hey beauties I am back with another try on haul this one is going to be for some of my gals who like to go to a local store like Walmart and roses so but anyone who cannot get to those I will link down below everything that I could possibly find and pull up this thing see my kids come in and loose I don't know I have a time but I'm going date with a nice caboose so hello all new subscribers and if you are new hit that subscribe button down below I would love to have you come and be part of the beauties hello Larios how are you guys doing I hope you guys is going to enjoy this try on haul I think that's it's you guys I got a couple of things I got about two things from from Ross its Dress for Less and the rest was all Walmart so you guys are going to be able to see with one more new little summer time clothes have like this is something this is coupon this is cute with the love Kate's rib rib cage this is very cute many ways all them some ramen and I hope you guys enjoy this haul so let's get into it alright y'all so I was strolling through these Ross Dress for Less streets and I found this dress now take a step back this is a yellow dress on form across Wisconsin yeah full of it every time so first of all let me show you how it has these little faux bites which I love so much it is real I like the full bites because you know being a kind of a big girl you know you got to sit down but it's poppin' lose weight you know what I mean guys than that because these buttons are so together let me give you out of full effect on this dress so beside you don't mind he's not around you know I'm working on pull this down baby so anyways the back and the other side this dress is cute I think it's supposed to be up the shoulder like that you're talking sexy I mean I don't know I guess bout right there is people now so I think it was be halfway off the shoulder and I just think it's like a little nice little sexy dress that you knew who could go out or you can actually put some sandals on one with this private go in the little dust review that type of gal and walk out the house I'm telling you I need to walk out the house almost butt-naked because it is hottest on the wet outside I hope they tear you up arranged anyways let me stop rambling and get them over the next piece so I hope you guys enjoy and like this little piece all let me show you how to price or I can't or maybe I can it is $11.99 in is the past to fix trying to give my size a little bit for doing 3x to see if I like it better but I kind of do I do like this you know reason why the great system our but gotta be a person having kids I guess right next piece yeah all right so I got these little snake skin you know kind of big scoop snakes mean I guess it's the pattern of snake skin I got these from Ross that's from this table $6.99 I'm something like anything that's like you know company you know how they're worried about with jeans they kind of ride up but these right here they kind of saw when I said to come back I mean stand back up come on I don't understand I'm sorry my camera is losing focus so bad it always happens when I'm in this area art in this living room anyways so and I was saying I like these type of shots because they don't ride up are I don't roll up like a pair of jeans does I like jeans also but these are work over comfy feel this my motto is we want to dress it to stuff this summer and spring because you know I'm trying to be comfortable instead of cleaning anyways I like these also because I can built this up and put on a pair of heels the one you know I'm a more glamorous shirt like or whatever color one shirt and I can dress this whole outfit up for you know a night with drinks and some like that girls without being super super dressy but you know a dress anyways um I think I've shows you on the back but if not this is the fact I mean it will come too too far up I mean you can't I can look look if you gonna take like yeah um I like I'm at a decent link so I mean I thought they had the little snake print and that was pretty much in right now so you know I wanted to trim and it alone $6.99 so to me I think that's very nice for $6.99 if I find other colors I would get those so separate are blue and neon colors but here we are you are some coupon for this one right here so this shirt right here came from Walmart is a strength shirt is I found it on clearance know this looks like a tea size 3x and does not have any stretch as you can see so anyone who else a little bit more boom bitch you will not be able to get into this I'm sorry because it's pulling right they don't look like it's pulling right there with me this wire this loops it ducks have that little my dog would stay had a little especially because no one got a lot behind but it has a little split to kind of give you a little bit more room so you can see you there this is where the room is at right here on me and it pools right there we go that's my go but the back and I like this because if you have a these type of search of perfect for layering and if you have a job where you have to dress up or some kind of like I do all the time and you searching for different pieces and things you could do these are perfect type of shirts but I would not pay like you that have been pulled out of the shirts I'm gonna pay cheap because I don't know it's man I think it's like oh it's real leather cotton polyester and I was this cheaply made but it's just a plain Jane's shirt right so I use these for layering layering nothing I actually wore this to one of my cousin's graduation and I think weird with this but you know I'm just kind of showing you that you know this right here i'ma wear this to the office I will wear this to the office if I want to but the Builder on it maybe put a car cleaner on it maybe you know you put that someone you know you could change theirs change the shoot this you know like the white goes baking mix it with everything or you can mooch it out with the some short shorts on you know if you're going to chicks you know it's a lot of things you can do and then you could throw blades on it still there so that's why I got these this was three dollars three dollars shirt but I'm tell you I've got go and see you shirts they probably are higher because recently I went to Walmart and these same shirts were like I think nine dollars or mid-to knows