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okay Taco Bell Taco Bell makes costumes
we search the internet to find the most ridiculous
absurd sexy Halloween costumes out there and we’re gonna try them on today see
how they actually look in person I love just dressing up I’m excited a little
nervous used to the sexy aspect but I usually do the DIY my favorite Halloween
costume that I made was cotton candy I’m very last-minute with my Halloween
costumes but I love the idea of doing something ridiculous I’m just never
gonna plan it in advance I’m so ready to see this costume so bring it out oh my
god okay Taco Bell makes costumes it does
look like the internet photo I woke up like this like I woke up hot and green
I’m excited to see how this fits hold my thoughts until then I’m seeing it in
person and I’m just kind of like whoo I feel ridiculous I don’t think that green
is my color if it was like red it would be less Shrek like yeah I actually
really like this this actually is kind of a modest sexy this is like Taco
Tuesday sexy and not like feisty Friday that’s a weird cinching here I don’t
know how I really feel about that makes it look like I have like a little extra
back fat or something I don’t really know what’s happening like my butt’s
sort of disappearing my underwear or showing this little ruffle on top they
probably should have just like left it out under the armpit cuz every time I
put it down like I feel a little packet in my armpit it’s not giving me hot girl
fall so no from me dawg definitely ridiculous but I’m not uncomfortable
it’s actually a really cute costume job Taco Bell I am so ready to see my next
house if I’m gonna be less judgmental this time oh my gosh isn’t baby shark oh I’m going to be so popular with my
kid because she loves that baby shark song this is actually a warm costume
which I’m a huge fan of it looks like a cute little blankie the zipper here is
really good because you can decide how sexy you want to be it’s like hey do you
want to be demure or do you want to be fatal attraction there’s a little tail
back here too and there’s little fins so I cannot wait to try this on you know
what I’m gonna be open because I didn’t think I’d like this one so let’s go see
baby shark doot doo doo doo doo doo when I first like looked at inside like on a
hanger I was like I really love this costume cute right it’s very very comfy
you have too many drinks at the Halloween party you can just fall right
to sleep everything else is enough for me I’m a
little worried about the fit I’m already a klutz
thought of me like whacking into people all night it’s a little weird definitely
can’t do a little dance wait my man I can’t really dance too much cuz as soon
as I like do a little twerk you can see more than I want you to it’s not like
overtly sexy you’re not showing any cleavage although you can zip it down if
you want to a little bit but then you just like break the mouth which is weird
if you want to go for ridiculous and cool and legs the mom aspects and still
feel sexy then this is it okay this is special I’m getting some you
know Ronald McDonald vibes here sexy hamburger clown that describes me there
At least I know I’ll sell the look all right let’s go get our hamburger on okay
yeah this is actually my kind of carrying on okay guys I don’t hate this
I really don’t from now on I must be referred to as mrs. Ronald McDonald this
is your deranged version of Ronald McDonald Ronald McDonald young
millennial daughter call me Renata I’m here to change the brand spice it up get the
youth I actually really like this one is this sexy this were an all-black outfit
it would sure be sexy but right now I literally look like I maybe smell like a
quarter-pounder bodysuit comfy cute leggings comfy cute sexy without being
like overly sexy it like kind of like hikes my butt up in a good way which I’m
totally down with it’s like a little people but you can like play with it
like I’m always a fan of a boob my number-one concern is how do you pee in
this I don’t think this one’s for me but you know it’s for somebody and they’re
really gonna love it okay I was waiting for this one oh my god
it’s a Mario! I’m gonna love this one I can already tell I love this one so
much this is a look that I am NOT here for look at me I look insane it’s
incredibly itchy now that I’m on like minute three and I like might need some
sort of cream I love it I knew I would this is hilarious
you look like Mario perfect you have a little mustache that you can pull up at
your leisure at any time I would probably be doing this all night and
everyone’s pictures I feel so cute in this only thing is I
will not be able to dance the way I would like to because it’s it’s pretty
like revealing so no bending down no getting low this is a stand there be
cute kind of outfit which I’m here for I don’t always want to dance sometimes you
just want to be cute as ridiculous it’s like the you know the glitter is it
makes you feel like a showgirl you know like I could be on Broadway Mario
decided to do Dancing with the Stars this is a lot of fun out of the four
costumes that I tried on I think that this one is my favorite surprisingly I
am tied between Ronald McDonald’s and this one right here I think the first
one would actually be my favorite I just love the phrase I woke up like this I
had to wear one of them for sure it would be that like striped legging
Ronald McDonald situation I’m so happy that I got to try this one on
definitely favorite and don’t forget to subscribe to Cosmo click the bell you
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49 thoughts on “What “Sexy” Halloween Costumes *Really * Look Like on 5 Women | Actual People Try On | Cosmopolitan

  1. Ok. As someone more familiar with UK sizes in clothing, I was honestly thrown by this vid. I'm a size 10-12 in the UK. But going on this vid I'm not a 12 in the US. WHY are the clothes sizings different?? Who thought this was a good idea?

  2. I was expected them to look totally ridiculous, but they all looked really good. Those ladies really rocked all those costumes.

    4:07 You say that like it's a negative, but that's a bonus to many.

  3. "Try on these 4 sexy costumes to get him REVVED UP in the bedroom! Bonus Halloween Use! #3 will blow your mind!" -Cosmopolitan

  4. So what you're telling me is… the same costume… looks different… on different body types?! Who would have guessed?!?!
    Thank you, Cosmo for your hard-hitting and insightful videos

  5. Taco Bell costume was a little sexy, baby shark was garbage hideous, mcdonald was silly but not sexy at all, mario looked more like a clown outfit than mcdonald

  6. This is really sweet, cute video, I like it! I've always wondered what the really silly costume ideas look like outside their packaging.

  7. I love so much your videos and your channel it's amazing… Everybody loves…. Thank you so much to share. Thank you so much to subscribe my channel too: wonderful cook br

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