We Wore Lingerie As Clothes For A Week

– Is it work appropriate? It's definitely, you
know, toeing the line, but I think with the jacket…
– Eyes up here, Aria. Eyes up here.
(laughing) (upbeat music) I feel uncomfortable to wear lingerie just because I'm a little
bit heavier chested, and I'm a little bit more
conservative with the way I dress. – My style kinda changes. On the weekends, I like to dress up, and I'm really uncomfortable
showing anything fitted, too much leg or too much boob, at work. – I don't think I've
owned a piece of lingerie, so this'll be just a
completely new experience. – At work, I'm not super confident, and I really wanna change
that because I see people like Jazz and Chrissy and they just rock everything they wear. – I don't like to call
attention to what I wear, and when you see lingerie,
you're just asking for attention. – What better way to feel cute at work than throwing myself into a video where I wear lingerie as clothes. That's so far out of my comfort zone. – So, it looks like I'm
wearing barely nothing today. There is no hiding in this. – This is definitely not work appropriate, and it's very very short. – I'm gonna cover up
the girls a little bit. I'm gonna make a few alterations and I think I'll be good
and work appropriate. – It's very cute for the bedroom. ♪ Sugar ♪ ♪ Oh, sugar ♪ ♪ Oh, sugar ♪ I can see the safety pins. That could've been more subtle. (laughing) – You know I'm not a seamstress, so this is what I gotta
work with, okay, Chloe? – I just realized why I
don't wear hats to work. I can't put my headphones on. – This is such a look. This is like a hot brunch look. – Alright, cool.
– Mhm, yeah. You look great. – So, I should wear more hats.
– Please. – [Chloe] I feel very
embarrassed wearing a hat. – Why? – [Chloe] Because it's
not what I usually do. – That doesn't matter.
– (mumbles) my comfort zone. – No, yeah, it doesn't matter. Everyone wears hats. – Well, at first I was like
wow, Shila looks witchy. And then also, I thought wow, you're more covered up
than you normally are, and then I came around to
the front and I was like oh, no, it's the opposite. – I think I made a few
people uncomfortable wearing this top. – Now I'm gonna stop looking
down there, so I'm just gonna.. I'm just gonna…
– I was so worried about that. That's why I wore this jacket because I was trying to hide the goods. I am glad I added the coat
as an addition to this outfit because I think wearing this alone to work would've been a distraction
for many people. – Next, I wore a bodysuit from
Forever 21's lingerie line, and I can't believe this
was considered lingerie because it just looked
like a cute bodysuit. – I'm walking into work
and I'm a little nervous to see if anyone will notice
if I'm wearing lingerie. – Are you wearing lingerie? – Yes, I am.
– I didn't notice it. – Mhm.
– Where is it? – It's here. – Oh.
(bell rings) – It's a bikini, right? That's a one piece.
– It's a bathing suit, right? – It's a bathing suit, it's
a one piece bathing suit. – I would expect maybe some more feathers, some furs, some boas. – It looks more like a bathing suit than it looks like lingerie. – So, you mean to tell me
that these both are lingerie? – Yes.
– Yeah. – I don't believe you because these just look like tank tops. – No one has thought it's lingerie, which is kind of the reason I got it because I just wanted to
see if I could get away without anyone thinking it was lingerie. What's on your back? – Well, I just put a bra on because I don't wanna show my nips, okay? – [Chloe] Yeah, no, I was
having that exact fear. – Being a heavier chested girl, sometimes I do need that
extra support from my bra because it would shape my body better. There's nothing wrong
if you wanna wear one. If you don't, it's about what makes you feel
comfortable and confident. – The next day was another bodysuit. It had a thong. See through as (bleep). So, I had to put on a bra situation, but it's a cute bra situation because it has a really nice back. – So, I'm just gonna style
it for an everyday look, and pairing it with a shirt underneath really made the difference. – I honestly legitimately just
think that it looks great. I don't think that it's too much. I feel weird, like I'm checking you out, but yeah, I think it looks great. Okay, great, mm! – I had plans on wearing
that dress to go out. Who am I kidding? I just don't go out anymore. I'm like an old woman. (record scratching) (elevator music) – I kind of look like a witch, which I'm not 100% happy about, but I don't know how else to dress it. I'm going out for my friend's birthday. – I've seen way worse. This is tame for me. – I feel very confident in this. I probably couldn't wear it anywhere but a bar or a restaurant, but I do feel quite confident in it. – As you should. – Thanks, darling. – On the fourth day, I
wore a white bralette. – So, the next day was
the scariest day for me. It was Thistle & Spire's
bodysuit, and it was very lacy. I can't wear a bra with
it, which I don't like, but it's quite covering,
I guess, so that's okay. – You are so hot.
– Hot! – [Chloe] I, really? 'Cause I'm feeling very
insecure right now. – You are so hot.
– Why are you insecure in any way? You're freakin hot.
– Your body is bangin'. – It was just very out of my comfort zone, especially because it was
showing a lot of my boobs, which I don't have. So, it was just emphasizing
the fact that I don't have any, but I think actually it was a nice shape and it kind of flattered me. – A lot of people didn't think I was wearing lingerie yet again. I think I did such a great job disguising that this was lingerie. – How's this lingerie?
– Where's the lingerie? – Yeah.
– It is, look. This.
– That just looks like… – This is just a tee, no.
– That looks like a tank top. – It's a tank top from
Zara, don't lie to me. – You can call it whatever
you want, it's a sports bra. – One of the executives
just kinda walked by me, and I was like oh, and then when one of
the lawyers walked by… And I'm just like yeah, I
look really overdressed. – The men in the office had
no idea what a bralette meant. – It's a bra, but it's thicker. It's got, you know, it's got the strap. – I don't understand
how this is a bralette. A bralette is like what? – Younger girls, when they hit puberty, they wear bralettes because
they're not ready for a bra, so they're ready for the bralette, right? – Oh, so they're kinda…
– No, no. – Was it a training bra? – What's a training bra? – [Shila] It's what he just said. – Is a training bra not what
you wear when you go running? – [Bearded Man] That's a sports bra. – I had to shoot a video
this afternoon and I kinda was relieved to just be
stuck in a room on my own. Everyone that I ended up going near, I just felt kinda insecure. The next day, I put a picture on Instagram and I got so many amazing
comments about it. If I'd known that that's
how people reacted on the outside world, I would've walked around
with more confidence than I did that day. It is the last day of the challenge, and this one is one of
the scarier ones for me. It's a bralette that goes just to… Just under the boobs. So, so much of my stomach
is gonna be exposed. – One question about this,
how does one wear this? According to the photo,
it looks like this. I think for our purposes
of trying to style this, I think I'm gonna convert it into kind of like a tube top situation. – My sister was just a little shocked that I was considering going
out wearing just a bra. – She's a nude woman! No, you're fine.
– Okay. – Let's go shopping.
– Would you wear it? – I don't like to be breathing in all day, hence this is loose. It's a strategic way of wearing a crop top because it's super loose with
half an inch of skin revealed. – I feel like my sister
judged me a little bit, but to be honest, I would
probably do the same thing to her, and I think it's probably just something we both need to work on with each other. – You were there in the
beginning when I first received this package.
– I was. Yeah, it's a granny
pantie with suspenders. This looks good.
– You think I pulled it off? – I think you totally pulled it off. You definitely had to pull
some magic out on that, definitely. – So hot.
(groaning) Becky's in nice kind of breezy wear. I feel just very… Well, kind of covered in the arm region. – This one was the most
complicated to style, and I constantly have to pull this up because it just always goes down. – A lady came up to me and said that she really liked my outfit, and that made me feel very nice. – This week, I made the
lingerie my version of sexy, and I think that whatever
makes you feel comfortable and confident, that's sexy. – Wearing lingerie to
work has just made me want to take more fashion risks. – I'm glad that I was
able to take the lingerie and make it my own and dress
it comfortably for myself. – This week let me feel
a little bit better about dressing up, so I
just need to go for it. (upbeat music)

