Vòng Xoáy Tình Yêu – Tập 01 | HTV Films Tình Cảm Việt Nam 2019

you make me wait, I should’ve mad at you I bring you to shopping later for compensate you know what to say guys stop kidding go to work no, mom! I hate that company you don’t know the creepy old man staring at me all the time what did you say? he looks fine he is older than your mother he will never do so it’s because I’m beautiful he is older than me he should’ve stared at me, too I’m a friend of his wife I should stay away from it and I am well-known in the jewelry industry he won’t ruin his reputation for the useless things mom, it’s the past he almost drooling for every girl in his company I am the one alive see how dangerous the situation is Lieu I want you to consider this our family situation isn’t as good as we used to be I almost lose everything this house is only 4 walls left Duc pays you quite good and gives you a nice job in this company 3 million salary with aircon checking the document, you don’t need to face the burning from the sun or raining too good to you already mom I have an idea you don’t have to worry about this although I haven’t had permission from you but I have a solution what solution I’ve been thinking so many nights I live in a wealthy environment from little I can’t bear this deprivation living I understand it’s like this I found 2 houses both of it is nice good price also it does have front and back yard just a little bit smaller than this house let’s sell this house and we move there you will have a spare amount it’s not a small amount you can use this amount to do business it’s a good plan good you guys have the same thought can you ask your husband to say something else? he has been repeating this every time we out of cash, he asks me to sell this house we’ve been sold one house, had a spare amount of money, we spent it all this is the third house already what else do you want? live in the alley or live in the apartment why are you always planning selling property like that it’s because you failed your business we never asked any from you I haven’t mentioned the amount which I’ve contributed to buy together with you at the very first house when you sold that house, you never divide some to me remember it? it still inside this house I know that you will say so a quarter of the amount of that house is about a thousand pieces of gold a quarter of this house is not much I’m not trying to mention it we just suddenly bring it up I love your daughter you are just like my real mother I always think the good things for you I can take the losses I think of many plans to give you the best solution but you don’t buy my plan nevermind no choice Lieu your mother is right to ask you to go to work the creepy old man, if he touches you, tell me I will settle him it’s good that you are royal to me sometimes, Duc knows our family for a long time, so I guess he is trying to take care of her don’t bring it up, or we lose the connection drive me to work pick me up later I need to go shopping later it’s been a long time I don’t go shopping ok, I’ll bring you to go shopping later bye, mom bye, mom sell this house have a spare amount we will use it all again then we sell the house again live in a smaller at the next time will my life end up like this? someone is calling you coming hello yes, dad just checking if you are alright you’ve just come back then start working immediately you can rest dad you spent money for me to study, I need to help you out I’m trying a new method of raising the quality of the shrimp farm I need to monitor it the workers can’t work alone good I’m worried less when you are here hello, anyone? Sir you look happy today where is everyone? they are watching tv downstair why don’t they clean the house instead? you must give them some times to rest we went to shopping for Khiem he must be happy he seldom comes home I intend to cook several dishes for him his favorite dish is sweet and sour soup you might need to keep the food into the fridge why? we celebrate Khiem to come back yes, it is the planned schedule I called him just now he sorry for it he is trying a new method in shrimp farm you do know that how busy of this job drink tea he is like this if he hasn’t come back tomorrow, we go to the shrimp farm find him women it’s hard to look for a workaholic young man as him now excuse me I’d like to ask has Mr.Duc transferred the engineering drawings here? don’t you see that I’m busy? wait for a while over there? by the way, I wasn’t accepting the drawing of you why should I have to pay back to you? such a troublesome you are weird Mr.Duc sets an appointment with me today to collect the drawing and you are the only person in this room who else should I ask? I go to check with the director let’s see if Mr.Duc knows it my director is busy right now he is busy with his VIP client just sit there I go to ask him what’s wrong? I’m sorry there is a customer who comes here to collect the drawing of the kindergarten I told her that you are busy I ask her to leave, but she never listens to me still waiting outside yes, today is the day I pass the drawing to her but the designer needs to adjust a bit more say sorry to her and postpone to the next day after tomorrow, I will send the drawing to her house ok he is busy meeting he asks you to leave come back again it’s weird your company bidding for this contract amongst companies and it’s hard to win the bid and is this the way you work for this contract fine I will discuss with the management see if we can call it off hey you remember to report it with the management it’s not my money, I won’t care don’t scare me, waste of your effort hey you don’t you dare to walk in the director room what’s wrong, Mr.Huong? yes, today is the deadline of the drawings but we are checking and adjusting several numbers please forgive us I’m very sure of sending you the drawing by the day after tomorrow but