trying on sexy costumes so you don’t have to

MAC! Ok, let’s go let’s do this. (Woah, chill a bit buddy thanks.) Today, I’m gonna be trying on weird costumes I found from the internet! I’ve done this video before. We did it last year, bitch. But this year I decided to up the antics. Last year, bitch only tried on like five costumes… This year your bitch got like, twelve? I was gonna film with the costumes I have now and then as the boxes start coming I’ll film with those. The weirdest I’ve ever filmed a video in my entire life. The maximum I’ve ever filmed one video was two days because of reasons… and problems- today is Sunday October 14 so by the time I upload this video Whenever the hell that is. Watch me upload this on Halloween, watch me be that bitch for a second – GET THAT DICK AND GO. OK, let’s do this, should I have a lead in? Let’s have a lead in. HALLOWEEN, If you don’t know what Halloween is… (You Uncultured Swine.) …Google it bitch, I don’t even know how to fucking explain it. It’s a pagan holiday, Peegan? Peegan? Peegan? (Something along the lines of Pine Tree, I believe.) Peegan, S A R A H. W h a t ?? (Yeah, what?) People are supposed to dress up as ghouls and goblins, and go trick-or-treating door-to-door where strangers will give you candy… Apparently, Halloween has changed from just kids enjoying their lives, to now adults enjoying their lives too. But not dressed as ghouls and goblins, but dressed as literally everything else -GET THAT- you can imagine. – DICK Literally everything else. I recently tweeted a twitter poll asking you guys what kind of costumes you guys wanted me to wear… …and you guys vote culturally offensive one and I decided: No, you know a sister is in for a good scandal from time to time, but counting on the fact that I’m tired, I decided NO Not this time, let’s skip this one. So, I just went on the internet found weird costumes. Very weird costumes. A lot of them still sexy in a way, I guess, not gonna be sexy on me. (No, you’re only ICONIC.) And today, we’re gonna try them on! Last year we only did sexy women’s costumes, but this year we’re switching it up and we’re doing other shit – GET THAT DICK AND GO – let’s start off with the men’s costumes ’cause I got a lot to say You see this box? Look at this box! Look at the dimensions, b i t c h. Side by side. Now if I were to tell you there are 5 sexy male costumes in this box -Confused SPOOKY Gay Silence- Would you think I’m a crackhead? I think you can then determine the amount of fabric that is on each one, ’cause bitch. Kay, here we go in this box contain: a scandalous cop outfit, a playing doctor boxer outfit, a Mr. Pilot costume outfit, a strong pirate outfit, and bulky sheep – GET THAT DICK- Let’s do… playing doctor. Also when I think of a doctor, I don’t think of underwear a mask and a hat, I think of… *Mac.exe has stopped working please reboot with gay* Much more… – BITCH, GET THAT DICK – Forewarning, you guys might most likely see… …my boobies, and because I am a registered male in this crude and sexist country. Y’all can’t take me down! (EARPHONES WARNING) Ha-ha! – GET THAT DICK – Wow… This is an entire costume, guys, from head to toe for a full adult male. Large by the way, this is a large. Fuck it, let’s do this. Okay, okay, welp– okay. First of all… *questioning life* …Go off, I guess. Okay– kay, okay. B I O l O G Y. A HAH HAHAHA HAAAAA. *WHEEZING* AAA HAHAHAH HAAAAA. Can you imagine somebody, just walking out to your house party wearing shit like this. I would leave, I would literally leave. Oh wait no there’s gloves. Surgery! Ah HaH HHaaA – GET THAT – …Wow. – DICK – I feel exposed! First of all, this bitch broke, and second of all, this entire costume was thirty dollars ($30) I could literally walk out my doorstep… …and find these materials for literally 50 cents, – BITCH GET THAT – but here we are. – DICK – $30 *pourne* half naked, on YouTube… – GET THAT DICK – Y’all wanna see my titties bounce? I don’t think I’m allowed to show you on screen so I’m doing it off screen. Just imagine like two water balloons… Trying their best. – My lovely little… …DICK – Bulky sheep! (I still don’t know what it is.) Literally in this bag, I don’t know what that is. But the man on the picture when I saw the costume made me decide. I knew it needed to be in my life though. – GET THAT – Whoo! This video is getting flagged. Okay, okay? Okay. (Please get help, mac.) Now, this