hey guys I hope that you are all well and welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be talking about wedding guest dresses I love wedding as he's in I'm so excited for Megan and Harry's wedding tomorrow to see all of the dresses and what everybody's wearing so I thought that I would show you some of my best picks from ASOS these are all on or around at just a little bit above the 50-pound mark so really quite affordable and of course with a sauce you've got that Next Day Delivery so if you're in a bit of a panic that you don't have anything to wear for an occasion then super easy super quick delivery with a sauce and of course it's not just wedding season you can wear these for multiple things over the summer any kind of occasion that you've got so I'm just gonna jump straight in with the dress that I'm wearing so this one is in this gorgeous mint green color I picked up in a size aid which was the perfect size for me it's just nicely on the waist and this one last one which was just over it was 55 pounds but I still think that that's really good for the price I love a few details that they've done they've got this little cut hair which i think is really feminine and gorgeous it is slightly lower at the front a bit definitely not too much I don't feel a tool like I'll be falling out especially if I'm dancing I don't have a bra on at the moment because of the back and the side so it's open here at the side and then it just falls open at the back and you've got a little tie right at the top there I think that that just that little detail is so pretty if I was gonna be wearing this one to an occasion I probably put my hair up something quite messy almost I don't want to say beachy because it's more occasion than beachy but something quite free free of flowing and my hair and I love these beads these silver beads because it makes it so easy to accessorize I'd wear silver shoes and a silver clutch I have got nude on at the moment just cuz I'm keeping these on for all of the dresses but it would be so easy to pair I think this one really lovely to wear on holiday and that kind of thing as well I feel really feminine and comfortable in this one which is one of the most important things I look for for events you're wanting to be dancing the night away and eating food and having a laugh you don't want to be worrying about pulling out your dress or not quite looking right in a picture so that's main thing about going to an occasion is enjoying it so get a dress you feel comfortable in unto dress at number two and I just love this one it's in a school just some in pink color is off the shoulder the shoulders are super comfortable they're not fooling down but they're equally not too tight this one is just a little bit thicker than this side I'm not wearing a bra however it is it's um you know fact but you still could wear a bra a bandeau bra with it but equally if you're like me and can't be bothered then the fabric is really thick so you wouldn't have to worry what I love about this one is that it's really form-fitting so it shows up with your curves and women features but if you're having a bloated day don't have to worry you've got these lovely rushes covering your tummy or anything else you kind of want to hide over your hip area but it still gives you a really lovely figure I picked this one up in a size 8 and I think it was 45 pounds I'm pretty sure it's 45 pounds which I just think is so amazing because it's a really beautiful lip dress and the fabric is slightly I want to say you know not like scuba material it is slightly like that so it's not really luxury but then it's what you get for forty five pounds okay so with dress number three you guys have to guess the price okay so comment down below right now what you think the price is of this dress before I tell you give you a minute 11 pounds it was 11 pounds you guys are like me and you like a new dress for a new occasion but you just don't have the money to get one for every occasion then check out the a sauce so tech section you usually if you're going through all of the dresses you have just go right to the end or just hit straight into the sales section but they have some really great finds and you can section it all off for colors and sizes and everything so you don't have to go through too much stuff anyway so in this gorgeous lilac color it's got a holter neck and it just ties at the back I feel like you could do a lot of different things but the back here but I've just tied it there and this is just the waist of the dress as it comes around here I got this one in a size 8 it fits beautifully really swishy and flowy and lovely I'm so impressed with this dress and so glad that I got it in my size you'll have to be quick if you want this one because it'll probably sell out quite quickly at that price next up is dress than before and I think I picked this one up in the wrong size you can see my bra coming away there picked up AB in a size 10 and it is definitely just a bit too big which is such a shame because it is a beautiful dress it's quite beauty brand so I'd probably pin it if I was going to a wedding so that it wasn't so revealing but is in this gorgeous move color and I think that this would be amazing if you weren't wanting to spend too much on your graduation was 38 pounds so really reasonable it's got some lovely details it drops down at the back at the waist there which looks a bit Cape like but actually when you see the full dress it's really really beautiful I love the sleeves and the pleats which go down and then it's got this gorgeous slit in it too I wore something kind of similar to this to my boyfriends graduation and I felt amazing in it and it was so cost-effective you really don't have to spend a lot to look good for these kind of occasions so this one's super pretty so if you can hear that I have a bit of a cold I'm a bit bummed up at the moment but I felt good in this one I'm not sure I believe that I would have ordered it in size 10 because they didn't have a size 8 so I have to check out what size egg they haven't let you guys know so I forgotten which number we're on it now but this is the a multifunctional dress this is the one that you get for an occasion and you can dress it up by putting your hair up and having some really gorgeous statement earrings and like a lovely sparkly clutch bag or something and it's got this open back which also makes it a little bit more occasion but you could also wear it to a meal or two drinks or that kind of thing so it would be really most functional at your wardrobe and you'll get to so much use out of it rather than like the kind of maxi dress which you can only wear for really smart occasion it's in this gorgeous royal blue I'm wearing it and a size 8 and it was 28 pounds so again a real bargain of a giraffe's the material feels lovely really gorgeous pop statement color I think and there's one more look lovely with some kind of sparkling golds or something to make it a little bit more summery next up is this gorgeous almost rose gold pink in this lovely satin kind of material feels really luxurious and it's just the one shoulder and then you've got this little drop over the side here you've got a little ruching detail at the front I think the color is welcome me for this one and also the satin just because it kind of dresses it up slightly I got this one in a size 8 it was 40 pounds which I don't think is too bad the only thing I will say with this one is that the slip on it is probably quite higher who will come right up to your pants if you let it so I didn't want to put it a little slip underneath it just to make sure that if the wind blew nobody saw and I think too much but then you're kind of adding to the price to where I don't know whether I fired size up I would have had a little bit more material so I wouldn't have got that so much but it's a really gorgeous glamorous dress on the next dress is quite similar to dress number one but it's in this lovely sky-blue I love the frill just coming down over the shoulders and this lace detail cut detail which you have just here and then it just drops down on the back it does have a little clip here but unfortunately I couldn't do that up other than that size eight fits really nicely was 52 pounds which is 2 pounds over the budget but the sky is double lined and swooshes beautifully just feels like a really nice heavyweight kind of dress not to having it's not going to drag down but it feels like good quality so lastly I thought that might just show you this one over because you would have seen it up on the rail here but actually I wouldn't recommend that at all because it just does not fit properly around the bust now it's I don't know I don't know whether it's just me but I'm a kind of cup see e2d and I've got this huge gap kind of in between and my boob and my shoulder like I don't know who has omitting that so yeah really happy recommend it which is such a shame because on the back of this one it is super beautiful and it clips like lovely around the bum but yeah would I recommend okay so typically I have to do the outro in the address that is totally ill-fitting but the others pretend it's so nice the Asus I think does so well for these really affordable occasion dresses do you guys have any occasions coming up this summer I'd love to know about them it leave me a little comment letting me know what you're getting up to you and if you haven't think exciting it coming up and I will see you all again in next week's video sorry if I've been a little croaky I'm definitely getting ill but kind of myself see you guys next week bye