she never told me I really don’t know why a well-known company would hire a rude girl like her to work here she treats me like a beggar to be honest if you continue to use her, you sure lose your reputation and no one wants your service sorry for that she is so young, she has no experience of it please forgive us I’m sincerely apologize please have a seat sir only this? we have to spend a lot this time forgive us I really feel bored with this why don’t we change to another field? plenty of suppliers while the buyers are lesser by day it’s really hard do you have any plan? I’m thinking damn no one will ever come to help me while I’m facing difficult hello babe come to pick me up I can’t bear it I won’t stay here any longer come asap ok right now bye take this I will give you more when I earn more ok? thanks, bro beautiful as same as sis Lieu is she done? let’s get ready, let’s go what? startled? thinking of the boy, are you? are you looking for me, miss? I can’t wear this dress, it’s so tight so mad we use the exact number of you, I won’t be wrong, are you gaining weight? what? what are you saying? I’m not fat, you are I don’t care adjust it right now I want to wear this dress right now??? are you kidding, we have no time? I will come back soon I can’t follow the menu of this house cook the easiest dishes first, I will come back soon I don’t know how can you move the table properly? the left side your left or mine? your left balance it out the welcome must face outside the gate, not facing inside the house what a funny working can’t you guys work properly lady boss what??? can you wear a suitable shirt? it’s fashion, you know? where can my staff change? there is a room next to the kitchen, please mind my stuff are you underestimating me? I have my selection, ok? it looks like he will mess around here disgusting he looks like.. oh no my fruit take care of it or you have to buy me a new one leave it over there godness pick those Na Lanh you all here listen, I won’t pay a cent to you guys I’m so mad right now I ask Na to make me a dress, but it doesn’t fit me what is your plan of tonight? Na Na don’t you know to knock the door? rude sorry yes? madam calls us hurry up ok, that’s it ok, bye are you done adjusting?where are you going? it’s done please try it on done? why so mess what takes you so long to finish it? we only have 2 hands we can’t do all of it backtalking to me? I give you plenty of time it’s a big party here, and we only have 2 days to prepare do you want me to slap you? talk to me like that, good Na yes, madam finish the flower and go to kitchen Lanh gives her a hand stop talking to me like that or I will deduct your salary have you paid me? we will do it right now good talk to me like that I am so miserable with you guys are you miserable? she is so good at pointing works we work continuously like a cow Na other than “yes” do you know any other word? “yes” do it fast only 1 hour left what??? an hour I might go crazy done? what? what??? why haven’t you guys done? they are almost done mom, the guests are coming go to the kitchen go smile, mom, to greet the guest let’s go madam help yourself at home thank you, we will where do you hire this restaurant? no, we don’t hire any, my daughter does it she decors the house and she decor the yard, and she cooks, she does it all herself next time if I have chance to throw a party, I will ask help from her she is pretty and capable next time you have to help me out yes, madam by the way, can you do me a favor? yes? last time when I went to volunteer with you guys ok ok, thanks please drink the little boys over there, they look miserable they have no shoes to school feel so bad to look at them like this so I’m calling up my friends to help them to give them a better living I definitely will contribute Minh MInh, here is Nam mom what are you saying? what?? what are you implying? you tell everyone that I’m in charge of this party, I decor and I cook I don’t know everything about this just a word it’s nothing, they will forget it what if they ask me to help them out next time I will prohibit you to go why so serious it’s almost on time, don’t worry he will come yes, Lieu takes care of these things disgusting she is a good girl careful what’s wrong? she tells the world that her daughter takes care all of this does she really put her finger to this? it’s unfair she isn’t as pretty as me she can’t do anything only saying nonsense and scold people don’t let them hear it why do I have to scare I have the familiar feeling of cinderella yes yes, it is different mother you are a cinderella no such thing yes, you aren’t her sibling but you are a niece don’t think of Kim like this she is kind she raises me up I have today because of her if I am an angel Na you really want to attend this party, aren’t you? why are you laughing? answer me stop laughing fat fat angel hey, pretending yes, I do want to attend this party but I don’t have a nice dress don’t cry you are a good girl I will give you a new and beautiful dress a little bit more you will have a nice dress the prince will be drooling once he sees you huh? he must be fake yes, please please go inside the house please bring your husband comes here next time it’s fun to be with family excuse me Hi Thien Vu I thought you wouldn’t come how is Jame? thanks my father is good as you know I’m quite busy but I put it aside to come here for volunteering nothing is more important than helping people yes, please let me introduce you to everyone here Vu, she is Hong Mrs.Quy Mrs.Lam Mrs.Lien and my close friends glad to know all of you, ladies I’d like to introduce Mr.Vu, a son of Mr.Tran or Mr.Chan one of the billionaire of Taiwan and he attends this party with us today who is Mr.Chan? sound unfamiliar oh you don’t know he is famous he is one of top ten successful businessmen of Taiwan no wonder, he looks familiar I see him somewhere yes he