okay guys I am in Walmart checking out their bras here now we've seen bras like this and Victoria's Secret right this is by no boundaries and at the lace bralette and they're only gonna be eight dollars and it does have a little bit of padding in there and for support I believe you can remove them yeah you can remove we have white we have a black and then the gray but look at the back it's very cute especially under like a loose-fitting shirt like for the summer don't you guys skip out on Walmart this stuff is like really cute and it's eight dollars eight dollars I see a gray one and then they have a blue so yeah eight eight eight eight secret treasures right here they're gonna be 398 but there's a really no support this is very simple underwire secret treasures again this one is a push up on 398 if you need a push up they did that the panties here we got the high cut 896 we have the bikini we have briefed the briefs are actually seven 96 of those are gonna cheaper and the bikini is pretty much nine dollars right here is no bounces again 788 and look at the back it is you know you could criss cross it any way you want they do have multiple colors here 788 again and the back I believe has like a bottomless and pull this one out I can get to it so it's a little lace there on the back that's so actually very cute and they have the gray and then multiple colors this one right here it looks like a sports bra and there's a push up one 498 this one actually it looks comfortable I like the back they do have a black one and it does clasp in the front so you can take it off and it says push up level two it goes all the way to four and this one again is just a bra this is by you know fruit of the Loom and five dollars so you guys don't forget to check out Walmart here 398 let's just keep walking okay right here we have a three pack this is one of a 1094 this looks like your simple bra you know you know how people are wearing the sports bras with like leggings now so bear into that look get your bras here $11 and you get a three Haynes this is a smooth comfort no wire I'm $13 cooling comfort 1294 also you could do the back more cooling comfort and lingerie solutions okay we've got a he Civ bra you know pan didn't go braless like the tape and stuff there's an infomercial like years ago they have something similar to this I don't know what it was it was like a sticker you put on your bra but then you would take this sticker and lift it up and pull it up and tape it up here so kind of gave you like a lift I don't know what it's called I don't know if it's still around but we got sports browse over here we got Danskin 1097 a lot of this stuff is very comfortable actually look at this one 1497 like for the gym or something if you're going jogging or whatever hey though they look comfortable I can wear it all day right and then there's no boundary ones this one has like a little bit of padding and these are you know stainless cami bras they want $5 a head black and like the nude one more Danskin this one's just your simple one built-in shape this is gonna be 12 here 1176 for this bro this actually looks really comfortable it has some padding it looks like it has a little lift to it to 1176 and do have a white one and they do you know have you know like the nude one and I say a black here boy shirt of Walmart so a lot of things are gonna be 788 looks like we got an alien one that says chill and then you know scooby-doo Mickey Mouse a squad now these are good you know good shirts like just to have wear around the house or you could fix them up yourself like we got a Mickey one like people always hate on Walmart stuff but you guys for the girls like a look at this I cannot find this I've been trying to find this for a long time this is always sold out but what you want to do is want to like trim the bottom a little bit just cut it and cut a little bit the sleeves to make it more you know girl not girlish but you know not so tight because I know how boys clothes could be you know tight we have a rampage look at this dog one like reminds me of the Nirvana and I'm cover okay they have more if you want to go for the grunge look they got Def Leppard they got some NASA coca-cola huh they even have a beavis and butthead that's funny see you could buy these shirts here now these shirts sell for more at Chili's chilliest sell shirts like this you know for the women – they're gonna cost you like $25 you want a ban shut you guys they got Grateful Dead to come to Hallmark and they have dressed Park I say Joker too fast to live too young to die we have some Marvel Black Panther Star Wars and then you know goes on forever so these shirts right here that I'm these are gonna be 497 it says sun-drenched and it has you know like a skull you're freaking me out and then like this one with a skull lady you know some people do take stuff like that all this stuff are here is 497 dress it up dress it down don't be afraid of Walmart stuff but you know their shirts are comfortable not gonna lie I like to like sleep in them here we have some more time and true these look like a little cardigans right here they're looking for thirteen dollars pretty much we got different colors the bag just had like a little you know like I'm David oily but these are very thin but the sleeve kind of fans out if you're into that there is a pink one they do have this blue one I pull this one out so very simple you know sometimes in a work it gets a little cold and you just need a little something nothing really heavy um I think this is going to be dressed as hair like this shirt dresses by time and true you're looking at ten dollars I like the wash of the shirt I'm not gonna lie I I