Wes Anderson’s Full Metal Jacket starring Bill Murray [DeepFake]

This is my rifle, this is my gunThis is for fighting,
this is for fun
This is my rifle, this is my gunThis is for fighting,
this is for fun
This is my rifle, this is my gunThis is for fighting,
this is for fun
This is my rifle, this is my gunThis is for fighting,
this is for fun
This is my rifle, this is my gunThis is for fighting,
this is for fun.

100 thoughts on “Wes Anderson’s Full Metal Jacket starring Bill Murray [DeepFake]

  1. this is nice, but could you morph the face of the Russian agent in the stranger things to Schwarzeneggers

  2. The evil ones will use these type videos to show that it was not them in the videos of them with children…..it won't work as the meta data of the videos can be checked. They think that their technology will save them….it won't. It will convict them.

  3. He's got this effect so squared away that R. Lee Ermey is about to call that man out for impersonation of an NCO!

  4. I know you're trying to make the characters fit but you should do some absurd ones… like Tom Holland as the Drill Instructor

  5. Combine this with the voice AI and you could recast entire movies to fit your preference. Imagine it. Instead of Topher Grace as Venom in Spiderman 3 you could have Tom Hardy. In fact you'd be able to create movies this way. Get the characters/actors to say whatever you want. Turn a shitty movie into a great one.

  6. You could fix Tron Legacy. You could do a side by side. I bet the studio would pay you big bucks to do a flawless version so they could release a special version. (Note: I work in vfx so don’t do too good a job 😉

  7. These should help convince the sheeple that real evidence can now be attributed to deep fake videos. There is a reason Obomba is talking about deep fakes and photo and video manipulation. Some serious evidence is about to drop and they need you to believe it's fake.
    Interesting premiere date here. Just in time to convince you that the former admin was not full of degenerate criminal freaks. Check back in a couple of months and see.

  8. Hey dude, you gotta do….oh, wait. It's your channel, you gotta do whatever the fuck you want! Ctrl+alt+face isn't a wedding singer guys, cut it out with the freaking requests!

  9. This channel is obviously paid by the illuminati to get the public used to fakes, for when the Epstein videos come out. "Don't pay attention to those, they're more deepfakes".

  10. What’s crazy is how in the beginning of every one of the videos by this guy I say to myself, “hey, that looks like so-and-so’s face”, totally thinking it’s still the actor/actress that originally played the part…

  11. Damn, this is a good one.

    It would be interesting to see Back to the Future with Eric Stoltz re-injected back into the film, as he was first cast and even filmed weeks of footage before he was replaced…

  12. I had to read to see it was Bill Murray, in a weird way between R. Lee Ermy and Bill Murray, it almost looks like Jim Belushi 😂

  13. Swap Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
    Then do Peter Dinklage swapped with Brad Pitt, and vice versa.

  14. Anderson and Kubrick have similar visual styles. If I didn't know better, I could think Anderson shot this scene.

  15. Can you do Trump as Barron Vladimir Harkonen from Dune?
    I made a meme as such, it won't post here.
    Brad Dourif as Sweeney Todd
    Hillary Clinton as Gollum…

  16. Hello. Cool! Can you please do either Vanessa Hudgens or Selena Gomez as Deanna Troi in full uniform in any episode of season seven of "Star Trek: The Next Generation?" Thanks.

  17. @ Ctrl Shift Face – Wow, this is so impressive and scary all at the same time….; )~~~ Can you imagine the things that will be able to be done in 50 years???? The old saying of "don't believe anything you hear" has now become "Don't believe anything you see or hear"…; )~~
    Bravo Sir!!

  18. Man your other deepfake videos are amazing and this one is great as well but way too short. Please do the whole scene with Bill Murray as Lee Ermey meeting the new recruits for the first time and insulting them

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