We Try Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes!

– They would swat me with a ruler if they saw me wearing this for sure. – I’m really impressed that you even put this on or owning it. – I’m not gonna bikini wax for this video. Welcome back to Clevver Style. It is Halloween. (evil laughs) And the three of us have yet to actually pick out our
official Halloween costumes. – Speak for yourself, I picked mine out. – Well get out of this video. – She’s also been teasing
it everyday on Instagram. She’s like, “Oh, let me show you a foot.” Today we’re actually gonna be trying on five different Halloween
costumes from Fashion Nova. – We’re gonna be rating each costume on quality, comfort, and fit. – Yep and we’ve got five
rounds, five costumes. – I’m actually really excited. – And we’re gonna rate
each costume with emojis ’cause it’s what we do, you know? – I’m just gonna go with the… – So you know how there is a red dot? – Yeah. – To me it symbolizes a period. Periods are scary to me. – ‘Cause they mean blood.
– ‘Cause they end a sentence? – Like a menstrual cycle. – Okay.
– Yeah, that’s good. – Going with the red dot. – Can I do… Can I do like the knife? (high tension music) – We gotta get some
costumes on our bodies. – Costumes, let’s do it. – Let’s do it! (Halloween music) – Okay you guys, our first costumes, if you can’t already tell, is the animal costume. I love this category because we all went in very different directions. – Very, well at least one of us did. – You know, I’m a bunny, obviously. Fashion Nova calls it the “Miss B Bunny”. It’s also paying homage to Legally Blonde Elle Woods Playboy. Look, it has a little butt tail. – I love this so much. – Cute. – I love this. It fits amazing. – Yeah, it looks really good. – I feel like the quality
is actually pretty good and all the pieces that it comes with, these cuffs, the choker, the ears. – Also, I don’t know if
you’ve noticed, Drew, but if you don’t like strapless things there are two places you
could put straps on it. – And it comes with clear straps. I love this. – It’s real cute. – So in regard to quality I will give this five period dots. For comfort I also give
it five period dots because it feels great,
it’s not up my butt. I feel like if I walk it’s
not going to ride up my butt. And for fit, five period dots. All around. – This is gonna be your
new Halloween costume? – This is one of them. – Wow.
– For sure. – That’s pretty big. This is the “With my Dog” costume. I don’t think they were
trying to recreate anything, I just think they were like, “I don’t know, get some
dots and put it on fabric and sell it to people.” and they were like, “Someone
like Erin would buy this.” Fashion Nova’s known for
their very sexy attire and I thought, you know what, I’m gonna be a rebel in this game. I scrolled by all of these
beautiful, sexy outfits and I was like, “mm-mm, I’m not getting a bikini wax for this video.” (laughter) I was like, I’m gonna
go to the men’s section, so this is from the men’s section. – Not gonna lie, I didn’t think that you were a dog at first, I thought it was a cow. – That’s insulting. Quality, I give it a three. Comfort, I give it a five
’cause it’s very roomy in here, and then fit, I don’t really
know how to gauge a fit, but I would say five out of five. – Whenever you do that it just reminds me of Kevin
McCallister, like Home Alone. (screaming) So, my first costume for animal, I am “Found Fishy” on
the Fashion Nova website, but obviously we all know that this looks very, very close to a certain clown fish. – Your son, Chico? – Nemo. – Right, got it. – The attention to detail on this, I freaking love this little fin. – It’s so cool. – I need another Halloween party to got to ’cause I’m obsessed with this. – I also thought this was
gonna be made out of like, a plastic strap. – They’re very reliable. They’re consistent, yeah. I had a feeling and I’m so happy I got it because, I don’t know, I really like this. – It’s so cute. – The thing I’m most excited for with this is being able to mess around with makeup because I think it could
be really interesting. – And the hair. – Okay, so in terms of quality,
I’m gonna give this a five. Honestly, if I had more
I would give it more… Knives. I was like, “what did I pick?” – Let me see what you have. – A knife! – No! – And then for comfort I
would give it five knives because it’s super comfortable, and fit, it’s great. It fits exactly the
way I would want it to. All right, let’s move on, I’m excited. – Yeah, I’m sweating, let’s
go to the next category. (Halloween music) – For our second Halloween costume option, we have “Women in Uniform”. This one is called “Domestic Delight”. I am a french maid, obviously,
bonjour, merci, croissant. And it comes with so many accessories. They gave me the gloves,
the little sweep duster. I added the fishnets and the shoes, it doesn’t come with that but it comes with so many
things, I’m so happy. I can’t necessarily turn around because the back is rooshed on the butt which is very cute, but
not YouTube friendly so we’re not gonna do that. So, on quality I’m gonna give this a three, and I’ll tell you why. The cups– – I was gonna ask you about that. – They’re kinda weird. Like, I kinda have to pull it up and then it’s still not
really covering my boob. For comfort I give it (sighs) if I was in the
bedroom I would give it a five. – Yeah.
