Uk's Biggest HYPEBEAST! Day in the HYPEBEAST Life

yo guys what's good issue boy our adventure okay so fine you've got two more days until I go to America sneak Khan ah basically I've got a good few packages today so I'm going to unbox them real quick and then after this what we're going to do is I'm basically going to show you like a day in the life of me like what I do on a day-to-day basis kind of thing so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to a really really cool location with my photographer bed and then I'm going to basically show you like the kind of process that I go to every day to kind of create my content yeah basically show you it where we go how we get there the clothes how I style stuff editing process itself like once we've actually got the shot when we put it on the computer like Ben how he edits and stuff like that so just trying to give you a little insight on when I wake up what I kind of do on a day to day basis so yeah make sure you do stick to the end of this video right that we see the end of this video make sure you subscribe for the video starts cuz you know doing the keys are arming okay so I'm gonna unbox these packages real quick because I'm not really sure what's in them but I know okay so the first package is from mr. Porter who is like a really famous retailer worldwide I can't remember what I actually are there you go see so I actually got this orange Gucci logo t-shirt this is actually really really sick really cool color like really cool for summer got it in a double XL you might think yes Harry you must be really really fat but actually they're just like kind of fit really large and like oversized and that kind of nice and boxy when you get them really big so yeah I always get you to excel or double XL in Gucci so yeah that's the first pick up I'm gonna take a nice really cool picture of this one I'm in San Francisco so that's the end of that next package I'm pretty sure I know what it is yet hypebeast d'art we've got hung just a bathing ape tisha I'm probably gonna take a nice picture in this today I'm going to like a greenish kind of area today so this should be perfect for that I just like a white t-shirt but it's got like obviously the shark and it's kind of camel but like a see-through vibe I don't know cool t-shirt but I think that I've got the white checkerboard I have so many other slip-ons the high-top checkerboards the black checkerboards the high black I've got so many pairs so when I saw this white pair just thought it's perfect for summer I said if you ever go to like a festival something like that and you just like don't really care what you're wearing like to like ruin your shoes basically when I saw these I thought these were super super swag and yeah we'll be sick for something do you have one more pick up one last package and then we can leave the house next box is actually from a company I've been working with such such a long time they have just released all the statues some goodies these are actually minimal la trackpads unreleased your boy got the team are they so yeah no one's actually got these these are the samples so these are actually a really really cool color with men and why they track pants that you lit you can't go wrong you can see that it literally says mini more lay on the zipper so you know that they're expensive zippers because like that's that is cost like that's expensive stuff so yeah this is a really cool color waste coming out soon then they got like an orange colorway which is probably my favorite one it's actually so weird because whilst I'm recording this my mom and girlfriend I literally sat on the bed right there and it's like so weird but I'm all good I'm all good so yeah these are the new pop joggers actually like they're not actually track pants they're called like pop joggers well every time you are watching these these release on the 30th of March I'm going to leave a link down below to these pop joggers if you're watching this before the 30th I'll leave the link to where you can like sign up because always always a minimum or they like really sell out track pants quick and if you're watching after this I'll leave the link like when they actually lie so you can go and copy that actually swag I'm probably gonna wear this with that orange Gucci t-shirt that I just got I'm gonna say your opinion mother bye no way so you're that what yeah hey can I use men and why they pop togas I've been this luck thank you and then they've got so many more colors they've got this like light blue color which is really nice Navy with a red stripe and then they've got all this is a really nice color these are probably my favorite ones right because they're very very similar to the Gucci ones I'm actually wearing right now but the Gucci ones are 700 pounds and these are like 50 quid seal it you can't go wrong but then they've added the pop jogger thing which I actually really really like so if you like wearing a pair of air forces or like wearing a pair of Jordans or something like that though that's the pop joggers and then actually the other day they sent me this really really nice denim Jackie I'm gonna put it on right now so this is the denim jacket I actually really really like this is like perfect for England right now where it's like it's not warm but it's not freezing you just chuck this on and like the details of it are crazy like all of this up here all the distressing like it's fraying off like it looks really really expensive which is what you want when you're like trying to be on a budget like you want it to look expensive