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  2. It’s giving two different takes on the challenge. One girl disguised her lengerie while the other one straight up donned it. The challenge didn’t say you have to wear lengerie that exposes more skin or clearly looks like lengerie. Y’all literal sheep fr..

  3. Why tf is everyone hating on shila? You're all saying that she didn't even do the challenge when she literally did. They all picked lingerie and in my opinion, Chloe covered herself up more than shila did.

  4. when chloe kept wearing skirts i was like there is soooo many other good things you could’ve done than that

  5. First of all shila is not heavier chested
    And she always chanced something about the clothes so that her hEaVy ChEsT wont show
    On the other hand chloe did not do any type of differences and wear the clothes as it is

  6. I am sorry if I offended anyone by saying this but please don't be rude about it it is just that I hate the was the chloe says boob

  7. Even though I think she's gorgeous the way she is, give the girl @ 2:04 / 2:47 a makeover for your next video. xD

  8. I love all the "Shelia cheated" & "She's not chest heavy" comments. She didn't cheat, she did what she was comfortable with in a work place and most of you complaining would've done the same. She said she is chest heavy, not that her boobs are super big, learn the difference. For her size, yeah she's more chest heavy than bottom heavy. Lort, always seeing comments about how we wish women were more supportive of each other but the moment you get a chance to tear one down you go all in. This is ridiculous.

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