100 thoughts on “We Try Winter Puffer Jackets

  1. I don't get this video.
    I'm from California. These jackets aren't new. They're not ~unusual~ or especially trendy. They're just jackets/coats.

    Is it a regional thing? SoCals don't see these or wear them?

  2. i have a mustard puffer jacket from forever 21 and i loooove it it’s so warm for the winter and it looks so cuteee so for anyone looking for one i recommend forever 21

  3. Lol I just got a puffy jacket recently, just for the warmth. I never go places but when I went to the mall finally, I was like since when did these come back?!

  4. Every person from the mid-west is laughing at this! What we think of as a practical way to NOT die outside, Californians think of as a fashion trend. They should do a video to test out the warmth of each jacket.

  5. "fashion" products look fashionable based on the proportions used and the styling done. if none of those are taken into account it probably won't look good. doesn't have much to do with the type of jacket in this case as much as sizing/styling

  6. Clearly none of these people live in places where winter temperatures can drop to minus 20 degrees C. When it's that cold you NEED a puffy jacket to ya know…STAY ALIVE.

  7. I like the video but I think you could wear those puffer jackets much better and make the look much more stylish and high fashion!!

  8. I love how the comment section is not having it 😂 like yeah, they are coats, we get it, you run around in crop tops all year round

  9. if i live in everyday cold states i would prefer fluffy synthetic fur jacket than this. call me weird but i like the texture to always petting it like i bring my pet around

  10. Every time Joyce bent over she reminded me of that meme of the lady who's bending over, hands on her knees, wearing glasses and squinting into the distance.

  11. lol ok yes they are fashion items but you live in LA where you can choose it as a fashion item try living in Chicago without one

  12. Lmao was this meant to be interesting for the viewer? Literally loads of people wear puffee jackets and they've existed for ages… The people who made this must live in a bubble, a very hot bubble

  13. Onlyyyyy people from Cali would make this video 🙄 bc people in the eastcoast wear a puffer everyday during the winter time 🤦‍♀️

  14. Alright LA???? I wear a puffer jacket to stay warm, not as a fashion choice? Either understand that there are seasons or don’t give your opinion on how to stay warm? Lol thank u, next.

  15. Im Canadian and we have winter for 8 months ( September to April ) so we wear those puffy jackets year round if your Canadian and have never had one of thoes coats your not a real Canadian

  16. one could night I was on my way too a store and I saw this man as no women I told the women I liked her red coat she said thank you so 10 minutes later they was driving there white van and they pulled up too me the lady said here I got plenty of coats the man tried too give me her red coat but I said my mom dont allow me too take any thing from strangers and I dont know what my mom would have said if i did take it but now i REGRET not takeing the red coat when I had the chance do can people please reply me some advice on what should I do BECALUSE I WANT THE RED COAT NOW

  17. 1:27 I love that kinda old school puffer jacket but heavy & baggy royal blue leather material 2001 look

  18. There's no pockets on this shirt jacket WHAT do I do in awkward situations
    nOooO I actually have to confront my pRobLeM like a noRmAl PERSONZMMm?/nuiuu

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