and stuff like that so the Sherpa inside as well like all the distressing here as well but there's just so much going on with this jacket but whilst it's just a denim shirt for Jackie so this is actually my favorite piece that Minh and wolf sent me in a long long time if you want to purchase any of the minimal a stuff what I'm going to do is my code is just re 10 just use that if you want to check out and what I'm gonna do is I'll leave all the links down below to all the items that I've just spoke about so you're not thinking Harry but how do I get those and you know there's no way to get them so I'll leave all the links down below guys I'm gonna get a few outfits ready so I can shoot them today basically for Instagram let's get it right maybe through the day very very a few inches later people my day it's not going too well right now as you can see my camera is here and you're what I'm vlogging on my iPhone okay what has happened is I was supposed to buy my camera today I'm a proper shooting camera it's like fifteen hundred pound I went to this secondhand store because it's really expensive brand new so I went to buy and turns out it had loads and loads of problems with it so I was like listen mate I can't buy it I really wanted it in time for sneak on so I couldn't buy it I was like that anyway linked up with the boys and we're at the location right now and I've just gone out to take my vlogging camera and gone yo guys what no memory card I left my memory card in the second-hand camera store look boy who care to be mid ha honestly guys my day has gone so so badly my laptop's really not working again in time for sneak on where I need to end it so I went to the Apple Store to fix it I booked an appointment they told me was gonna be like three hours like okay I'm gonna do my bits then come back they text me like half an hour later and obviously I was nowhere near that Apple story at this point Baptist else so I'm gonna plug on my iPhone right now which is actually calm well what we're gonna do is we're going to go into this abandoned house and let's hit it I'm gonna go into this location right now and try and shoot some fire fire pigs and I get my day better get my day better because right now sorry not going to allow me okay guys we are climbing this is the king climber I never ever climb for shoots I cannot be asked but today is my first day we're climbing you know you need the prosto they're gonna be absolutely wrecked do you guys because Ivy's I know you guys biggest I'm waitin up from abandoned abandoned house to do some get some cool shots brah what look at this place no it looks like we've come here to take back Patrick Jane I really don't do this everyday oh my god Concannon quick sleeve you back somewhere right now columns got his Yeezys he's actually selling them in a couple days so they r at my house I had to give them to him and we're in this abandoned crack den trying to take some pictures I said just leave your shoes there like no one is here like no one is actually here know me two hours later yo guys what's good each boy our adventure this – first things first I just want to show you some of the craziest and rarest kicks my collection checked out obviously hi mate how are you this geezer just managed to I show up and I think this is basically like burned down it's quite critical have you been in here before how come you came inside just have a look okay yeah okay guys so I need to get changed into my Instagram fit I've got these minimal a car key joggers these are actually super super sick they fit so nicely gonna pair up with this bathing apt show which is swag which I showed you earlier with these Presto's so what we're going to do right now is we're gonna shoot this outfit I think here I think check it out a picture stuff okay let's get it bends down okay so my pic is done for this particular location so I'm going to do for my pics is I'm gonna just pop out the best three right when boost is life okay so I've got one more outfit to shoot we've got a supreme bag we've got the blue tnf and then we've got the new blue navy track pants from minimal these are the joggers that I unboxed earlier so this is the Navy pair of orange they've got a green so many colors so again as I said earlier in this video all the more they stuff that I did hard I'll put in the link down below so yeah we're going to show you this outfit real quick and then we're gonna go and edit the pictures stuff like that this picture right here on the screen Tanner picks of the the bottoms so yeah bottoms done now ah – swag days are okay let you like a girl gone the next time you see me what's gonna happen is we've taken the pictures and now we are going to go and find somewhere to edit them and basically I'm gonna talk to you a little bit through how I edit my pictures and how I post my Instagram pictures and certain hashtags for you guys to use and certain tags that you should tag and stuff like that so next time you see me will be like in a cafe or something in editing a picture very swag make sure subscribe so this is the final product yes I give myself an extra – cheeky like obviously we need more likes but yeah this is the final product you know describe the hashtag a couple emojis but now I've kind of got bigger and stuff I don't tend to use hashtags and tagging as many people as I can but before I used to have loads of followers I'm not saying I'm got loads and loads of followers but beforehand I used to so let's just go on this for instance look how many all these tags are used to so every time you tag someone like there's