– If you guys have been
watching my channel for awhile, then you will know that
last year I did a video where I went to the
Halloween store and I tried on a series of different
Halloween costumes, it was something. So as you guys know by
the influx of content that’s been happening on
YouTube since probably July, Halloween is coming up soon. So I gotta keep the tradition going. I usually do a lot more
Halloween-themed videos than these, I’ll usually try on dollar
store Halloween costumes, or I’ll try on Halloween
costumes in the store, or I’ll try on Halloween
themed clothing lines. But I thought it might
be fun to go on Amazon and just order randomly the
first 10 weird/funny/supposed to be sexy plus size Halloween costumes and see what’s out there,
see what the options are. So, we got a giant box right here. I believe I have 10
Halloween costumes to try on, so this might be a long one, you might wanna grab some popcorn. All righty, first up, what do we have here in my box of goodies? I don’t know what you are. Oh, I think this might be a butterfly. The things that came up when I typed in plus size Halloween
costumes on Amazon was a trip. So first we have this little
I guess eye wear piece? I’m so confused by this. Oh God I can’t see. This is fine, we’re just
gonna jump right in. I mean, like, okay. It’s not bad. I don’t get the one
eye thing, that’s fine. Oh my gosh it kinda
matches my sweater, ooh. We’ll pretend I planned that. So then this I believe is the costume. Ooh. Does it say what I do? Is this around my waist? There’s no instructions,
it’s literally just a bag! Why is the pattern that
covers the neck piece or whatever this is, diamonds? What makes this butterfly themed? Why wouldn’t they just use black? I’m so confused, I okay. I think this goes around my neck, ’cause this ain’t fitting
around my waist, honey. I’m assuming, is this like
a super hero butterfly? I’m very confused. Oh, okay, it’s got little
hooks for you finger. I was looking for that. Okay, cool. Then you just do one of these
and then also one of these. I mean, it’s not bad. It’s very DIY-esque, like I’m just so confused
by the masquerade mask mixed with the diamond choker? It makes a very comfortable shawl. It smells like vinegar though, so. I don’t know how to feel about this. I guess I didn’t realize
the choker aspect of it. Don’t like that, feel like I’m dying. How did I wear chokers for
all of 2016 is beyond me. But I’m just bewildered by this. I’m gonna say that this
is not a win for me, I’m not the biggest fan. But it’s an option. But I have to take this off, it’s literally distorting my vision and making me feel crazy. I feel like they just put
a few costumes together so this one ain’t it, let’s move on. All right, what’s next
in my bag of tricks here? Ooh, I knew the second
I saw this what it was. So this my friends, is
what’s called a chub suit. Okay me. It comes with a pump. (laughing) Okay, this is gonna be a long video. All right so, this is one
of those inflatable suits. Hey, Drew? – [Drew] Yeah? – Can you get me four double A batteries? – [Drew] What did you buy? – I’ll explain later. – [Drew] I don’t wanna see
what it is until it, oh my God. – We’re gonna come back once
I’ve got this assembled. (Drew laughing) I feel like that Vine where it goes like. ♪ My milkshake brings all the ♪ I’m trying to floss. You’re supposed to go like this. – [Drew] Oh. – How do I look? – [Drew] Kinda creepy. – Okay, no that’s gonna make me pass out. I’m keeping this. This is a 10 out of 10, hands down. This is any size costume so I’m down. Help me get out! Ooh, ah. All right, next up we have just
a good old fashioned angel, but here it says full-figured. (laughing) So me. We love a full figured angel,
I’m really excited about it. It includes a dress band, or I’m sorry, a headband with halo and a dress. So, oh the halo’s cute. And then you just do one of these. Oh, Victoria’s Secret is shaking! This dress, honey, okay. Oh, you can definitely see my underwear, but that kinda makes it
a little risky, okay! I mean, what I would do is
just wear a white dress. I probably wouldn’t buy this. Also it is very stretchy, but if you were any more
than like I would say a size 18 this is not gonna fit you. These are some sleeves. – [Drew] You can fly away. – Yeah. So I think that’s part
of it, these are my wings flying away from your BS. Don’t call me angel. It’s a lot of sleeve, like it’s more sleeve than dress. So is it the worst, no. It’s very reminiscent of the butterfly. So, I guess if you were looking for like a look complete with wings, this might be it. But, I prefer the last one. The pink suits where it’s at. Next we have what is called
a spell binding school girl. This is in a size one to two X, this was the only size
