William in scarecrow costume = cuteness overload! [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.15]

Seungjae and Sian are together. It’s a flower. It’s a dragonfly. (It’s nice to meet you, children from the city.) (He takes his eyes off of it.) I will catch it. It flew away. (Seeing a dragonfly fly makes them laugh.) (Barking) There are dogs. Dogs, don’t cry. (Barking) You will get scolded. (Barking) You will get scolded. (He stomps his feet from afar.) I am not a bad person. (Whatever.) Let’s take this way. (The friendly boy doesn’t give up.) (The two friends hold hands.) (Together, we are fearless.) (Flinching) Gosh, that surprised me. Gosh, that surprised me. That surprised me. (It’s okay, Sian. You have me.) (I am scared.) Let’s go. (Screaming) (They are a duo of scaredy-cats.) (Don’t come here.) (They are tired after the tense moment.) (They won’t come after us, will they?) (They bump into each other.) I am sorry. I will go first. (I will just go quickly.) (Wait for me.) (What?) The residents are harvesting sesame. They can’t pass by such an interesting sight. What are you doing? (Staring) Is this you? Is that me? You are wearing a purple top. Is that me? It’s a present for you. – You are good at this. / – Is it a present for me? – Yes. / – Why don’t you try it? Try it. – I am strong, aren’t I? / – Yes, you are. You are good at this. You are good at this. What is this? It’s sesame. What’s sesame? You put sesame on side dishes. We will give you a glass of water. Come. We will give you a glass of water. – How nice of you. / – How nice of you. The moment he enters the community center, Sian takes the massage chair. (Heave-ho) (He switches on the massage chair.) (He has tried it when he was younger.) (My goodness.) (This is great.) (This is it.) – Does it feel good? / – Yes. – Doesn’t it hurt? / – No. It doesn’t hurt. It feels good. (My goodness.) It’s not done yet. (While Sian enjoys a massage,) (a dinosaur appears.) How scary! – What are you imitating? / – Ankylosaurus. – Ankylosaurus. / – Ankylo? I have never heard of that. (Tyrannosaurus appears.) What are you imitating now? Tyrannosaurus. (I don’t know what it is, but he is cute.) (Seungjae is excited to receive a compliment.) You are good. What are you doing? (I am a head-butting dinosaur.) (Sian becomes Taekwon V.) (One punch, two punches) (It’s a match.) Don’t hit him. Is that how you do it? Good job. – Bye. / – How cute! – Bye. / – How cute! Where is this grandma? If you go that way, you will find a house with a pole. That’s her house. Bring it to her. Please take this pumpkin – to her. / – Okay. There you go. It’s heavy. (Screaming) Is it a baby pumpkin? It’s an old pumpkin. A grandma pumpkin? Yes, it’s a grandma pumpkin. – Hold it together. / – I will hold it. (He uses his facial muscles.) (Surge, my power.) Let’s go and find this grandma. (Grandma, come with me.) Bye, Grandma. Bye, Grandma. Bye. I can do this. Sian, is it heavy? No. – Do you want to carry it together? / – No. I am strong. Let’s go. Gather your strength, my friend. Okay. (A man can’t take back his words.) (Struggling) Gather your strength, my friend. (Clueless) (Struggling) (Swaying) It’s heavy. (Finally) Is it heavy? Shall we carry it together? Carry this. Carry this. You carry this. – Thank you. / – It’s heavy. (He gives up right away.) I can’t carry it. Give me this one. What should we do? What should we do? (I have an idea.) I’ll put it on its side. Let’s go and find this grandma. (It’s great that Sian didn’t give up.) (When he can’t roll it very well…) I can do this. Gather your strength. I will do it now. Roll it carefully. (He rolls the pumpkin carefully.) It’s heavy. It’s heavy. (Thankful) What is this? A grandma pumpkin. – A pumpkin. / – We have your picture. Is that you? – It’s me. / – It’s a present for you. (It’s a present for you.) Thank you. What were you doing? I was plowing the field. – Shield? / – Field. – Yield? / – Field. Fear? (Sian and Seungjae complete their task.) Meanwhile, where is William? William, we are here to deliver snacks. The residents are very busy these days. (William will deliver snacks.) We need to find them. I hear they have a cultivator. Where is it? (Dad, look over there.) That’s right. They are working hard. Hello. Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. My goodness, thank you. How cute! Whose baby is this? He is my baby. – Are you this person? / – Yes, I am. You are wearing the same outfit. – Was it taken today? / – Earlier today. Give it to him. – Give it to him. / – Thank you. This picture came out great. – Thank you. / – This is amazing. Everyone, gather around. Here you go. – William. / – This is tasty. William, he says it’s tasty. – It’s a success. / – Good boy. He eats well. He eats very well. Won’t the chili pepper be too spicy? (Oh, my goodness!) (My goodness!) What chili pepper are you growing? – Cheongyang chili pepper? / – We have that. It’s a spicy chili pepper. (Dad, are you okay?) The kimchi is tasty too. Where did you get this outfit? He dressed up as the thing that keeps the birds away. – A scarecrow. / – That’s right. I see. That’s quite a unique outfit. But he looks cute in it. – We don’t want any birds. / – Goodness. I see. That’s very cute. (Don’t come, sparrows.) We don’t have babies in rural areas like here. So I’m so thankful that you came to our area. The last time we heard a baby cry was about 14 or 15 years ago. I’m serious. – Really? / – Yes. So what brings you here? We came here to learn etiquette. But this guy is so scared of the Master. So he couldn’t study today. – He’s a bad student. / – Is he? (I’m just going to eat some corns.) (What?) (This man picks the corns and eats.) (Let me try that too.) – He’s picking the corns. / – Excuse me? He must be copying me. He loves copying people. (This is useful. I must learn stuff like this.) William, Dad has to eat some food too. You go shoo away the birds. Chirp, please. (Chirping) (Sparrows, step back!) (I’m on my way!) (He chirps in a low-pitched voice.) (What is he doing?) (William the scarecrow is feeling defiant.) (But how far are you going to go?) (Who are you?) William, do you want to ride that? (Yes!) – He wants to ride it? / – You want to? Shall we ask the gentleman to give us a ride? Ask him for a ride. It’d be my pleasure. I’ll give you a ride. – Please give us a ride. / – Sure. I’d love to. (The engine starts.) – We’re going. / – Vroom. (I haven’t been on a ride like this before.) There are spiders here. (Hello, spider.) Those are sweet potatoes. I see. Aren’t those corns? Right. This is for corns. The corns we had earlier. Say hi. – “Williom”. / – What’s that sound? “Williom”. (Now that we look back today,) (even Hwijae mispronounced his name.) (And that includes his Master as well.) “Williom”, isn’t this nice? (This is great!) Isn’t this fun? Hello, everyone. (Now you can call me “Williom”.) But sir, where is everyone? Everyone is at the center. At the same time in the center, everyone’s partaking in a dance party. – Hello. / – Hi. (William is perplexed.) (A dance party with senior citizens above 70) (Smiling) (Everyone, let’s turn it up!) (Age is just a number when it comes to fun.) (Right on!) (Say goodbye to your sadness with William.) (William the cutie is essential at parties.) (Just follow my lead.) (I’ll let you get back your lost excitement.) (Dance with William.) – He’s done well. / – Give him a hand, please. – Give him a hand. / – Give him a hand. (Clapping zealously) – Come here, William. / – Go to her. – Come to me. / – Go ahead. (Smiling) He plays hard-to-get a lot. – That makes it more fun. / – He’s handsome enough. – Is he a boy? / – Yes. It’s a boy. (His beauty is good enough to fool them.) We don’t have anything for the baby. – Here’s some pumpkin porridge. / – Oh, thank you. Do you want some of this? William, do you want some porridge? (He opens his mouth.) This is tasty. Goodness, you can eat. I didn’t know you were an eater. Eat up. Open your mouth. Look at you. Good job. You can eat. (Give it to me. I can’t wait to eat this up.) Goodness. You’re thanking us? (What a good boy.) You’re so sweet. You have to say thank you. Thank you for the pumpkin porridge. – Your boy is… / – He really likes it. – Say bye. / – Bye, bye. – Say goodbye. / – Bye. – Bye. / – What a good boy. – Thank you. / – Goodness. Aren’t you so kind?