I don't know that went up on the price I don't know what the difference was until you but yeah this is the shirt all right now this shirt was a to exploit the difference has stretched to it so you doesn't be able to get into this shirt it has like these little flower details I don't you can see this right there it has that little cage detail that I seen of these days and it also impacts like eight people in the back so you seal everything yeah okay anyways I just tucked it in through another one just to give you a kind of idea these pants would not be the one oh yeah I will put on but just to show you idea that you could probably wear this anywhere you know you can wear it you want a date night to the way if you're going to office you change the shoes change the shoes throw on a bill I can show you what it looks like what it looks like without do you just a shirt it does not come too far but you know this could be work work outfit without where the action is you know is filming out the shirt color basically these are not my favorite tights leggings but I'm just going to demonstration for at home this is a cert it has like little ruffles right here on the sides and they stopped doing that to them beating transonic or doing it many ways it's a nice shirt it's like $10 maybe another now that's something like this I will wear I mean I will pay them much because it's a little bit more of a glam and even though playing than the lace basic it can be recognized again but do it and judge it completely different and may not be s okay I like it okay I like the ruffles right here I love this little detail need to be warned and or out your pants you know why they just about think about why late to office leggings I would have wide legs some he'll if you're going out somewhere you know never so this pitch to shirt my rib and ready for my alright so I have this dress and I'm trying to but it to show you about a floor it would go on me as this is a TV size 2 X L which is a size 20 and one more great but these are I would guess junior sizes and I'm gonna swirl down speak so you can see so the sleeves colors perfect one woman to come but I think it goes all the way down but you know if you could roll the sleeve up is it does not stretch it nothing stretch on me this is about all I have a bill which with the until you know it would be very cute but the sizing and in these bytes as you can see may be this bad but this all I was able to get right here and I think it's a pretty color this right here could definitely go for an office and you have like an office job or something you don't want your some here for some flats if I'm like that just with up and go but I show you the back you know almost to my knees it would be cute but I was this I couldn t 3 buttons button I mean I'm trying to show you but let's see how it look it probably won't be very tiny play this is going to show you your junior size is not our best friend but if you have stretch to it um I can basically get away with a junior size come on alright so this is it button all the way down oh man it just doesn't look that bad I snuck in a little bit but I'm like I actually like it it is oh no is shit so tight I mean y'all see you guys put using a full workup yeah it's been very tight right right there in the area so I would have to get up to your prize which I've been seeing but hey I mean I think it's cute right some leggings or something – no phone probably have to do something else with it thinner problem begins a shirt you know attached or whatever but you know if it works this ain't tryin to go to work so probably won't work with my different size probably but here we are I have this rubber slash maxi dress type or deal now I'm going to show you make sure this is because I've been trying but it's been acting up well returned so you see is the dress that comes all the way too much bottom of my feet but in the front bumper I'm pretty sure y'all seen somebody's around before I like this one because I mean I would like to have a Roper and the reason why I kind of really like this because its first of all it has that like feel-good kind of feel I don't know how to explain it but she was really like a cool or something and like do you see if I get the body in this I mean you got a lot of wide hips but everything you get your body into this trust me and this part does the same it stretches now right here if you have big blue bitch and stuff I mean I mean I have a lot of gear but I got a lot of you everything seemed like it stretched except for all the stretch so this was a three I got somewhere it was a three XL size 21 I will put down below how they sizes are but a three XL size 21 so I believe that a junior size I'm gonna show you the detail of the front it has like this little cage detail bird cage detail right here is its the straps I don't really care for these little small straps what you gonna do because you know the bronze always always show I think it's less color or you know I'm not about there are you though strapless bra but I'm probably not gonna put on the board with this I forgot to show you like this part right here and that goes all the way around and you see so that's like a little mish orange which I think perfect for this time we're on mad because it is hot okay it's very hot so to give you an action look Rita for the me session but if you don't like that so Jake it does something over I would think not too much but though some weird you know like you know that point out I actually like this I think I wanna get a white one because I am listening to the comments I am definitely trying to get out of my black even though I am going through my back but I'm trying to see that color does look a little good and I like it for our summer spring so this is a very very nice spring summer I think you're going to summer because it feel like if you like that outside I'm telling you it is so hot so oh but here he is here we are this right here you can tell it comes feeling it I really like that there was some heels though on some wedges because I wasn't with this you know anyways let me stop I hope you guys enjoy this try room home please give the big thumbs up if you did comment below what is your favorite piece and I guess until next time I hope everyone stay blessed bye


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