30 thoughts on “Where do your Goodwill donations end up?

  1. They say if it's not good they have you put it in salvage which is sent to the outlet store also crutches and medical items they say salvage it

  2. I wonder if they were afraid the stuffed animals were unsanitary (kids' slobber) and therefore similar to used pillows. All they needed was to say it and most people would understand. But it's easier for them to toss it into the landfill and let someone else deal with it.

  3. If the stuffed animals come in a bag and we rip open that bag but smell sour or mold. We trash the whole bag.

  4. I'm going to start something similar I see alot of money that could be made from this and best part I don't have to buy the product to be sold it's all donations

  5. Silly Rabbit.
    Goodwill employees shouldn't throw away decent items.
    Obviously if there weren't any donations, there wouldn't be a Goodwill– meaning no jobs for anyone.

  6. If some thing bad you can not take back they say no refunds where at belle vernon pa and union town pa Washington pa

  7. Having worked there in the past I can verify that most of the donated goods end up in the trash. Items that are slightly dirty, furniture that needs to be assembled, any items deemed "unsellable" that contain glass all get thrown away. Normally they use plastic containers to ship some of these items to their warehouses but whenever they run out of these containers they just go straight to the trash. It's criminal.

  8. I have disabilities myself. The 14C of the Fair Labor Standards Act is
    absolute slavery and needs to be abolished!!! I refuse to work for 5
    cents an hour. The 14C Fair Labor Standards Act is contradictory and
    gives employers permission to pay people with disabilities slave wages /
    sub minimum wages and consider them as cheap labor. We're not slaves
    or cheap labor!!! It's absolutely disgusting that the CEO's of Goodwill
    Industries are sitting on the butts making bank or making money hand
    over fist, while people with disabilities are getting paid slave wages /
    sub minimum wages, along with no benefits. I know this video is few
    years old but it's really disgusting that this stuff still goes on. If
    Goodwill Industries don't clean up their act, I've lost complete respect
    for them. We disabled folks have bills to pay. If you're a disabled
    person who's living on their own, you can't live on sub minimum wages,
    when rent or a mortgage is at least $1,000 or more a month. I would
    have to be living on the streets or be homeless to work for slave wages /
    sub minimum wages. Unfortunately, a lot of us disabled folks have had
    to make some desperate decisions. I was one of them many years ago. If
    Martin Luther King was still around and found out about this stuff, he
    would roll over in his grave.

  9. i noticed that some of that stuff donated is not usable and if electronics non repairable and they don't have people to repair that stuff . and i don't buy the clothes because i think alot of those clothes are from deceased people and i don't want that spirit in my house..

  10. Got news for you little thrift stores do the same dam thing. No matter who it is , its all a waste if it is not being distributed in and for the right reasons. There should be no poor inthis country that's called the richest in the world and that's the bottom line.

  11. Especially things that are new with tags still on them keep them until Christmas and donate them to toys for tots. This a very wasteful country we live intodayespecially and that goes for food also. You have the homeless , you have women's shelters and you have people and animals starving to death in our very won country Andre are suppose to be the richest country in the world ? I think not. How many people are going without health care and heat and dying of heat exaction ? Its terrible. They don't even help the elderly that were the heart of this country for how many decades ? What about them ? Its sad , disgusting and embarrassing all at the same time.

  12. I worked at a Goodwill in Oklahoma City several years back and they were taking truck loads you have a lot of good stuff to the landfill and dumping it nice things

  13. Well I can understand trashing stuffed animals if they are smelly or have spills on them. They could harbor germs or something… You never really know where stuff has been.

  14. I not only bought unopened winter thermals for 5.99, but I was also able to find a department store price liquidated thermos for 6.00.

  15. I always purchased good, donated stuff throughout america at various goodwill stores .also, I have used goodwill store's employment services center to find a local job when experiencing homelessness. They let me used their desktops and fax machine, which enabled me to find a local job with overtime

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