– Woo-woo. – Walking around, I give it a two. Unless you have something underneath because your butt is out. – It sure is. – For fit, again, bedroom
five, walking around two because your booty is saying “hello”. – I actually like this costume a lot. I am sweating so much in
here, it is so shockingly hot for the lack of coverage that’s happening. It actually does feel pretty covered. – Dude, I’m really impressed
that you even, like, put this on and are
owning it, you look great. – Thanks, guys. – Embrace.
– Embrace you. – I mean, it’s sexy
but not like offensive, you know what I mean? Like literally only this
much of my body is showing. – You could wear this
to Target on a Tuesday. ♪ On a Tuesday ♪ On quality, I give it five out of five because it really is just
like really good material. It’s hot, but it’s strong. Comfort, I give it a… I give it a five. I think it’s pretty comfortable. And then on fit I would
give to maybe a four because I ordered a medium and this one’s a midge too big for me but other than that
it’s super comfortable. – So, Fashion Nova calls this
the “Infinite and Beyond”. – To infinity and beyond! – It is obviously very inspired by Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story which is making me feel
some type of way right now because Harrison is currently
obsessed with Toy Story and I don’t know, I was really excited to show him this Buzz Lightyear costume but now I’m not so sure. But I do really love this costume. I think that, again, Fashion
Nova kicks it up a level by the accessories. – [Drew] Yeah.
– [Erin] Yeah. – Definitely more revealing
than the Nemo costume and I can’t turn around because it is like an actual thong. – She’s not gonna have any
trouble finding her Woody. – So for quality I’m
giving this five knives because it is incredibly well made. And then for comfort I
would give this a four just because I do feel
like I’m gonna have to do some sort of maneuvering in the top area just to make sure that it
stays and it’s nice and snug. And then for fit I would
give this a four as well. Just the top again, in
comparison to the Nemo one which I felt was just so perfect. – [Erin] Yeah. – This one is a little bit big on top. We still have more to go, like can this get any better? – No, it can.