look like another gay in West Hollywood. What am I? – DICK – BAA BAA BITCH. Haha okay, but first of all, what? Trick or treat this PUSSY. Wow, wow, I wish i had like little paws mitts or claws. Is that not sexy enough? I’m not able to think sexy am I stu- Should I go home. I should go home. I’m gonna go home. – BITCH GET THAT DICK – OHHHH, am I supposed to be so bulky that my normal sheep costume just like… …Disintegrated? And also this underwear is riding up my crotch we need to move on. – Baa Baa Black-DICK – Strong pirate. This bag is as big as my head, and is supposed to fit my entire body. – GET THAT – Here we go. – DICK – Wow. So it’s three items of material. That’s great. We love lace. We love that. That’s sexy. But what’s not sexy? $48. $48 for three pieces of fabric is not sexy. I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you that. – GET THAT DICK AND GO – Okay, whatever, lets do this. Okay, so first of all… No, no. Kay let’s go, kay, okay, kay, okay. …What. Shiver me timbers, daddy! (Whoa mac, chill.) …Wait, is that how they speak. Arrrrghhhh. Walk the plank, which is also my dick. – AND GO – This is the entire outfit. This is the entire outfit! And then some bitch. Cause I’m wearing underwear underneath this. You gon’ see all the curve you’ll see my butt. People be able to see my butt bitch. No, not today. Satan was not ready. Arrrggghhh, show me ‘da BOOTY. HAAAAAAA. – GET THAT – We love the bra first of all, what a great addition am I wearing this backward?? -(Computer voice): Yes. Yes you are. I don’t even know, I don’t even know how it’s supposed to look like in the first place. – GET THAT – Also don’t know where this is supposed to go, – DICK – so I just tied it above my head. Now, I look like Lafayette from True Blood. Why do I look like Rosie the Riveter on crack ? WHO’S READY?! HAAAA HA. Is this what it feels like to wear a bra? Are this what bras are supposed to feel like? ‘Cuz I don’t I kind of like this. Okay, we’re just gonna move on actually, we’re just gonna move on. – GET THAT DICK – Mister Pilot Outfit. Okay, how is any of this supposed to get on my body. Ok. What? Kay? UNOO??
UNOOOOO- OKAY. IS THIS THE UNDERWEAR?? Oka-hay- Okay. *gay silence ensues* There was a time where I wanted to be a Disney Channel™ star. hUHaaAAAA HAAAAAA BITCH… I LOOK LIKE A PORN STARR. HAHAHAHAAA. – GET THAT DICK – hHAAHAA. DO YOU S E E IT?? THIS TIE IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE UNDERWEAR BITCH. This underwear is just saving YOU guys. (We appreciate it mac) I feel like a stripper. AM I A STRIPPER?? I’m a stripper. This is a stripper outfit. Nothing wrong with a stripper outfit. …I’m just… (Just what?) *weird breathing noise* I feel VERY uncomfortable. – GET THAT – I look like… (A stripper dream queen?) A dumbass, that’s what I look like- – DICK – Oh my god, wait. I have a wedgie. Wait, it’s giving me a wedgie. OH MY GOD. (WAIT) What are you flying, big boy~? Cause i’m flying V i r g i n ~ *mac’s mating call* I might be turning on SOME people somewhere in the world- Yknow? Everyone has a kink for something. (TRUE) So hey guys, gimmie money? – BITCH GET THAT DI – Also my windows are open. So other people can see me trying on these outfits like- Whatever, I’m famous now right? (You always have been.) – BITCH GET THAT – 46 Dollars… – DIC – 4 6 D O L L A R S, B I T C H. Yes, I’m gonna try to return them. No it’s not gonna work so. BITCH. Can someone say tax right off? (Sure.) Can someone say another sponsor video coming out next month? (Sike.) BECAUSE BITCH. I give this one a… (Streeeeetcchh.) What the fuck. (nice) – IT’S DICK – Historically a black man’s best friend, a cop. hAhAhA. Ooo, did he get too political?? Should he be taken do-. This video is already gonna get taken up for other reasons, let’s be honest. (I will riot if that happens.) Rip Tie. There goes my TiEeEe. (RIPP) WEW. Okaay. We lovin’ the all black everything. Why is it all fish net?? (What the) Wait a minute. What is what actually? Fuck it, lets just do this. (yay) Kay. wOOP- OO- OK- OK- OKAY. OOoo. (smexy mac) (Check yaself out Mac we dont mind) oOOOooo. I’m feelin’ this underwear though, it’s just a night out in LA for me right?? (wait wHAT) HEY BOYS~~! WHEEEZEE. H A H A. Are my nipples- my nipples are showing i’m sorry kids-. (Half the kids are gay now, thanks) hAHAHAHA. BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS. WHATCHA GONNA DOO?? WHATCHA GONNA DOO WHEN THEY COME FO YO-. – GET THAT DI – First of all. Have you ever seen a cop wear a hat like this?? This needs to go. Who, in their right mind and has never seen a cop before designed this outfit, was like ‘Yeah, police!’ Just to make sure you didn’t know what I was doubled over, bitch. (Qoop-woop, that’s the sound of the police. Woop-Woop, that’s the sound of the-) – DICK – Next box! Ooo bitch, Ooooo BiTcH. on the internet there was this thing that was making rounds that urban outfitters came out with an influencer outfit set So I got it. Oooop! bitch we got a wig Let’s do this Who dresses up as an influencer, what does that even mean? Am I considered an influencer? I don’t influence people. I more… Affect them? Okay! ok- ok – ok Ooo Bitch These pants not made for thighs kay kay wAiT Okay. *vehement Mac-Laff* We ain’t done yet bitch, it ain’t done okay (Gay confusion looks and deep breathing, kinda like a elephant) Someone please call 911 (GET THAT) *high pitch squeal of disbelief* *various unintelligible high pitched noises* Wait wait wait we have a hat bitch, biTcH I look crazy! (almost falls backwards) and I am crazy. Did you know that? Okay, great. What the fuck?(we’re all crazy mac dont worry) Wait, hOw mAnY Subscribers do yOu saY you haVe? I hate this So Much This is what an influencer is supposed to look like Am I doing something wrong? There we go! There it is! *Mac-Laff* (D I C K) Bitch! Why do I look like my sister?? *Mac-Laff* Okay, here I am, going to Starbucks (please don’t) Doing some yoga, posting some beauty tips and DIYs (di-don’t) he fUCked mEEEE with a tOothbRUsh (BITCH GET THAT) Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna be talking about all the drama that I’ve been through in this past three months (you mean past 3 decades) like, people are just, like, not giving me what I wanted and that’s, like, new for me and I’m like what the fuck y’know (yeah, cause you want dick) Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I wanna go on tour, I’m gonna start my own convention (GET THAT DICK AND GO) Bitch! I found my new brand, I’ll be posting a lot of storytimes and makeup get-ready-with-me along with spreading a lot of gossip and a lot of drama, you know S E V E N D A Y S tana: cuz I’m a (DICK) Next box! I totally forgot I bought this Oh my gosh, okay first, first this one you guys will be able to handle a sexy Deadpool costume, but because of copyright reason this company decided to call it a sexy dead assassin- yeah with boots and all that shit Wow! Good-bye tana!! ******H E F U C K E D M E****** Hair is everywhere girl all over my body right now. Oh my god, wig ha ha ha, tea! (Mac’s adorable levels have risen) Okay, now I’m done Ok- ok – ok there it is- great! what ??? *Mac-Laff* What is this?? (Confused Gay) There’s a belt, Where’s the belt? *sounds of approaching his final form* *Mac-Laff* Wait a minute! Why is this lowkey bomb as fuck?? Wait a min. Okay. Wait, no now I’ve gotten closer to the screen, I look like a Hollywood version of Deadpool like, one of those Deadpools that walk around Hollywood and people take pictures with them and they request like 20 bucks from you for one fucking picture of a bootleg Deadpool in the middle of Hollywood like what the fUck? Okay, I’m rambling, I’m rambling *no keep rambling mac your thoughts interesting* What is this neck doing though Can y’all hear me? (THAT DICK) Wait, I forgot about the sword Where the hell does it go? what, wha?, wait, wait Oh you got something to say to me, punk!?? (Gay struggle sounds) bitch, bitch! *sounds of intense effort* (More Gay struggle sounds) thEre we go, ok BAaAAAA, bitch lowkey bops tho Like, from a distance, viewing on this little screen I look like one sexy ass bitch right now (you always are, Mac) When I edit this back, y’all wish I was on crack okay? (GET THAT DICK) Deadpool XXX Deadly sinning I hate myself *OMG Saaaaaaame!