Perfect. Brooks, I’m sorry to interrupt your football. We have to go buy clothing for each other. (Brooks) What?
(Grace) You’re hydrating before. Hey, look how fresh your water is. (Grace) He’s drinking water.
(Brooks) Hydrate! (Grace) We’re going into…you can’t see it… We’re going into T.J. Maxx. We’re each going to buy each other 3 outfits! What does “T.J.” stand for? (Brooks) Whaddya think? Terence Junior?
(Grace) Mmhmm Howard? Trophy…job. Tim Jahorton’s. Tommy Jahamma’s. We’re going to T.J. Maxx… It’s the closest clothing store to our current residence. We’re going to buy each other 3 outfits and we’ll see where we end up. Yay! Tommy Jahamma Maxx. What did you just say? [record scratch] Unsubscribed. Guess who finished way before Brooks Wheelan? I did. [record scratch] I didn’t get a bag. It was 10 cents. Who goes first? I probably got you more clothes. (Brooks) [gibberish] Not a sponsored video, by the way. No. But T.J. Maxx, you could make a killing if you just sponsored a couple people doing this, cause you’re clothing stores are very reasonably priced. I’ve never bought women’s clothes ever in my life And it felt weird to buy this much at once. Brooks shops at expensive clothing outlets. Like he, Not outlets, like clothing stores. [record scratch] Unsubscribed. Here’s the caveat though, that we did not buy shoes. Right. This one is a whole… this one is a dress. [Grace laughing] Is it? (Brooks) It’s for if you go to Japan. Oh, is that uh…. [Grace laughing] It goes this way… How does it work? (Brooks) It goes this way. That’s cute… How cute. (Grace laughs) How cute. We’ll insert the cuts of me trying these on. [both laughing] I look like I work for f***ing Free People. This is necessary… I can make food and it won’t get in the way of me… Now I get to show you… what I got you. Sure. These are… (Brooks) Ah! I’ll wear those pants. Yeah, these are like rusted… coral-ish pants, but they’re not coral pants cause… spoiler alert something’s coming later. (Brooks) Oh, it’s *unintelligible brand name* these are good Oh my God! They’re the right length, too! Yeah! Good job. (Grace) You are like your favorite beer, a tall boy.
(Brooks) Yeah. And then I got you the bougiest, waspiest shirt. I’ll look like everyone from Maryland. But not yet… you’re not everyone from Maryland because I got you a tie to go with it! Look at this, it’s got fish on it. If you see anyone in this outfit in a bar with you,
cover your drink. It was six dollars! I don’t care. I have to YouTube how to tie a tie. I’ll tie it for you, I worked at Olive Garden. Watch your drinks! This is a…this is what bros wear! I’m a Young Republican. Outfit number two! This one is my favorite. (Brooks) Okay, it’s these velour…track pants.
(Grace laughs) These are crushed velvet. You got me blush colored, crushed velvet sweatpants?! (Brooks) With a tank top that says “wine all day.” (Brooks) This is for when you’re on vacation.
(Grace) This is when I’m working. This is perfect! (Grace) I love these so much.
(Brooks) You’ll wear that a lot. (Grace) A lot! That’s for when you watch Real Housewives. Or for any other hour of the day. This is my outfit! Well you cropped it into my crotch. He’s great at filming, look at… My plan for your outfits was that I was gonna go formal to casual. So that’s formal. The casual one, well…that’s why I said that those aren’t coral because I got you these pants!
(Brooks) Oh my gosh! These are Ralph Lauren! (Brooks) These are for going to go watch
horses be abused at the horse track. “Make them go fast!” And then I got you this shirt. I actually got because I selfishly want to keep it for myself It’s your favorite, Tommy Bahama. I thought those would go together really nicely, and be a very Palm Springs look. They will, I’ll look great. I’ll fit right in on Main Street. Yeah, one of the professional quarterbacks. (groans) The Rams are gonna lose. This guy…he used to, but he got out of the game and now he just drinks margs. (Brooks) And we’re back!
(Grace) The finale! I think this is a top. What the f**k is that? It is a top, but it goes like this, and it’s just shoulders. (Grace) So it goes like this.
(Brooks) It looks like shorts. It was $13. $12.99. What goes with that? I guess just jeans?
[Grace laughing] I got bored and I just got some jeans. (Brooks) These look nice!
(Grace) These do look nice! The thing about this whole challenge was that we went at half-time of this football game that’s happening so we had a time limit in how long we could spend inside the store (Grace) I’ll try them on! It’s cute!
(Brooks) They were $10 What am I? What renaissance fair do I work at? [Brooks laughing] Look at me! Jeans on the top, jeans on the bottom Now my shirt’s different! Your finale outfit is a casual, comfortable look. These are seemingly nice pants but, *makes fanfare* they’re joggers! (Grace) Professional sweatpants!
(Brooks) Oh wow, I like those. This is for you, ready? (Brooks) John Cena? (Grace) It’s $4.50, why would it be so cheap? Rugrats! I’ll cut the sleeves off and work out in this. (Brooks) Thank you!
(Grace) Yay! I mean, I’d wear this…not like out
but I’m ready for a sleepover. [Grace laughing] Yeah, he’s way too stoked, he’s like “I volunteer, but I don’t have any kids.” Oh god! He threw a f***ing interception. On that note, thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel and click the bell notification because so many of you
don’t get notified for whatever reason that my videos go live so click that so you
do get notified. I make videos Monday, Wednesday, and…
Friday sometimes… Follow Brooks Wheelan on all his social media platforms. Links in the description below! Other than that, I don’t know. Jared Goff just threw an interception *unintelligible* You just spoke Spanish at me. I got you a shawl. (Grace) Oh, it’s a poncho! How does it happen? Where’s the head? (Brooks) Oh, here’s the head. Oh wait, no! You’re out! I look like I’m married to you. We’re any surfer’s worst nightmare. (laughs)

100 thoughts on “WE BOUGHT EACH OTHER’S CLOTHES // Grace Helbig

  1. As a person who lives in Maryland, I am not offended by that statement about that shirt. It definitely looks like something the Vineyard Vine wearing guys around here wear.

  2. as soon as he said “Im a young Republican” all i could think about was in New Girl when Schmidt pretended to be Tag Romney

  3. "it looks like what someone from maryland would wear" as a Marylander, all that was missing was some sperrys or something vineyard vines, but for tj maxx it was very maryland

  4. Having grown up on the Eastern Shore of MD, I can confirm that he is a young Republican who owns a boat and will roofie you.

  5. is this what being thin is like??? you can go into ONE store and buy THREE outfits that all FIT YOU?!? WHAT?!?

  6. As somebody from Maryland I can say he for sure looked like he was from Maryland in that first outfit.

  7. When the people you watch online visit a place that is 3 blocks from your home and it gives you a complex!

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