an opportunity or a chance that these page this big page is going to see your picture right so take a screenshot of what I'm showing you right now these are the best ones for like sneakers and street wear and stuff so take a screenshot of this and use these in your you know in your Instagram pictures and stuff like that so use these and also also I use these hashtags every single day so what I do is I comment this is always my first comment on my pictures so once loads of people commented you'll never ever be able to see this so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave this in the description of my video video for you guys and yeah you can basically just copy and paste all these hashtags and all these pages so you don't have to screenshot this I'll leave it in the link below so yeah so yeah do that use these tags use those hashtags and I'm sure I'm sure that your likes will definitely definitely go up also just try and engage like as many people as you can so just go on like your you know just like that you know anything that you kind of like just give it a like or I mean give it a like and you know just maybe comment as well and you know people are gonna see that and just come to your page so that's just a couple few tips that I have for you and you know I used to always always do before I had like a decent following I would always do that all night long I would just hop on like loads of pictures comment on loads of pictures use those hashtags use those tags all little tips for you guys so yeah make sure you do that this is actually the program that Ben and I use is called Lightroom it's by Adobe you have to pay like 20 pound I think it's even like I don't know 50 pound a year or something like that it's really really not that expensive and just look what we've managed to do is we've managed to like create presets and I actually sell these presets because they are kind of hard to make and over time and stuff so me and Ben actually do I have our own website I'll link it right here it's just re Petre calm and yeah so like basically this is the picture that we took and then after add the edit like it goes to this like so it's actually such such a big difference and it does take time and definitely takes practice for sure so try and like do some YouTube tutorials here or if you'd like can't get the hang of it we do sell them on airy Petri comm link in description but yeah like this this is all the editing process this is my new upload for probably the day you're watching this I'm gonna post this so make sure you go and get at my Instagram this is a crazy picture that Ben took today I've been sorry that Callum took today at this abandoned place that we were at and like just look at the difference and it's so much different but he gives your pictures I can complete more of like professional look and when people see your Instagram it's like you're serious kind of thing like you know it's not just all you've taken an iPhone picture and gone about your day it's like whole streetwear thing is they kind of sets you apart of it and that's why I think like I've kind of grown really really quick it's because of Ben and just the quality of his pictures and the way that we've kind of like collab with each other like every single day it's really helped me to grow a professional look that everyone really really likes to see on Instagram so so yeah just follow those tips Jesus years are me yo ya'll guys so it's pretty much the end of the day I'm wrapping it up I'm with my manager and my boy bbm Frank at the moment some time guys I'm with my manager and man like Vivian Frank and yeah like today's been a super stressful day you might not even seen it on the camera but sometimes the IG and YouTube life does get mad stressful so sometimes I like to just chill you know meet up with the boys la la la link up and just you know chill with a boy sometimes get a couple hours just like relaxed and not doing anything and yeah like that's pretty much being my day today and a lot of the time this is what my day is like aside from the Amanda people did like it's kind of the same thing you know we go to locations we take cool pictures we post them up we do little things like Instagram like Tips & Tricks a lot you know boost your followers and boost that if you want me to do like a more in depth of field of like tips and tricks on how to grow on YouTube how to grow on an Instagram I won't you really say YouTube because I'm a newbie but on Instagram like I've got like two hundred fifty sixty thousand followers in like a year so I kind of do have a little insight to it so if you want to see that do let me know but yeah right now I'm chilling with the top top geezers that I normally chill with Anna yeah guys this has been the end of the video I really really hope you enjoyed it make sure you do smash that like button and I make sure you do subscribe to the Gees army the Giza army is very very strong Lautenberg with yeah so subscribe 10 the little notifications bell on guys I hope you've had a great day I've definitely had a very very decent day and I'll see you in the next one peace out very very swag oh yeah funny

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  2. Ari you’re My favorite You-tuber!!!!!!! I’m inspired and I’ve definitely added more Louis and Gucci to my collection since I’ve subscribed. Oh yeah and a whole lot of SUPREME

  3. Ari I was following from 3k before u even posted anything now ur at 60k. Keep going ur gonna be bigger than blazendary someday !!


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