depending on the occasion oh I like the fabric of this it's very soft and it doesn't feel very flimsy or thin I feel like this will carry over nicely for its break time if you guys remember I picked up this cardigan from the North Shore anniversary sale and I saw that they went on sale again and I've picked up the oatmeal colored one because they ran out actually during the sales if this one isn't nice extra extra small because you had to like size them because they do run big and I've already washed this cardigan a bunch times and I've thrown it in the washer it didn't shrink hallelujah normally the type of person who doesn't like getting two of the same things but in a different color but I had to make an exception for this one because I really like this great cardigan it washes nicely it rares really nicely and I like how it's long it's also cozy this is perfect for layering all right for my winter coats that I haven't had the chance to wear because again as in gotten that cold lately here probably tried wearing this once but then it was just way too hot so I was like never mind forget it this is gonna stain like hard but I really love this blush tone color this was actually from last season and I found it at Nordstrom Rack before I started filming I check if this is still available they only have like size medium in this color and everything else is sold out I really wanted a blush or pink color coat and I was just so excited that I found this so I was really excited because we've all reached out and they asked me like oh do you want to pick up an outfit for the event I was like uh heck yes I put together an outfit and this is what I picked up and you probably have seen this already if you follow me on Instagram and I picked out this very sheer top with these very intricate beading and this one is from LA by alessandra I just love the lacy detail and the beading I really like layering this with my bralette or even with like a tank top underneath I think this is very cute nothing that I have in my closet right now and I'll obviously have to be super careful because of the beading and the lacing like it can get snagged very easily you can dress this up or dress it you compared this with like a cute pair of jeans or you know with a faux leather skirt that I'm about to show you or you know just like maybe a pair of shorts or even a denim skirt I just really love how this top is so pretty and I also picked out this skirt this is from House of Harlow and again I've worn this already on Instagram and I love how very biker chic this looks it has multiple zippers these are actually functioning pockets which is good like I can fit my phone in here and I could put maybe like my change in here like how this belt is detachable so obviously he can reuse this belt for your other bottom so without the belt this actually looks pretty cool also on its own I also picked out this very very extra faux fur jacket and this one is from House of Harlow also and I picked this one up because I really like the color it has like kind of a very gold and cream black detail and it's very multi-dimensional it has that chevron print going on again it's still too far for me to be wearing this coat I always just want to go somewhere like cold just so I can wear this at last I have not going anywhere cold anytime soon so this is just gonna have to chill back and relax but this one has been on my like wishlist for the longest time and I can't believe this actually went on sale growing through Saks website and they were on sale during Black Friday and I was like oh my gosh should I get it and yes I ended up getting it and I'm talking about the Chloe small fade bag so this one is the all leather bodice doesn't have like the swing flap which is perfect although I really like the suede flap on the on those bags I just thought that they like I'm very clumsy so knowing me I would probably like drip something on it so the goatskin leather bag is like perfect we love this and I love how the straps are adjustable so as you guys know I'm very petite at 5-1 this has let's see three three pockets where you can just like nicely organize your stuff you guys are interested to see a what's in my bag Chloe edition let me know and I will do that for you this is definitely on my wish list and I also have my eye on like the backpack the mini one but that's gonna be another time but for now I'm definitely gonna be enjoying this bag this one is also a very trendy bag but I figured I would pick this a for spring because I have been thinking about this ever since I saw it I saw that name supply had a 20% site wide sale during Black Friday weekend so I decided to pick this one up this is they call it Gaia Gaia Gaia bag and I got the hair let me just show you guys I got the natural arc it was small oh my god this is such a pretty bag do you like this is like a nice vacation bag I can't wait to wear this for spring I'm so excited and I got the small one because I feel like the large foam will be a little bit too big for me and this is just perfect it actually fits my iPhone 8 plus and some other chains so obviously you're gonna have to have like cute beats inside because people can see through this it doesn't have any like zipper on it so you just kind of have to be aware when you're carrying this that you're not just letting it out in the open but no straps either so it's like what are those handbags but I just thought it looks so cute and very stylish and I feel like this bag also works as a decor in your office as I've seen other people do so so excited this is like such a pretty bag alright that is it for today's haul and I hope you guys enjoyed it again the stuff that I mentioned in this video will be linked down below and if they are sold out I will link similar items just in case you might be interested and that's pretty much it if you're not following me on Instagram yet please make sure to follow me because I think I'm due for another Laurens the story giveaway so you might not want to miss that piece of forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't yet I hope to see you guys back here soon and until then I will talk to you guys later bye

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  1. Hi Anne! Please do a what’s in my bag video! And how is the wear and tear on the Chloe bag? Thanks in advance! 💕

  2. Glad you’re feeling better! I was watching your vlogmas videos while I was sick too 😄Buuuut girl! I’ve been loving your style sooo much!! 😍😍✨

  3. Yessss a what’s in my bag video ❤️❤️❤️ I love you soo much I hope you get well soon because your voice sounds a little heavy ❤️ take care

  4. Wow I wish my college broke ass didnt stop me from shopping 😂🙈 love the clothes girl. We are not kidding with winter here in Canada, we are expecting -35C / -32F for christmas this year so id be covered from head to toe anyway 😂❄️

  5. I wish i could wear shorts / skirts during winter. NY is brutal during winter! But loveeee that black dress from asos!

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  8. Everything is so pretty Anne. I know you post your outfits on Instagram but I miss you posting on your blog.

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