8 thoughts on “Two Tips For Spraying Base Coat WITHOUT Using Primer Sealer

  1. Good info. Donnie, 1 question.  What kind of gun are you using to spray the clear?  It seems like a really slow gun.  I know if I sprayed my Sata that slow, there would be runs everywhere!

  2. Rubber bands and a modified camera tripod, allows you to use your gun for drying pretty much anything without having to stand next to it, works great, did that when my fans were busted and it saved me a lot of time.

  3. nice video man! My truck has ALOT of clear coat peeling and just a couple small dents….i want to do the body filler and primer myself and I will pay a shop to do the actual paint and clear coat….I was hoping you could recommend specific instructions or materials to use? anything helps…..thanks in advance!

  4. Serious question. I️ have a NEW 2017 mustang with no dents, scratches or any paint damage. Is it okay to spray over the existing factory paint without having to sand it down.

  5. Can you spray waterborne base coat over a factory paint job and single stage paint, this will be my first paint job and not sure what kind of supplies to purchase. Thx…

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