appears the TV shows of a successful young man lady and gentlemen, today we gather here we really need help from Mr.Vu don’t mention it I’ve prepared cash here this is a chance for people who really wish to help others not only me I do believe everyone here will contribute for sure am I right? people rumors you as a god I finally have a chance to see you in person don’t flatter me excuse me beautiful can I have a look? this is a gift from my grandparent no wonder perfect it must be precious these pearls are from the century of the lord Nguyen my grandparent passes it to me I pass it to my daughter but in this case girl wow thank you very much for your kindness as you can see they use their precious family jewelry to help people let’s share with her thank you, Mr.Vu visit my mother more often, ok? goodbye goodbye Mr.Vu you really kind I seldom see a gorgeous as you you will be blessed I hope you will come along with us when we go to volunteer goodbye I really feel glad it’s because I can help the necessary you are gorgeous you are welcome it’s late I have to go now I need to go back to work call me if you need me next time yes sure thank you and goodbye goodbye goodbye, Mr.Vu oh, you are here congratulation it’s nothing good for me and for my daughter I hope we can work along well we are ready for it thank you huh? please wait what? everything is done you haven’t paid us I don’t have time for a drink you think that I won’t pay it or what tomorrow please forgive us we need to pay right after it I’ve told my employees to collect salary today look at them fine no next time if so that’s ok, thanks thanks what? send the recept to this address tomorrow what? what’s wrong? all of them are high status and wealthy families they don’t spend anything I know it from the beginning we’re making money but spending more are you opening your eye? stop blaming it all me call him here see if he can handle it wait Lanh Lanh yes? do you have money, pay him what? why do I have to pay? you pay it, I will give it back to you later hurry up I need to leave how much – 20k here how much do we have? don’t forget mine so hot you’ve just come back, only ask the money what’s wrong, mom? money is the most important, right? only 12 million what? why only I take half of it leave it I ask you to put it down put it down you thought it’s a lot or what it’s not enough to pay the food haven’t I said anything? why are you talking too much it’s just a plan haven’t I done anything wrong? yes, we have planned but the amount doesn’t like the plan it’s your fault you didn’t convince them or you need to me help you out or what so mad why do I always work alone? where are my daughter and my son in law, stranger? you are hilarious my effort don’t you count it in ? fine stop it I go crazy because of you two plan the next step please, don’t discuss this stop blaming on each other useless sorry what? enough hands off why are you hitting her? why do you stand her side? Lieu damn you, dare to stand there stop making me mad stop!! why are you hitting her? Lieu what? stop it it’s unfair we work as a cow, isn’t it hurt? it’s because they are in bad mood she always this way they are getting over by days let’s change another place to work or we can be a waitress we are pretty, they will take us stop working here can’t they are facing difficult I can’t leave them don’t be too kind they will bully you I can’t leave my auntie if you want to leave, you can go what are you saying? we live together a long time ago if you don’t go I will stay wait here I go to talk herbal oil so fast Vu yes, don’t mind about it Lieu always like this don’t mind her no, I don’t dare to let me check on you are you hurt? no, no more no more check her or she will be mad ok don’t be sad why is he coming here? nothing don’t trust him don’t know why Lieu loves him he pretended to be a rich man at first, will there be a prince to propose me? I will be very happy you girl oh no, can’t breath still laughing sorry I have to dream, you know I always imagine my future lover, he is a kind man honest he doesn’t need to be rich he only needs to love me truly and you? Khiem Tuan is here to my room it’s not right I was here with them all the time I don’t have time to sleep how could I go gambling? I asked the workers they all admitted it although I am new here to take over my family business but I know it all I trust you I suggest you be a leader here you have to help me out you don’t stop them, but joining them I can’t say anything to anyone when their leader like this I just want to warn you this time, but I will not pay the bonus of this month as a punishment and I need you to write a report and state that it won’t happen next time hello yes yes I know, mom I’m working yes yes, I call you later wait I’m kind of straightforward wrong is wrong I’d like you to be honest to me, too I guess you know what I mean got it Buoi, hurry up finish it leave it in front of the table here? yes ok this table serves beverage the table over there serve food Nam yes? tell me if you need anything yes, madam, I can take care of it one basket per table the chair quick how to arrange it? a straight row, it’s standing party careful, ok? yes help me out I never tie a bow myself don’t know why don’t have to I can tie for you where is the important person of this part? it’s a good day I have to tell him the truth sorry just freak out are you really mean it? yes it’s time for him to know it but it’s the past now that family doesn’t care much they don’t contact us, too They forget it, too only you keep the promise just ignore it impossible as a man I have to keep my word Tam is my friend although he is dead but I have to carry the promise Hai won’t be alright with it he doesn’t want to be forced I don’t care he needs to carry on and listen to his parent but don’t think too much I can handle it

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