White House Easter Egg Roll: Reading Nook with DNI Dan Coats and Marsha Coats

DNI Coats: Okay, the name
of this story, “Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude.” This is some story. You ready for this one? Mrs. Coats:
Okay, here we go. “For our library project,
we were supposed to tell you our favorite
fairytale, but we couldn’t agree on which
one was the best. So, we just made one up. I’ll begin the story.” DNI Coats: My
beginning is better. Better than hers, but
all right, go ahead. Mrs. Coats: “Once upon a
time, in a castle on a hill, there lived a
beautiful princess named Princess Tenderheart. Every day, Princess Tenderheart would play with her eight
beautiful ponies. She named them Jasmine,
Nimble, Sophie, Polly, Penny, Sunny, and Monica. But her favorite pony of
all was called Buttercup. DNI Coats: “Oh, please,
don’t call him Buttercup. Call him Ralph or
something, not Buttercup.” Mrs. Coats: “One night, a
terrible thing happened. Aa giant came and stole
away poor little Jasmine. All the other ponies cried
and cried, but Princess Tenderheart cried
hardest of all.” DNI Coats: “Oh, please,
get a grip, Princess.” Mrs. Coats:
“It was so sad. Her father, the King, hired all
the princes he could find to protect the ponies, but night after night, another
pony was stolen away. The poor Princess just sat
in her room and turned straw into gold thread. She cried and cried and cried
when only Buttercup was left. Princess Tenderheart
thought her heart would break. Oh, who would
protect Buttercup?” DNI Coats: That’s it, I
can’t take it anymore. I’m going to tell the
story from here on out, okay? That’s Buttercup stuff. One day — hey
dudes, listen. One day, this really cool
muscle Dude, he rides up to the castle on
his motorcycle. He says he’ll guard the
last pony if the King gives him all the gold
thread that the Princess makes. The King says okay, and
the Duded sits and waits for the giant.” Mrs. Coats: “As if. He’s not even
cute or anything.” DNI Coats: So, that night,
the giant heads up to the castle. Man, this giant
was one ugly Dude. He was big and mean, and
he had four teeth in his mouth that were all rotten
and yellow and black. And his breath smelled
like rotten moldy stinky wet feet. Mrs. Coats: “Oh,
that’s just gross.” DNI Coats: “He needs eight
ponies to make a tasty pony stew, and he
only has seven. So, that night, he goes
to steal the last horse. The muscle Dude has
this really big sword. The giant and the Dude
battle all over the place. The earth was shaking, and
there was lighting and thunder, and volcanoes
were exploding. It was huge.” Mrs. Coats: “Volcanoes? Where did the
volcanoes come from?” DNI Coats: Night after night, the giant comes back, but the
Dude beats him. Night after night, the
Princess makes gold thread, and gives
it to the Dude. And he gets really rich. The End.” Mrs. Coats: “That’s it? The Princess just sits
around making gold thread?” DNI Coats: “Yup.” Mrs. Coats: “I
don’t think so. I’ll tell you what
happened, bubba.” DNI Coats: “Hey.” Mrs. Coats: “Princess Tenderheart
goes to the gym and pumps iron. She becomes a
Princess Warrior. Very cool. She tells the Dude to
make his own thread. So, that night, the
Princess has this huge and tremendous battle. The giant runs back to his cave,
and the Dude just sits there making
gold thread. DNI Coats: “No, no.” Mrs. Coats: “The End. The End.” DNI Coats: “No, no, that’s
not what really happened. The Dude makes this really
cool blanket out of the gold thread, and
when he puts it over his head, he turns invisible. Then, he goes to
rescue the ponies.” Mrs. Coats: “And the
Princess goes with him.” DNI Coats: “Fine,
fine, fine.” Mrs. Coats: The Dude and
the Princess get into this big fight over who gets
to free the ponies.” DNI Coats: “Cool.” Mrs. Coats: “The giant
hears voices and he gets scared. He jumps off the hill. So, the Princess and the
Prince fall in love.” DNI Coats: “Who said
he was a prince? And what’s this
stuff about love?” Mrs. Coats: “They get married
on a beautiful spring day, and
they have a baby. It was the most
beautiful baby girl.” DNI Coats: “[negative]
It was a boy.” Mrs. Coats:
“It was a girl. The End” DNI Coats: “The End.” Did you like the story? (Applause.) Mrs. Coats: That’s it? DNI Coats: All right, go
get some Easter Eggs. Mrs. Coats: Thank you,
you’re a good audience. Thank you.

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  1. This story is so silly it sounds like what little kids do when they tell a story together so cute

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