What is Ductile Iron Pipe Seal Coat?

What is seal coat? What purpose does it serve? Why I am I in a suit in the foundry stick around to find out in this episode of Iron Strong. Today we’re going to be talking about
seal coat the black coating and lining that gives ductile iron pipe it’s
familiar black color seal coat is the black paint that lines and coats our
pipe. It is water based it contains no harmful chemicals. It is NSF-61 approved
for use in culinary water applications as you can see the seal coat is a dark
brown color and when it is applied but dries to a nice even black. We line the
inside and coat the outside with the same seal coat just like me in this suit
the only purpose of the exterior coating is to make the pipe look better. Without
the seal coat the pipe would have a gray or slightly oxidized kind of a splotchy
appearance like we see in this bare pipe. Much like myself the pipe can be pretty
bland if it isn’t dressed up a little bit. There is a misconception that exists in
the pipe industry that the seal coat serves as a barrier to external
corrosion. This is a myth the seal coat should not be relied on for corrosion
control the suit makes me look good but it’s actually my charm and sharp wit
that really seals the deal. Similar to the exterior coating the interior lining
of seal coat serves no functional purpose. Most ductile iron pipes are lined with a
cement mortar lining. Industry advancements in the lining procedure made seal coat an optional item. In fact the American Water Works Association
standard C-104 states that the purchaser has the option of either
buying pipe with the seal coat on the interior or not. We hope we have answered some questions and cleared up some misconceptions about the seal coat on
ductile iron pipe today if you have any more questions about ductile iron pipe
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rep thanks for watching this episode of Iron Strong and until next time work
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