Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today
we’re doing the ultimate men’s gift guide for Christmas 2019. I’ve brought Matt back
on the channel [crosstalk 00:00:10]. I’m back. Yeah, and he has chosen 20 items, haven’t
you? They’re all items he would love to receive. Really, really good stuff in this video. We’ve
got grooming, books, technology,, games, fashion and a few other things as well I think you’ll
really like. We’ve got so many things to show you, I think we’ll just get straight into
it. [crosstalk 00:00:31] Yeah. If you liked this video, give it a like. Don’t forget to
subscribe, because I have more gift guides coming for women, kids and other stuff as
well. The first item… Is… You’re wearing it. I just couldn’t stop wearing it. It’s a denim
shirt. This is from Jack Jones, or Jack and Jones. 45 pounds. It’s not the cheapest, but
it’s not mega expensive either. It’s just really good quality. It feels like
really thick denim. Feel like denim. It feels like denim, and it just fits really
nicely. What I like about it is, it’s actually short
cut, so it’s a little bit like a jacket, but it’s a shirt. Shacket, everyone keeps saying
these days. Oh shacket? Okay. Yeah. I never heard that before. [crosstalk 00:01:12]
I could totally steal that, and wear that. Yeah. It’s good for you as well. Denim seems to be one of those items that’s
just not going away. It hasn’t faded. I remember wearing them 15 years ago and thinking, “I’m
sure this trend will fade,” but you can’t beat a denim shirt. Yeah, yeah. We’ll put all the links in the
description, including that top as well. Next up, we’ve got another fashion item. Oh. Ey. Very nice. Very nice. It’s a suede-y… It’s faux suede. Faux suede jacket. Faux suede. My God. Where is that from? This is available on ASOS, but it’s Berkshire,
is it? It’s 27 quid. Oh, yeah. Amazing, because I was looking at some quite
expensive versions; AllSaints Reiss. 300-400 pounds for a jacket. I was like, “Okay, the
kids are probably going to ruin it, so for 27 quid I got mine [crosstalk 00:02:04]. 27, that’s really good, isn’t it? Yeah, really. Yeah. It doesn’t fit, but… I like that one. No, it fits really nice.
The next item in the fashion category is a lovely wool collar jacket From Next. It is
like an army green color, really warm and it was 68 pounds as well. Last year we shared
a jacket in the men’s gift guide that so many of you guys loved it, we thought we’d show
you this one for this year as well. It’s available in Navy as well. It’s just
nice. I think wool collars are still on trend, and have been for a couple of years. It doesn’t
seem to be going away either. It’s nice. Yeah. Nice and warm. Probably good for the watching
footie, or… Yeah. Being a football dad. Is that what you’re
thinking? Yeah. Yeah. Football parents. I’m sure you’ll borrow that
one as well. Next up, we’ve got some trainers. If you know
Matt, you will know he is obsessed with trainers and he has so many. He also always buys me
trainers, don’t you, because he has an eye for- Except they don’t make them in my size. He’s got an eye for nice trainers, and these
ones are really cool, aren’t they? These are the- These are called Nike React Element. I thought
I’d buy them because they’d be good for running, but they’re actually not ideal for running.
They’re just a bit more of a fashion statement. Fashion statement. They’re not cheap. They’re 115 pounds, but
they’re really nice. Yeah, they’re nice. This is a little bit see-through. Yeah, which I didn’t- Which we weren’t expecting. No, I didn’t realize that so that side of
them. It is actually quite cool. My hairy toes don’t look great for those. They’re on show. Quite a few people that if
we’re out they’ll say to Matt, “Oh, I like your trainers. I like your shoes.” Start touching my feet. Yeah. No, but you have had quite a few comments
on them. Yeah. Yeah, they’re quite cool. Where are your trainers from, mate? Yeah. Did you get a receipt? Not those kind of comments. Take them back. Not those kind of comments. No, they’ll be out there. Maybe I’m too old
for those. No., they’re cool. You can pull it off. [inaudible 00:03:51] Next up is actually another
pair of trainers. Sorry. Shock. No, but then I thought there’d be a little
bit of a difference in price. Yeah. These are 60 to 70 quid, depending on where
you get them. Yes, a bit more reasonable. Just the classic Vans, and they just, again,
they don’t seem to be a trend. It’s just not going anywhere. They’ve redesigned them slightly.
