100 thoughts on “Why You Should Avoid These Halloween Masks

  1. 6:26 if there is any millennials watching you'll probably want to eat the butt mask….uhhhhhhh NO, I don't know what world YOU live in but I personally dont want to eat the mask or anything related to butt, you're an just ignorant, judgemental as*h*le

  2. "If there's any millennials watching, I know you probably wanna eat the mask"

    Me, a millenial: side-eyeing monkey meme

  3. This is the first time I've ever seen that first blond girl on the couch… and now I believe in love at first sight.

  4. The millennial joke was the best joke of 2019 by far on any platform, ever.

    I laughed for, literally, 4 minutes, and had to rewind the video because I missed so much

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