love this green one I'm looking at right here me pull one out so here's gonna look like you compare this with some chucks chucks some Nikes any tiny shirt you want you guys do could totally rock this any way you want like I said before people always look down at the Walmart but you just really have to look and maybe have someone you know pointed out to you so they do have like a pink one and like let's take a little peachy one I believe there was going to be a black one yeah so we have a black t-shirt just very comfortable especially if you're traveling going to amusement parks or something I say this is very comfortable I like the green one we've got a lot of colors to choose from and the black and then they have more of dresses so this is gonna be you know sleeveless here these are pretty much $10 they got gray they have green they have ones with stripes on it and I believe these are gonna be simple you know like black and red more tank tops oh here's some more this has like a pattern if you're interest up like that tank tops pretty much 10 you guys multiple colors we got stripes this one here oh this is like a t-shirt one let me just randomly pull one out they have all different sizes – don't forget Walmart like goes up to like pretty much 2x I see 3 X up in here – okay so here's a simple pink one it does have a pocket took it in the front where it was shorts or jeans capris I like this color right here just like off black one I like that and then they had the blue over here and a white here is some summery dresses you know they are spaghetti strapp these are going to be I'm 17 this is 17 and they have the ones with the stripes from far away this is like a kinda like a camo ish but also think I'm seeing some floral and there you guys are my eyes like this taping me I feel like there was like a little flower in here somewhere like right around here but um these ones are gonna be 1187 for like a camo the sleeves do have a roll up on him I do like shirts that are kind of loose you guys I'm into that style I normally wear Express shirts they have something called the London tee and they kind of have like shirts like this kind of want like a mini batwing I guess you want to say but Express shirts they're pricey you know sometimes you can find it on sale oh look it is kind of see-through ish okay that's pretty cool I'm very airy and breezy for this summer but yeah when you put express shirt in the washer I noticed I did it on one of my green shirts I got all these little white fuzzy balls and I'm like nice I paid like you know they're like almost $40 I'm like $35 for a simple shirt it's just a plain colored shirt um yeah so I was like Oh express so haven't bought one in a while oh look at the guy the darker one too so have a lot of colors they do have a black one okay you pull out one actually this one oh this is just a Diamondbacks one mm-hm I thought the hell was something else that looks like I think these are gonna be jerseys okay I thought it was gonna be more of the time and true yeah and then the rest is just Diamondbacks let me see if I could pull one out I'm pretty sure somewhere around here they do have the plain ones but yeah not bad right if you're into this style here not bad price pretty much twelve dollars and then of course they have the jeans here these jeans are pretty much gonna be actually the capris it says they're capri jegging some of them now I Walmart does have you know jeans and guys they're pretty cheap there's gonna be $12 but for me I don't like material that pretty much feels like like two kiddush like see how stretchy that is there's nothing wrong with stretching your jeans but I would prefer the real thing because um you know you seen it we've probably done it ourselves where we have to like hike up our jeans we do the jump and hike right I've seen a plenty of women do that but I'm finding like these ones are too loose I just I don't care for them but hey if your about them they are inexpensive here there are only $12 okay and oh my god these are gonna be jeggings I capris yeah it capris they got some tank tops here like spaghetti strap some look like denim we have a red wine we have a black one then you got your denim jeggings here so definitely not bad price looks like this is gonna be um you know like more like summer dresses right here 15 here's like a tropical pattern like if you're taking a vacation or you're just going somewhere this is a really nice one actually and then what is this one right here I pull this one out see then they have this style now when I see stuff like this I kind of think of my grandma because my grandma would wear pajamas like that but this is only 15 over here they do have tank tops by Tammy true again they're going to be Oh let's see how much eight dollars hey eight dollars you guys and they have like a straw a straw you know a drawstring right here whatever you want to do with that they have red they have like a looks like a purple gray they got grey green blue and they're gonna have a yellow one so yeah very cool stuff we've seen this right here those are the dresses let's just keep moving some of this is $3 what is it I was like a sweater tank okay if you're into that the $1 $1 you guys maybe somebody could find how to wear or something but this is a dollar oh yeah this is clearance right here clearance section what else do they have in here these are five these are um jeans rolled up roll down America okay and we have a black pan or black panther shirt sorry but all these like sweater vests on that vest you guys like type of a tank top these are only a dollar they got jean and khakis and they have black these are all gonna be 15 I am seeing more that time