They’re called ComfyCush, is it? They are actually more comfortable than the original
Vans. Yeah, they’ve got a soul. It’s probably my second pair of them. Probably,
it’s my second pair of those. I’ve just worn the other ones out so much, which is not like
me for a pair of trainers. Also, one nice thing is that they do this
in women’s and children’s, so I’ve got the matching ones. The boys have the matching
ones. Matching, matching. You can be a whole matching family with these. We’re always on a skateboard, so it just makes
sense for us to wear them. Right, then. It’s a nice fashion appeal to
a lot of men. They go with everything [crosstalk 00:04:38]. They just go with everything. Yeah. Get them. Okay, next up we’ve got a scarf. Last year,
Emily treated me to a personalized Burberry scarf, which was amazing. Yes. Obviously, it’s not the cheapest. I feared he said, “It’s too expensive,” but
you still wear it. Yeah, but it was actually something I still
use, and I love it. I don’t get too many. I don’t really wear much designer stuff. Actually,
it was a really good gift. A bit more affordable is this from Burton. It’s 16 pounds. It’s
black and gray dogtooth. I love it. Yeah, it’s really nice. Yeah. It’s really soft. Yeah, they do a couple of different colors
as well, I think, for that one. It matches my black clothes. Yeah. The last item in the fashion section
is a snood. If you don’t know what a snood is, it’s like a scarf but it doesn’t hang
down. It just sort of stays around your neck. This one is from North Face, so it’s great
for any outdoors things. You know I’m not wearing a scarf. I mean,
it’s just a modern day scarf. Yeah. The boys wear one. Yeah. They actually love it. Yeah, our kids love wearing them for football
training, because they don’t have to worry about it like hanging down. It could be a
good gift for kids as well, but this is 22 pounds on a ASOS, or however you say it? Yeah, and you could probably pick up cheaper
one of a different brand, but North Face don’t disappoint with them kind of items, and it’s
Christmas. Yeah. Okay, so our next section is that male grooming.
The first item is a Beard Buddy Grooming Kit. This is just ideal for those guys that have
got the big beard. They don’t seem to be going anywhere, and they’ve certainly got to look
after them. Set scissors, a comb and some oil. Pretty much what you need to to look
after a bit. I think that was 12.99 on ASOS. There’s loads of stuff out there like this,
so all those chains, and in supermarkets, and stores seem to be getting onto the fact
that guys need some beard products. Yeah. If he’s got a beard, good stocking stuffer.
Emily’s been using it a little bit, but I don’t think it’s working.
Next up, staying on the bed, and back by popular demand is a shaving apron, or beard trimmer
apron. Great concept. Literally, tape goes around your neck, stick the apron to the mirror
in front of you. Then, the hair that you’re trimming off with the beard trimmer is dropping
onto the apron, and not into the sink. Yes. Emily likes that. It’s good for us as well. We shared this in
our Christmas gift guide last year for men, and you guys went nuts for it. Yeah, so we
thought we’d share it again. It would be a really funny little stocking stuffer, or could
go nicely with the gift that we showed you previously for men with beards. Yeah, it started as a novelty gift, but it’s
actually a pretty good product. No, it’s actually useful. You actually use
it, don’t you? Yeah, like when you were at the barber shop
and we use gowns and stuff, but that’s just perfect, that thing. Yeah, and so many people have facial hair
now. Yup. It’s a nice one. That one’s 9.99. Nothing compliments a beard
more than nicely exfoliated skin. Nice skin. No, so a face scrub. Got an Elemis one here.
There’s loads of face scrubs out there for guys, and they just make such a difference.
A bit of a polish. It’s the sort of thing that guys, they wouldn’t think of doing, but
when they try that, “Oh, actually that does make a difference.” Yeah. I scrub twice a week, and I look all right. Your skin’s quite good. Yeah. How much is that? Now, that one’s [crosstalk 00:07:54]. See, this is a lovely brand. It’s lovely. That one’s 16.50, but you can pick something
up- Oh, that’s not bad, though. Yeah, [crosstalk 00:08:00]. That will last you a long time if you’re just
grabbing twice a week. Yeah, and you can pick something up in the
supermarket there for five, six pounds. You can get what you pay for, but that’s probably
my number one tip for a male grooming product. Also, if you do wet shave, or if you shave
in the bits on your beard, it’s really good to scrub, exfoliate before you do the shave.
