it's also what is going on this is killed coach using the video if you are new make sure to subscribe blind man join the cast family because we're the biggest latest family on YouTube man but with today's video as you read from the title I will be showing you guys how to get high B's cheap affordable clothing now when I say high B's I'm referring to like zipper pants track pants fleece Shores just stuff like that when I say high B's you know everybody knows high B's clothing is off the roof it is just expensive yo like I'm not sure if y'all are willing to pay five hundred dollars for a pair of pants but my pockets are not looking that slow yet you know my pockets are still they still need some protein shakes they're not that swole yes so you know I'm teaching y'all how to get cheap affordable clothing so without further ado man let's get into the video poor so before we get to the video I have to make one quick announcement this video is sponsored by two not one but two companies shout out to lift up Supply Co and serenade they sent the kids some free clothing for me to review on their channel so I will be showing you guys there a cheap affordable high B's clothing trust me you guys do not want to miss out on this I know you guys would really really like it and it's everything that you guys are looking for for a great cry so without further ado let's get into this video man so the first item I'm gonna be showing you guys are some serenade jeans now these are zipper distressed denim I know you guys are gonna like them everybody's been looking for these if you want these for a great affordable price click that first link down in the description these retail for $58 y'all you've never seen no zipper pants like this law I know y'all see this got this dress over here got distress in the back and they got the zipper right here y'all you see the full zipper again these these are by serenade you obviously see B row on the back but these jeans are fine serenade great jeans I know I got these in a size 30 if you guys can tell from the B row they are a little bit tight on me so I polished it up a size 32 now that's my fault that's not serenades fault I actually picked the wrong size I told them at 30 not knowing how their jeans fit so when you order it will come with this hangtag so you know it's really high quality stuff man really really high quality you guys see that right there high quality jeans and then on the backi a little color tab but like I said man high quality jeans you definitely do not want to miss out on this so click that first link down the description mat they're only $58 go copy parents Aaron a jeans DM serenade on Instagram to tell them cash case since you so that's Erina now let's get into the next company let's go I know you guys are really really gonna like this one now this this company is called liftoff supply and Co now this company is like strike killing it y'all I'm not even kidding they're killing it they have been sending me a lot of stuff I have a lot of stuff I can show you guys so the first thing I'm gonna be showing you guys is these track pants right here I know y'all see the b-roll these track pants these are honestly probably my favorite now you guys know if you know me personally I love my adidas pants I want my these pants like every week now these are really good alternatives to it these are obviously the trendy track pants check pants retail for like you know like honey $120 you can get these for $50 yo you can get these truck pants right here for $50 it's not the difference between these truck pants and other people's tripan is that these have a very special logo on it right so as you guys can see these check pants are black and white but they got the little supply logo which makes them 10 times better in my opinion you never see nobody with this logo on their check pants and that just makes them 10 times better and just to prove to you guys that the quality is good they got their own little bag tab too so don't try them lift up Supply Co has been killing it y'all so click the second link down the description let's get onto the next item that they sent the kid so next up they sent this shirt right here now this is a polo tee and a size medium yeah if you guys can see that it's like a little white polo tea with a rose embroidered on the side these this is a very dope tea like I've never really thought that they were gonna see me this this is one of the most high quality like this look at that y'all they sent me that right there very very dope and then on the collar they obviously have their branding I'm always gonna show that this you guys know it's not guilty nor anything so very hot Duffman that's all the that's all of it for the polo shirt but again very high quality and yeah let's get into the next item so the next item that they see me was this shirt right here that says liftoff Supply Co now I have a good little robot girl on the front and it gets even doper on the back y'all so that's the front and then this is the back dog so I have eyes a little Terminator thing I don't know what that is but it has like a little Terminator thing and a set of liftoff supplied code and then it says attract the future so definitely a dope tee you can get this for about $20 $30 on their website so again click that link down the description their brand is called liftoff supply Co you should see it somewhere over here but I can't start to lift up Supply Co click that link down in the description and let's get into the next thing that they sent me and so next up we have a shirt that is actually very similar to the last shirt that they sent me this shirt has liftoff Supply Co on the back as you guys see and then on the front it says no bad days not what start I was thinking about bleaching this shirt might actually give us a little spray bottle and bleaching it cuz I think it'll look good when it's bleach so I don't know I might do that my recorders or something but yeah this is the third shirt that they send me says no bad days look like a little is that eyeliners or cloud or something yeah it says no bad days on the front and then simply this says liftoff Supply Co on the back y'all so that is deep dirtier they send me I'm moving buy these shirts kind of fast because they are just black and white or whatever but again click that link down the description go copy a team man very very cheap they look good too so yeah on to the next item so next up they send me these fleece shorts right here and I'm not gonna watch you guys I have been wearing these shorts very heavy man these are some nice choice right here they're just regular fleece shorts with the lift off supply on the ends as you guys can see again some nice shorts nice summertime shorts if you're going to the pool or something so shock to lift off the pod coat for sending these over to the kid man I really really do enjoy them so these are fleece shorts but not let's get into the last thing that lift-off sent me man so some of y'all will probably really really like this but the last thing that they say me were these three hats now you guys can see them right here these are some these are three really really good quality dad hats now that hats aren't really my thing I'm Hakeem I'm gonna keep it on the shelf dad hats are really not my thing but I really do like these man like I wouldn't I can't see myself wearing them but I do like the way they look they don't look bad this point one of the best that has that I've seen so with this one you have like that Thrasher feel to it so if you guys want a copy one the link is down in the description this haven't that little thruster feel to it next up you have this pink salmon type color with the same embroidered wolfdog thing on the polo shirt so that is that right there and then lastly you have a camo with like a Chinese New Year dragon I think or something like that so yeah that's that but yeah chocolate sauce upon come hope you got a enjoy this video if you did mention give this video a big thumbs up in that subscribe button man to join the cat filming because we're the biggest Lewis family on YouTube and if you didn't know now you know man I

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