* (BIH-) Okay, that was fun and games and slightly boring and my roommate is almost home So let’s fast forward, this next one Oh, bitch this next one Y’all ready to sue I’m not even gon let you guys see me get ready in this one. I want to surprise y’all with this. Actually, let’s just (Gay silence) (Mac e.xe has stopped working) Bye! (Surprise BiTcH) sexy donald trump biii-ih-ih-ih-ih-ih *screams and laughs* Her name is Donna Donna Trump Not a full shirt bitch Cop the bootleg MAGA hat that just says make America great, not again, cuz I don’t think it ever was in the first place Don’t deport me if I stop posting after this video, you know the CIA took me out. Like that’s that My belly button is showing right now. Can you see that? (mac youv’e succeeded in turning the whole audience gay congrats) (GET THAT) okay, wait wait I’m not done, y’all might think one sexy Donald Drumpf is enough, but BITCH There’s two! Bitch! *Mac-Laff* WOOOooooow I’m fat (Mac no you are beautiful young gay) (THAT DIH-) As you can see Donna got an upgrade for 2018 now she’s showing a little, a little baggage Y’know what I mean? Y’know what I’m saying? Some boopilaboop (GET THAT DICK) and I’m not wearing a full shirt, I don’t know why that a thing, and she got pants now as she giveth she also Taketh away if you know what I mean, right? These buttons are not supposed to look this way They just look this way on me because I’m yuuuge (trump accent?) I’m gonna go home now. I’m already home. I’m just gonna go back to the hospital I was born at ha ha ha, oh my gosh Look at this! Are they supposed to look like this? Wow donald trump wish he looks like this honestly, let’s be honest- Can we No, he doesn’t, he doesn’t at all. No one does actually. Well that is currently all I have today (Thank god) Now I have to wait another few days for the other costumes to come for me to try them on for this video so I will see you guys in literally one second. So *Damn, theirs more. i mean at this point why the fuck not* Fuck you. *fever dream* (DICK) So This is shit *laughs accompanied by going crazy* I filmed the first half of this video on October 14, it is currently October 21st *Bitch, Bitch. in the background* *laughter accompanied by losing his mind* fuck my life It’s been a week, long story short, I ordered all the costumes all at once The majority of them came, the second half came from a separate website I found randomly on the internet by googling, and scrolling to the second page bitch. The second, wasn’t even on the first page What am I thinking? oh, you know cheap costumes that look weird and interesting and I can try on for a video. That’s awesome Let’s get expedited shipping. So it arrives in two to three days (Pause?) So it’s been a week. I keep on getting notifications that the package is delayed, it’s delayed, it’s delayed, it’s delayed, it’s delayed As of now, the packages aren’t expected to come until the middle of this week But knowing the pattern of this tracking, it’s probably gonna be pushed back even further So that’s canceled. Right? That’s like we’re past that we’re moving on, but then it gets worse bitch I then looked deeper into where the package is coming from and right in front of my face It says the bitch is coming from Malaysia Malaysia, bitch Malaysia I just ordered cheap costumes from Malaysia They were probably made by children, I am a terrible person (i am offend). Why do you guys subscribe to me? so I – I don’t even – who But y’know what They’re ordered, they’re on their way apparently Apparently you don’t – we have no guarantee right now I’m just gonna end this video now – when they finally come, how about I upload an IG TV video Do y’all remember IGTV? y’all know what IG TV is? Obviously I forgot for a second until right now Follow me on Instagram Climb on an IGTV video and then that’s fuckin that, that’s it. We’re done. We’re over Halloween. We’re moving on Sorry about the mess, it’s just me, I’m not trying, I’m just Getting that dick and going honestly? On it! I think I might have been scammed I think my credit could been stolen, maybe my identity’s been stolen and I just don’t know it right now Maybe I’m just losing like a lot of money in my bank account, I should check my bank account Comment down below Do you think I just got scammed? Do you think my identity’s got stolen bitch? Cuz honestly bitch lets talk about it. My name’s Mac. I keep on looking at the monitor and I forget that that’s rude (Realization) BWAAAaaa I- I need food *computer voice*: This is the part where the ending music plays this is the part where the ending music plays (slay it momma) This is the part where the ending music plays (yas queen) This is the part where the ending music plays (slay) this is the part where the ending music plays.(skrrt skrrt) This is the part bitch where the ending music plays (please get help mac)

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