Why do doctors wear white lab coats?

(synth music) – Patrick Sheedy, class of 2019, and my question is why do
doctors wear white lab coats? – Fantastic question, and
actually it’s a relatively recent phenomenon. Doctors did not begin wearing
white lab coats until around the turn of the 20th century. Before the time of lab coats,
physicians wore street clothes even in the operating
room. Chaotic places. (horn honking) Over time, medicine became a more respectable branch of science. Physicians decided that they
wished to dress more like their counterparts within
the laboratory setting. Early on, lab coats were
black and that reflected the high mortality rate
associated with medical treatment. The lab coat transitioned
to beige and then white. If you think about it,
policemen had uniforms, firemen wore uniforms, and
even the Boston Red Sox had uniforms. It is only fitting that
the physician would don a white lab coat implying their trade. (upbeat music)

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