and true brand this has stars on it so this is gonna be a different pattern this is gonna be nine dollars they do have a black one oh look at that okay guys this is what I'm talking about see these shirts right here Express has shirts like this but stiffer right here underneath it's a little you know a batwing this is pretty this is like nine dollars Wow really can I find a green one but I like grey and I like green I do see a green one oh well nine dollars right now compared to Express for the summer that is not bad at all then they have a pink one what I don't see is a black one the only black one I see is the one with stars and they got the blue and the hot pink and like a peachy I like this type of color okay definitely not a bad price oh my gosh nine dollars very good um okay what else more James this is No Boundaries these are gonna be 1688 I also see the time and true you know ones that look like a polo so if you're like maybe going to like a school where you have to wear uniform these are only gonna be eight see here's what that shirt would look like you guys very nice and cute and simple 786 for these right here it looks like this is gonna be like a tank top we got a v-neck tank okay with the pocket oh yeah and they still have all this colors and then behind I think we have more of the regular shirts let me see yeah these are gonna be simple v-neck five dollars look at the wash of this five dollars and they're very thin so you know for the summertime this is not bad not bad Walmart not bad at all five dollars oh look right here they do have a Levi's their signature Levi Strauss these are going to be 1887 all different sizes it looks like they're going to be like capris so Walmart does have a Levi's here's some more actually these are writers okay and look we got sports bras right here $8 you guys $8 compared to what Victoria's Secret I was just in there and a sports bra was like highly overpriced I think I was in there and there was a mom she was shopping for her daughter's on first bra bras and she looked like she was like you know 11 but I'm like really Victoria's Secret pink for your first one like I don't know I feel like that's a little too expensive but you know it's her money you could do whatever you want but I don't know and I also feel like I think it's the moms or maybe like social media where they show like the pink and they have ten year olds wearing pink and everything like that and I think it clicks in their head that they think they need the pink brand to be cool but you don't you really don't this is gonna be $9 because I'm feeling like a lot of kids like my daughter's age are trying to dress a lot will hold to her than what I'm comfortable with wearing letting my daughter wear like my daughter likes um like we have a debate when we go shopping for short so she's like so look them a little long but she's so tiny petite so wearing a long ones kind of looks daily but she doesn't like things that are too short because when you sit down they kind of write up so she's like you know a little self-conscious about her little tiny body but I seen girls her age where like shorts not like this you guys and we see not like this but I wanted to say they're shorter than this they're like the V kind when it kind of make like a V right here for 10 and 11 year olds I think that's like so weird I don't think 11 girls should be wearing like you know but shorts but that is my opinion okay one more last stop oh you guys these simple shirts right here these are only five and this is the end by time and true five dollars they got a black tuck it into anything you want they got white and they have pad I did find time and true jewelry right here these are necklaces I have seen people sell this stuff on Instagram and it's gonna cost you five dollars okay five and I've seen people make bracelets just that look just like this you guys five dollars you can also make your own bracelet with this to just you know get a jewelry cutter 5/5 and this one has like different stones on it this is a silver one they have a black one and it looks like we got more different colors up there oh look they have a black one too a black stone here is this one five dollars oh my gosh that is so cool and they have a white one oh right you guys that is it for this walkthrough of Walmart and we have more time and true shirts right here this one's a little different right here I may pull one out oh it is gonna be a muscle tank up so these ones are 686 right here and they got like the pink I think they're all tank tops yeah kind of like a tank top ish okay so then is it for my Walmart walkthrough they got overalls we have the jean shorts but you're gonna be pretty much 14 dollars here oh you guys you can't go wrong with these right here these camis these are 168 168 you guys they got all types of colors here super cheap super affordable and this over here this is gonna be like more of a tank top right here this is gonna be close to $4 so that is it for this video you guys thank you so much for watching and I will see all of you in the next video


  1. Are you in Arizona saw the diamondback logo an how the style is today is crazy back in my times girls did wear short shorts showing but cheeks nothing to over bearing

  2. I'm flippin out here…the cheapest bras in my country are basic and not very good and cost 30 dollars ! holy moly. Thanks for the good video though

    I would kill for the Golden Girls SQUAD shirt 😀

  3. ,i agree i watched back to school try on hauls and those girls buy from pink and VS and wears way too short shorts which i didn't like but of course it's their choice lol

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