100 thoughts on “Wearing Darth Vader Costume to Star Wars Movie!

  1. Carrie shot all of her scenes way before her death, and they were pretty much done making the film at that time. So there probably wouldn’t have been enough room for a send off.

  2. Y’all are the same person . The person Lincoln is wearing is Anikan sky walker and anikan turned to the dark side and became darth Vader. Then he got severely burned and was put in the suit.

  3. Gday Dan!
    Great job on the edit on this one mate. Lots of time spent behind the computer and it looks great!! 👍👍👍 cheers Ryan
    Melb AUS

  4. I’m watching this cus episode 9 is coming out soon and I was thinking about dressing up as obiwan kanobi he is my favorite character and I’m a huge starwars geek I am a 17 year old girl I just didn’t know if it would be weird

  5. I swear the god I will slise your head off and you son is so ugly !!!!!😡😠😠😡😡😈😈😈😈☠☠☠💀💀

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