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– What’s going on guys? Dave here, Anthem Off-Road Wheels. Hey, I want to say
congratulations for picking out your newest modification to your vehicle. Right, you’ve decided to order a set of America’s baddest
wheels and you’re ready to pull the trigger on a set
of Anthem Off-Road wheels. That is awesome. Hey one of the most frustrating
parts of owning a vehicle that you’re proud of is how
quickly it can get dirty. You’ll spend hours detailing your vehicle, washing it, cleaning it,
make sure that there are no water spots or anything on it, only to drive off and
hit that first puddle. It is enough to make you sick. You know, but it happens to all of us. It will always happen to all of us. And it will happen again
and again and again. But there is something that
we at Anthem Off-Road Wheels can do to help protect
that investment and help keep your vehicle looking
good for a long time to come. I’m talking about ceramic coating. Right, so as you’re checking out with your brand new wheels
you’ll have to answer a few questions. One of those questions is would
you like added protection. We’re talking about ceramic coating. Now I understand that
buying a set of wheels or wheels and tires or wheels
and tires and suspension, it’s a big investment. And I get it and I respect it. But I want to tell you
why adding ceramic coating for that little bit extra is absolutely worth the investment. So before I say anything
else I need you to know that adding ceramic
coating is not a substitute for regularly washing vehicles. If you want to keep them
looking good for years to come you still need to
regularly wash your wheels just as you would your
tires and your vehicle and your undercarriage
and everything else. If you want to keep it looking good you have to keep it looking clean. Ceramic coating is a
semi permanent sealant. So it’s similar to you may
wash and wax your vehicle in the spring and the fall and you get it absolutely perfect, no water
spots and then you wax it. And you love the way your vehicle looks for that roughly six months. So ceramic coating is
a one time application that lasts anywhere between
four and five years. And that’s it. You don’t have to reapply,
you don’t have to wax, you don’t have to do anything else. Once that ceramic coating is
on, you are absolutely set. So adding the ceramic
coating sounds great right. And it’s really not all that hard to do but there’s a few things you need to know before you even get started. Number one, your surface has
to be absolutely flawless. I’m talking no dirt, no
grime, no salt, no residue, not a fingerprint, not wax,
not grease from your fingers, nothing, your wheel has
to be absolutely perfect. And the best time to do this
is when they are brand new. It takes probably 30 to
60 minutes to ceramic coat a single wheel. So you’re looking at a
significant investment, not just in actually
doing the ceramic coating but setting up and making sure
that everything is perfect and you’re dust free and
you don’t have anything on your vehicle, around your vehicle. Taking the wheel and tire off and doing the ceramic coating yourself. And precision. We’ve got a team of experts that regularly ceramic coat wheels. And they are really good at it. And you need to get into
every little nook and cranny on that wheel to make sure
that that ceramic coat is providing the full
protection that it’s able to. These guys are really good. They know what they’re doing. And it’s absolutely worth
investing that little bit of extra time to get the
wheels and that little bit of extra money to have the experts do it and know that it’s been done right. Now suppose you’re the
kind of driver who really, really likes to beat the
crap out of their vehicle. Maybe adding that no questions
asked replacement plan is the right move for you. It will keep your wheels
looking fresh, clean and new all the time. That’s right, no questions asked. We’ll send you your brand new wheel as long as you have that plan added when you make your purchase. Adding the ceramic coating
isn’t absolutely necessary for you to enjoy your
wheels for years and years and years to come, but it
will save you a lot of time and money cleaning and keeping
those wheels looking fresh. And adding the ceramic coating
will add that extra layer of protection against
dirt, dust, grime, salt, and all that other nastiness. So be sure to check out
www.anthemwheels.com for wheels, tires, suspension, and gear. Everything that you need for your vehicle to keep you and your vehicle looking good. Right, not everybody
belongs on team Anthem. But if you love your country
and you can appreciate the hard work that gets invested
into making it a success, you belong on team Anthem my friend. I’m out. (guitar music)

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