VOLTA : Meet the Costume Designer | by Cirque du Soleil

When I start a project, each
one is very individual, so my approach is also individual. My name is Zaldy, and I am
the costume designer for Cirque du Soleil’s
new show, VOLTA. I’ve done an arena tour, which was
Michael Jackson’s IMMORTAL World Tour, and I have a resident show,
which is MJ ONE, in Las Vegas. This will be my first
show in the Big Top. In this particular show, where we have very
distinct design techniques and fabrications, I like to start with
making small swatches, photograph them, come up with this kind
of, like, computer photo montaging. It has really become now one of my favourite
ways of sort of presenting projects. Really, it’s kind of working with the
body and working with my textiles; that’s really my inspiration. There’s the other inspiration, which is,
you know, movies, Internet, books, all that stuff, but it’s really working with
the pieces that really start to inspire me. As always, in fitting
costumes or fashion, we’re dealing with different body
types and different body performance, and especially in a Cirque du Soleil show,
we are dealing with very serious apparatus; you know, whether it’s
rings, people or tightrope. Each discipline has its sort of
parameters and requirements, and with Cirque du Soleil’s expertise
and working with athletes, you know, we just work with the artist and
validate what our desires are. Like we give them what we think
would be the best thing for them, and then we take it into the
studio and see what works. If it’s really good, we could use
it as the real first sample, but more than likely, it is the next
one that becomes the final sample. I really think it’s
gonna be spectacular. I’m very, very excited at how
the costumes are progressing, how the numbers are progressing, the staging—everything has just
come together so beautifully, I think it’s gonna
become my favourite.

8 thoughts on “VOLTA : Meet the Costume Designer | by Cirque du Soleil

  1. Love all the gorgeous prints and pattern samples that were shown in the video 😍 Can't wait to see how the costumes turn out!

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