100 thoughts on “William in scarecrow costume = cuteness overload! [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.15]

  1. its so sad that rarely any children visit the place it must be sometimes quite boring and lackluster to stay there for all the old folks there…hopefully someone can liase with them for some monthly/quarterly school excursion trips…i think it wld be really educational for young ones too

  2. Seungjae and Sian balance each other so well, it's like yinyang for them. The two types of 4yrs olds lol. I hope to see more interactions!!!

  3. I love sungjae as he is smart but I can see he is spoiled, naughty and playboy too hahahha if I can use that term. He can play a rich nad boy in the future lol

  4. William ur such a darling baby…. ur smile sparks everytime n ur such a cutie pie in that costume…. adorable 😊😊😊😊😘😘

  5. William IS WAY TO CUTE FOR MY HEART TO HANDLE 😫😫😍😍😍💕💕😍😫😫😫😫😍❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. when he ate the soup, i was playing with blue tack. i accidentally put it on my lips because i tought it was food and was gonna eat it 😂😂
    im so hungry .-. ._. 😅

  7. Dude these kids are so smart like I can’t believe they think of rolling the pumpkin and all that stuff. I can not imagine children that age being like that where I live. They are like mini adults lol

  8. Believe it or not all of us at some time or the other has wanted to kidnap these cuties
    God William is just the softest ever aah 💓💕😘

  9. That rural area part is so sad. All those old people live alone with no one to take care of them. What's gonna happen after they pass away? Where are their kids? Old people should be taken care of. Ugh

  10. Wow Korea seems like a place where you can trust strangers they all seems so nice tho and the place is quiet too they also trust little kids to walk by their self knowing no strangers will take them

  11. Does korean leave the old people when they have family now??? Cuz in philippines we still live with our grandparents. I feel bad for the grannies…I wish I can visit them

  12. Seeing the 2 lill kids and William with their cuteness and pureness makes my heart melted 💟💟💟💟💟💟😭😭💟😭💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  13. It's sad knowing that there are no babies in the area. It's understandable that people grow up and go out to work but still , one should always remember their roots .


  15. Seungjae is really grandparent's child. He's good in entertaining old people even in his other vids huhuz

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