It lifts the hairs even more, so it’s always a good time to do it. Next up, we’ve got a fragrance for this Christmas,
and we actually pick this up in the duty-free when we went away, didn’t we? It’s a new Jo
Malone scent. It is Whiskey and Cedarwood. It’s quite a manly smell, but you could definitely
steal it as well. It’s 120 pounds, so it would be a nice main present. We just love fragrances
from Jo Malone, don’t we? Yeah. It’s the kind of thing that you spray on and
you can smell it at the end of the day still. It really does stay well. They’re the intense
colognes, aren’t they? This is actually the men’s fragrance, so they’ve
got four men’s fragrances. The Huntsman collection. It’s probably about the only one that I did
like, to be fair. I was really excited about it, but- Yeah, you smelled all of them. Yeah, and I wasn’t that blown away by the
other ones. This one really, really stays. Yeah, Whiskey and Cedarwood. Whiskey is a
really popular scent at the moment in men’s fragrance, so they’ve not been sitting. Yeah. Obviously, not the cheapest, but- But, it will last so long as well. Now, aftershave isn’t cheap at the moment.
Even the decent ones. You can pay two or three hundred pound, obviously. See, I don’t, but
some people do. I think for 100 mill, 120 pounds. It’s Christmas. If you’re going to
treat someone. Yeah. It’s a really nice scent. Yeah. It does smell so nice. Or, get it in duty-free. It’s really nice to get recommendations for
fragrance as well, because if you’re like me it’s hard to get out the house and go and
smell different things. Then, you don’t have to getting it right. Matt really liked this
one, so we thought we’d show you it. Last one of the grooming section is a bit
of a novelty item. It’s Beard Tinsel and Lights. Just for the big bearded guy. Probably [inaudible
00:09:52] Secret Santa, maybe, for someone with a big beard. Very festive. Yeah. Nice, funny one. That’ll be a really
good stocking stuffer. Yeah. Next up, we wanted to recommend a book to
you. This is the new Peter Crouch book. Obviously, at the moment he’s massive because his podcast
is sitting so well. You’ve actually read one of his books before, and really liked it. Yeah. This one is, How To Be A Footballer number
two. There’s a number one as well. If you love football, he’s just really relatable
and just like- He’s just funny, isn’t he? Yeah, he’s a good guy. Yeah. If they’re a footie fan… Yeah, and how much is that? I was 20 pounds. Okay, next up we’ve got the technology category.
We’ve got a couple of items in this. The first one is back by popular demand from last year,
and I see it keeps in everywhere. It’s a shower speaker. This is great. You can link it to
your phone, you can play music while you’re in the shower, and you’ll get your me time.
Especially for dads, because they don’t get much of it, and they can sing away. Yeah. It’s completely waterproof, obviously.
You just link it with Bluetooth, and it’s pretty small. Stick it on the wall. Yeah, it’s quite nice. Yeah. There’s loads of these out there. This
one was 20 quid, 20 pounds on ASOS. Our other technology product is a camera.
A video camera. It’s the Osmo Pocket DJI camera. You like it, because it’s got a stabilizer
in it. Yeah, it’s got a stabilizer. [inaudible 00:11:04]
It’s really great for filming footage for us if we’re running down a beach, or I’m just
running or something. There’s a lot of movement, but you want the camera to be stabilized,
and it’s great for that. Obviously, this is just for someone that’s really into filming. Yeah, but it’s tiny, and it even has a tiny
little display screen on it. I’ve used it a couple of times if I’ve gone out and running
and I wanted to look at the run. I have been surprised at how good the mic on it is as
well. You could use it for lots of different things. At the moment it’s a bit cheaper,
isn’t it? There’s some money off of it. Yeah. It’s two-seven-nine, I think. Yup. It’s 50 quid of, and you’ve got until
the 29th of December to buy that. Yeah. For someone like us, we love cameras
and we love making home videos and stuff, and it’s good for that.
Next up, we have a game, and it is an escape room game. Obviously, escape rooms are quite
trendy at the moment. Here in the UK you can book in to a venue and try and escape from
a room, but this is obviously at home. You’ve got 16 different puzzles, multiple outcomes,
so we thought it’d be quite cool. [inaudible 00:12:07] do the party games. Yeah, just quite
cool one you’ll have to use your brain and stuff like that. Work together with whoever
you’re playing with. Yeah, it’s 12.99. Yeah. It’s just like quite cool one. One we hadn’t
seen before. Okay, next up is a bit of a novelty product.
