What Makes Churchill Gowns Awesome!

We’ve all got our tassels in a tangle
about plastic waste, especially when it ends up in landfill or polluting our
oceans. Sometimes the scale of the problem seems so big we feel powerless
to do anything about it! But at Churchill Gowns we’re on a mission to make a
difference. Each graduation gown that we make saves
twenty eight plastic bottles from ending up in landfill, or in the ocean. We break
down the bottles and spin them into yarn, producing a soft fabric that’s
indistinguishable from any other gown… What’s more we deliver everything
straight to your front door! Who wants to spend their graduation day standing in
line with this lot? Home delivery gives you more time to spend celebrating with
friends, family and… err… this guy! And if Winston turtle hasn’t quite convinced
you, our products cost up to 30% less to hire and 80% less to buy than other
suppliers! Save money. Save time. Save the planet. with Churchill Gowns.

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