Video Review Fjällräven MT Travellers Jacket

Hi, my name is Mark, from GearLimits, and I’m sitting here in a really magnificently beautiful place on lake Åsnen, in Sweden, eh, yeah, it’s just so beautiful, Sweden is so beautiful, and as you might know, a lot of great looking things come from Sweden. This review is on the Fjällräven MT Traveller Jacket, What is cool and interesting about Fjällräven is that it is an outdoor brand with a very unique identity, a very unique look. This jacket is a good example of that. The jacket feels a bit old skool, and in a way it is, the MT fabric
of which it is made, has been used in Fjällräven
products in the past, and now once again is used in this jacket. This time in an ECO version, made from recycled polyamide and biological cotton. That means the jacket feels quite natural, feels pleasant and breathes well on the skin. It’s not waterproof or water resistant,
it does absorb water, but then again it dries quite quickly. But the jacket is not meant for wet weather. So what is it meant for? Days like today, evenings like this evening, temperatures between 10-15 degrees [celsius],
[depending on what you wear beneath it] and activities like hiking through the forest heavily packed or with a light daypack, the back also breathes quite well, I have noticed. Canoeing, I’ve gone horseback riding with it, But I’ve also worn it walking the streets of Stockholm and sitting at cafe terraces with it. The features of this jacket are
basic and to the point, simple snap buttons on the cuffs, to adjust these, snap buttons on chest pockets, on both sides, The main zipper, which, I have to be honest,
doesn’t always run smoothly, the cotton inner fabric can get caught in it sometimes, so be gentle with zipping up or down. Nice spacious zipped side pockets, and a Napoleon chest pocket with zipper, as well as a small pocket on the inside. That inside is made of soft mesh, very comfortable and very breathable. What is really comfortable is the collar,
that also stores the hood. Voor mijn smaak is het niet de meest modieuze has it’s a jacket that shows
“I love nature, I want to be in nature,” “I identify with the values, for which… …for example in a way, a brand like Fjällräven stands for: being here, being outside, rocks, water, trees, Everything that is natural and feels natural, places you can go to, to find peace. For me, that is what this jackets speaks to. I like the leather details, on the zippers,
the small logo on the shoulder, very characteristic of Fjällräven. Uncomplicated, very much back to basic , traditional, and with that very pleasant… It fits incredibly well and very beautifully
in to these kind of places. As far as I’m concerned, with this
MT Traveller Jacket by Fjällräven, I’ve arrived in the perfect place, looking at beautiful sunset… nice cup of tea… …what more do you want? If you want to know more about the jacket, check the complete written review with more information and where to buy it. If you liked the review, all the love is much appreciated, Thanks for watching this review, and see you next time.

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