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  1. رأيي :
    بما أنك بيضاء ، فالثوب الأزرق أو الأول هما الأفضل على الإطلاق…خذي برأيي يا آنسة 😉

  2. شوفلنا قفطان تاع XXXXL ، تاع شيرة توزن قنطار و 15كلغ ، و الطول تاعها 1.43 س ..ديير مزية هههههه

  3. Hi ! I bought dress #3 in a size 8 for a wedding happening in August. And oh my! I was desperate to find the perfect outfit and this gorgeous lilac dress is absolutely perfect. I've got quite heavy breasts and wide hips so it was a lovely surprise! I'll wear this with nude sandals. Thanks so much for your recommendations you've got such a classy taste and I'm glad I've watched your video. Keep up the good work and again thank you !

  4. my brother's getting married in a couple of months and I've been searching like crazy for a dress – actually bought the £11 lilac one last week just to see! but unfortunately returned it as I'm not sure it was quite special enough or suited me enough x

  5. I’m loving both the blue dresses – just love the frill and details. I’ve got a friends wedding in September to look forward – think I’ll be going midi length – another lovely video

  6. I recently came across your channel and OMG, I love it so much!! I also have a love affair with dresses, particularly midi and maxi 😍 What a shame that last dress, the fabric is so stunning. I love jacquard dresses, just bought this lilac satin one What a find it was! Looks so much more expensive, fits beautifully and it's perfect for a summer wedding!

  7. Wow! Just when I was looking for ideas of dresses i can wear for a friends wedding, your video popped up! ❤️ lovely coincidence.

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