boom hey internets I had a question from Shay Navarro and she's been interacting with me a lot throughout the years so hey Shay thanks for asking this one so pattern making and using a computer program for that the question she chopped was actually from another video where I was telling you guys that I basically use Adobe Illustrator mainly so Adobe suite are the programs that you'll work on typically to do mass production so even back in 2000 when I first got in my first apparelled job without a small skate company and prior to that experience before I started researching and meeting other designers I really thought that it would be with a sewing machine and kind of put in panels together and that sort of thing and then I quickly realized that everyone was basically using graphic design programs to create tech packs or cads specifications for garments on a mass production level so to answer your question there is a program and I forget the name of it where where it's all done on a computer but the reason I'm shooting the video is more and more people are using Adobe Illustrator again a vector-based program so everything is is super precise so the last I worked very briefly at a licensing company a huge licensing company in San Diego and they did everything Marvel Disney I mean multi multi multi-million dollar company and so I was breaking down tech packs there and I was working in production there so we were using illustrator for pretty much everything so I think everything is kind of converging there and if not you can get all of that done there using that program so grading pattern making all of that can be done with illustrator and I believe it's kind of converging on to there but if you guys know the name of the program the older program that people probably still use drop it below for the community but I think illustrator really is the catch-all there are some companies the company that I'm with right now there's another division and they're actually bringing in sample swords and industrial sewing machines now so again it depends on the niche that you're in for Street where ready-to-wear man's escape and serve we're all on illustrator to prepare the documents hope that helps any questions that sparks up while you're watching this drop it down below follow me on social media when you get the chance I'll see you guys on the next one peace


  1. Hi Jon
    Thank you for sharing 🙂. My question is. Can I do Fashion Design then a create a Pattern from that design to make a Sample copy and then Grade with the Adobe Illustrator all in one? Thank you Jon much appreciated 🌻

  2. Illustrator is not for patternmaking at all. but we can use it in some ways for drafting simple products and precise lines.

  3. As a patternmaker I feel it's important to inform those who seek to use this information for building a business, no professional patternmaker uses Adobe Illustrator for creating patterns, and they especially will never use it for grading. Illustrator is for drawing, and making patterns involves a lot more than drawing shapes. It is irresponsible and insulting to suggest Illustrator as a reliable solution. Gerber, Lectra, and Optitex are the leaders in pattern making software for those who want to know. They are out of the price range for most entrepreneurs (and even many small companies) so that part of the production process is often contracted out.

  4. The best one for pattern making that every big company use, especially in italy and UK is called Lectra Investronica and is not free, it costs thousands of dollars

  5. Has anyone tried Valentina? It's a free patternmaking software that can automatic resize clothes for different builds. There are a lot of Valentina patternmaking tutorial at the official Youtube channel.

  6. Hello, thank you for your time, did you come up with program grading software that you might suggest? Is there a program to use on the internet? Thanks!!!!

  7. I just saw this! Thanks I will look further into this! I have a awesome sewing/cutting/sample contractor but I still make all my patterns myself by hand! If I could get on a program it would be so helpful! Thanks Jon!!

  8. I used to use Illustrator , But once i got into signmaking i started using Flexi and liked it much better then Illustrator…..I use a combination of Illy , P.s but mostly Flexi .

  9. Hey Jon it's Marche, from your event status show, we did a behind the scenes video nice to see you making posting. Do you recommend any places in LA for sewing courses? What are your tips for seem allowances, & how should they be adjusted for different materials/fabrics?

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