It’s really quite cool, though. This is a good stocking stuffer. It’s five pounds next,
and it’s a glasses holder. It’s a pot as well, so you could put some other things in. I’m
forever sort of thinking, Where should I put my glasses when I go to bed at night,” just
to keep them safe or so I know where they are.” Yeah, and if you lose your glasses a lot,
it’s quite good then. What’s nice is, Emily’s put her fingerprints
all over my glasses to do this one. [crosstalk 00:12:49] glasses cleaner. This is only five pounds. Why, they’re really blurry. It’s because I’ve
not got my glasses on. I think this is a really good one. Like my
grandma, she used to always have a place where she would put her glasses onto. You’re always
like, “Where are my glasses?” Shame I don’t have one for your car keys. They probably do. Yeah, really cute. It’s
quite a little manly. It’s really sweet. They do a women’s version. Next up, we have a candle, but it’s very nice,
masculine one. It was on ASOS, but it is the brand And Other Stories. The scent is called
Drame Magnifique. Smells nice and man-ny. Yeah, it’s not really for women. No, and 22 pounds. Kind of cheaper these days.
That’s fair. That’s quite good, because Southern candles
are 50 quid. Yeah. ASOS will probably do a sale of some
sort coming up, so obviously all the items we’ve gotten from there, but most of them
are branded items. You could get them from other websites, but I just find ASOS really
useful, because it’s next day. Yeah, it’s just so easy. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it looks nice and stylish. Yeah, a candle.
Next up, we have something for the kitchen. This is an avocado stone remover and slicer,
and a perfect poacher. You can poach your eggs using this, and then you can cut up your
avocado using this. It’s just really a nice one. We love breakfast, don’t we? Yeah. We would love this kind of breakfast, so yeah,
it’s just a nice little kitchen-y gadget. It’s kind of for the man who has everything,
but I think that would actually be so useful. Joseph Joseph stuff. Yes, it’s nice. Not really that cheap in the marketplace.
All made of really good quality. Yeah, and this is 12 pounds. It’s quite a
nice… Yeah, and a thing that you don’t think. Yeah. It’s great. Yeah. Another item from Joseph and Joseph
is a water bottle. This could be totally unisex, but it’s quite cool because it has a little
counter on it. Each time you refill it a dot will go, and it says you should have four
dots a day, so four of these a day. It’s a way to get you to drink more water, which
I think everyone wants to do. You could totally steal it from your guy as well. Yep. That’s always a plus. Yeah, and some avocados. It’s 12 pound. Yeah, 12 pounds, but a nice quality one. Everyone seems to be investing in water bottles. Yeah. It does, it works. I carry mine. When you’ve got a bottle, you do drink it.
It might not be a strange gift. I think it’s actually a good gift and they’ll thank you
for it when their skin is glowing from all the hydration. And, the avocado set.
I would say, by no means do they expect one of these when they serve right now. Made from
recycled products, which is great. It’s stopping you from using paper cups and throwing away
things you don’t need to. It’s a reusable travel travel mug, if I can say it properly. Travel. Again, I think this is 12 quid. My one bugbear
with these things is we’ve not found one yet that doesn’t taste of plastic, so your coffee
doesn’t taste like coffee. If they like plastic-flavored coffee… No, but you’ve wanted one of these, because
I’ve seen our boys play football, and you’re freezing cold watching them play football,
so you were like… I keep seeing people with them. [crosstalk
00:15:49]. … I want a travel mug. Yeah. It’s a nice
idea to take a coffee with you rather than spend three pound fifty on a coffee, or whatever. Yeah, but maybe I should get a metal one or
something, because for me it doesn’t quite work. No. I’ve got- It’s an idea, but he’s not loving this one. I’m just telling you, I don’t know who’s going
to buy it. They’re going to b e like, “Ew, it tastes like plastic.” Then, I’m going to
say, “I told you.” It’s a nice idea, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That wraps it up. Yes, I think that is everything that we wanted
to show you. That was 21 items. Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite,
and if you have any other recommendations, because I’m seriously struggling with what
to get you. I know you want all this stuff. You’ve already seen all of this stuff. Thank
you so much for watching, and we’ll see you in my next one. See you. Bye.


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