– It can. – I hope so. – Don’t look at my butt. (Halloween music) And the category is “Spooky and Scary”. I’m a little scared, I’m not gonna lie. – You’re pretty scary. – This is dope. – I’m girl version of Pennywise basically, and I saw that movie and
it terrified me to this day and I also hate clowns and
I hate Ronald McDonald, so like an actually scary
clown freaks me out. – Dude, I love this, though. – Again, the accessories of it all. The gloves, the little… Whatever you call these,
the sleeves, the choker, the poofs. I love it. I feel like Pennywise, I feel creepy. Also, you could eff up some clown makeup. For quality I’m gonna
give this five red dots. – Yeah. – For comfort I’m gonna give this, again, five little period red dots, and for fit I’m gonna
give this five as well. – All right, children, I’m in
the “Devilish Villain” costume in case you didn’t know what this is. Obviously this is Cruella
De Vil from 101 Dalmatians and I feel like it’s on dog
theme for me for this episode based on my first outfit. I’m just now wearing it in
a different kind of way. This costume, though, I am really into. By the way, the wig
did not come with this, we had to order this off Amazon, that was my only qualm with this costume because the wig is, like,
so important for her look, but I feel like the rest of
this is really, really nice. I have the wrong bra on
with it, just excuse that. Again, with the accessories, the glove. – Yeah. – The cigarette. It just really pulls it all together. – It is really cute. – So nice, I just feel like
this is a statement piece and people, when you walk
into a Halloween party, people are immediately gonna talk to you. So quality, I give it a five. Comfort, I give it a… I’d say four, four and a half. You have to always be adjusting yourself, you know what I mean? Like you can never fully not be aware of what your costume looks like. On fit I give it a four just because it’s a little bigger
than I expected it to be. They need more sizing
options is what I’m saying. – All right, so,
technically the only thing I bought off of Fashion Nova that’s in this outfit is the feather wings. So I just figured this
is the type of thing that you could really do
whatever you want with, I was kind of going for like
a dark fairy type of thing. This is so cool looking and it
looks just as good as I hoped it would look. – Yeah. – The problem is they’re too heavy. – Yeah, they are as heavy as they look. Like, they are sturdy. – But they’re beautiful. – They look like crow wings. – Yeah, they really do, like, there’s so many options with this. You could be like a dark
angel or a dark fairy or like a crow. – Can you imagine if somebody was like, “What are you for Halloween?” “A crow.” – You could be a crow, crows are scary. – I love that. – You know what they
call a group of crows? A murder. The quality of the wings I
would give a five, absolutely, but for fit and comfort, for both of those I’d have to five this
like a two or a three just because it’s not very
comfortable when it’s on and they don’t really fit at all. But I’m obsessed with them
so I will figure this out. Let’s go, we have another costume. – Yes. – We gotta change. – What round is this? Four? Three? – I don’t know, I’ve lost count. (Halloween music) This category is “Wtf scary”
which I think makes sense for everything that we
are wearing right now. This is really funny for me because I went to a Catholic school growing up my whole life and I had actual nuns, like Irish nuns, like the old school ones. They would swat me with a ruler if they saw me wearing
this for sure. (laughs) For quality I will give it, only because I don’t like the socks, I’m gonna give it a four. For comfort I will give it four as well, and then for fit, if
it wasn’t for the socks I would give it a five. So I’ll give it a five,
I’ll just excuse the socks, pretend like they’re not there, put on some fishnets instead. – This is not a costume. This is something you
should wear in the bedroom when you’re significant
other has a little bit of a specific interest. – I think it’s cute.
– It’s cute. – I really do, I think
it’s really cute, yeah. – You’re a fembot. – If I showed up at a party. – Yeah. – A Halloween party,
you would come up to me and genuinely say that’s cute? – Yeah, I really would. It makes me think of Austin Powers, I just really like it. – For quality, let’s
me real, it’s a three. Comfort, I would say I
guess it’s comfortable if you have something you
could wear underneath it and I feel like it does
fit me really well here and there’s a lot of room for extra things so I think the fit is probably five. – [Erin] Oh my gosh. – Did you guys know I was hiding
under there the whole time? Erin has reminded me, this
is the Beetlejuice bride, it’s Winona Ryder’s character. (spooky music) I’m kinda stocked on it. – It’s cool.
– It’s real cute. It’s really cute. – I’m actually really stocked on it because now I’m like,
oh, this is the outfit I could take Harrison trick or treating in or I could hand out candy in, you know? – [Erin] Yes.
