White Coat Ceremony 2017

I wish all of you could see what I see.
This is a tremendous tremendous view. Every seat is taken and we’re about to
do something very very very special. Today when I placed the white coat on
you and welcome you to the world of medicine, it’s a beginning of a new
process in your life. When I was interviewing I felt like Brown was just,
I felt at home here everyone was so friendly. Brown sort of walks the walk. A
lot of medical schools talk about being diverse, taking care of their
students, but when you looked at the statistics and when I talked to the
students, Brown looked like they actually did that.
Guess what? They do. I chose to study medicine because I fully believe that
everyone suffers and that this is a very tangible way to relieve people of
suffering. This journey sort of started when I was a lot younger. I lost my
best friend, he passed away in a hospital. At the time I didn’t understand. I had a
lot of questions. At that moment I started blaming medical professionals.
Why they couldn’t save him? Why they didn’t have any answers for me?
And so it fired within me to seek those answers for myself and so that’s
where my journey to medicine started from. You’re all healers, every single one
of you in this room. You all have unique and incredible talents and a lot of
power. I want you every one of you to start
harnessing that power in an effort to help heal this country and our world.
I want to tell you that the Brown Medical Aumni Association is really
proud to give you your white coats and some of you may have found these
little notes written by some of our alumni, some of our board members, and
some of our parents. So when I looked in my pocket I found this note which was
super surprising I had no idea there was anything in it.
Should I read it? Dear future doctor. Today is a very proud day taken each moment
breathe it in, all of it. Wear this coat with honor. You’ve done everything to
deserve it. Find your community and make the next four years memorable. What an exciting
journey best wishes for a bright future. Every day deside what it
means to wear this coat and live your best life. Once again congratufreakinglations. In the next four years please remember that the faculty, alumni, and staff are here
for you and that they are tremendously massively committed to your success.
Congratulations class of 2021.

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