– [Drew] Mm-hm. – I actually wouldn’t like this outfit if it wasn’t for the headpiece. – [Drew] I agree. – The headpiece makes it, for sure. – Makes it look so much more
expensive and so much cooler. – Overall I like the creativity of this but when it comes down to quality I’d probably give this one like a three, like right in the middle. For comfort, I mean I’m
extremely comfortable in this. It’s actually pretty loose,
it does seem a little bit big. (Drew sneezes) – It’s a little too big for you. – Bless me. – Oh. And then for fit, I
would give this, again, like right in the middle, like a three because I do feel like
it could be a little bit, there is room for adjustment
when it comes to fit. – All right, we have
one more outfit to go, it is our wildcard category and I can’t wait to show you. (Halloween music) – For our final round
we have “The Wildcard” which means anything
that we wanted to pick. – Mm-hm.
– Yeah. – And I picked, well,
she’s called “Pretty Lady” on Fashion Nova’s site, but obviously this is
Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts. This was my favorite movie
growing up, which says a lot. It came with this wig because in the movie she does wear a blonde bob wig, but this looked nothing like hers so I just slapped on a beret
which didn’t come with it. – This looks so comfortable too, actually. – It’s so comfortable, but I will say if you don’t
have like a mile long torso ’cause even my torso’s
not long enough for this, you’re kinda out of luck ’cause this is like supposed
to be pulled down even further. So for quality I give it five period dots because they did it. This is exactly what it’s supposed to be. For comfort I also give
it five period dots because I feel great, I
feel like a nice breeze. And for fit I give it five period dots. I love it. – So this is Jennifer Lopez’s iconic dress from the Grammy’s 800 years ago. She looked incredible, I do not. I was hoping I would at least look as good as maybe her little pinky
toe did in that outfit and I look like a big old
turd in a toilet bowl. I was so upset by this because obviously she has a lot
of cleavage going on. There is no way this is gonna
hold anyone’s cleavage in and even if you taped it, the nipple coverage you would have– – [Drew] It’s sheer.
– It’s so sheer, if you didn’t see you
nipple you’d see the tape. – And I also feel like the reason why J Lo pulled that dress off is just everywhere she walks there’s wind. When you’re standing in this
without any kind of breeze, like, I understand why Beyonce will not go on a stage without it because this is awful. I’m so sad, this was the
outfit I was most excited about and it is the outfit that
I want to literally burn as soon as possible. For quality I give this a one. For fit I give it a zero. For comfort I give it I guess like a four. (laughter) – So this costume is
called “A Whole New World”. – It’s very close. – Which is surprising not
copyrighted by Disney. But yeah, this is supposed
to be Princess Jasmine. Every single year I’m like,
“Ooh, one of my costumes is gonna be Princess Jasmine” but I’ve never actually just
gone ahead and done it, so. – Here you are.
– [Erin] Here I am. – I love it so much. – Here is all of me. I actually feel like an Arabian princess, like I actually feel like one and it’s making me very happy. I don’t know, I love this so much, I’m gonna be so biased. It’s hard to hate on something
that makes me genuinely happy so I’m just gonna give it a five. Five for quality, five for comfort, I feel extremely comfortable, and five for fit. – We’ve done five rounds
of Halloween costumes, we’re sweaty, we’re exhausted. I think it’s time for us to actually pick what our Halloween costume’s going to be. Are you guys ready? – Yeah, I mean, I’m definitely
going to wear all of these, but I’ll pick my favorite. (Halloween music) – Well, we are right back
where we started in this video with our favorites. I find it interesting
that we all really liked the outfits from round one. – The first one.
– Yeah. – Yeah, it was really hard to
choose which was my favorite but this one– – Between this and the J
Lo one, tough choices, man. – It was. Honestly I only picked this
because it’s so comfortable and I feel like Halloween
gets cold and you wanna layer. – I really liked all of my costumes but I think I was the
most surprised by this one just because I knew it was gonna be cute but I wasn’t totally sold on just how much I was gonna love it. And yeah, I’m obsessed with this, I just can’t wait to wear it. (whoosh) (Halloween music)

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