they have available, so it might be a little bit too big. But, I just had to try this, because it’s such a blatant
knock off of Harry Potter, but they just don’t wanna get a law suit. Spell binding school girl it is. It comes with the dress and the cape. Sign me up. Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun. Actually, you know what? This isn’t that bad. It’s definitely too big, like as you can see. Does not come with the wand, but lucky for you guys I have one. Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun. This is actually kind of cute. I’ve never been Hermione, I feel like everyone was for Halloween, at one point or another, at least when I was in college. And I feel like now is my moment. This is cute. It’s definitely like I said, I mean it’s not anywhere near my size. But it’s an option, and it’s freakin’ cute. You could like you know do your little sexy spell and what not. I’m not mad at it, I think it’s kind of cute. I mean, this is like
right up your alley, so. Maybe I should save this for another time? All right moving on. I think it’s about time
for a couples costume. My boyfriend’s here helping me. Why did I just say my boyfriend, like you guys don’t know who Drew is. So, one of the first things I saw, which I don’t know why when I looked up plus sized costumes, was this couples costume, and I knew from that very moment, that I could not leave
without it being mine. So, this includes a two-piece little tunic matching set of peanut butter and jelly, and I’m so excited. I feel like you definitely
need to be the peanut butter. You’re like the peanut butter baby. – [Woman] Does that feel good? – Oh my God. Can we actually wear this this year? This is so great. Okay, so we got the jelly, and we got the PB. Is that what you wanna be, peanut butter? All right, let’s do this. And now for the main event. Mr. Peanut Butter and Mrs. Jelly. (laughing) This is actually so cute. This is honestly my dream come
true is to match with him, like I try all the time. Aww. – We’re a sandwich. – I love that. This is really cute, I genuinely like this, do you? – I mean. – Or do you hate it? That’s making me real hungry actually. I love a good smooth,
creamy peanut butter. You’ll have to let me
know in the comments below what your preference is. – It’s not like jam. – I’m thinkin’ strawberry, like a seedless strawberry jelly. But, it might be grape too, I’m not sure. Either way, we love it. Also I love that I’m wearing bike shorts and you’re wearing your shorts, and we genuinely are like
so matching right now. – Matchy, matchy. (camera snapping) – I love it, 10 out of 10. – Am I on my back too? Oh, shoot. – This is cute. I wanna keep this. – It’s not bad. I thought it was gonna be
like more constricting, but it’s pretty like… – It’s pretty comfy. I gave it a 10 out of 10, how about you? – 10 out of 10. – Obviously. – Wear the costume to find out. Boop. – All right, next up we have a bumblebee, and this is the first thing that came up when I searched the plus
sized Halloween costumes. There wasn’t like the sexy bumblebee, it was like this very rotund, with a little hat, hood thing. Drew just spit out his water, so that’s cute. And so I thought this would be perfect. So it is a tunic with
attached wings and stinger, and then it has a hood
with an attached antenna. Let’s freakin’ do it. Attempting to do this myself. Okay, top part, a little
tighter than I thought to be perfectly honest with you. The bottom part we have here is my adorable hat. Oh yeah, this is really attractive. (laughing) I fee like someone who
dressed up their dog. I’m the dog. Listen, this isn’t very size inclusive. I feel like this is supposed
to puff out a lot more.. But like, I mean… I’m trying to find positive things to say. I don’t feel my most
comfortable self in this. I feel very much like a two year old. I am a baby that someone has dressed up in an obnoxious costume, in an attempt for some good laughs. But like, did it work? Hopefully. This is very reminiscent of probably something my mom put me in when I was a eight year old. So, comfort wise it’s fine, hangs nice and lose. You can eat a lot of Halloween candy, and not have to worry about it being tight around the waist, I love that. You won’t get hit by a car, because you’ll be very bright and vivid. There is positives, but this is just so very bad. Moving on. Next up here, we couldn’t go through Halloween without being a pumpkin, right? We got our pumpkin suit here and a hat. This entire costume is made of felt, so. Just as a warning. All right, let’s do it. All right. Oh boy, here I am. I’m not gonna lie, I really like this. (laughing) I’m actually kind of feeling it, it’s kind of a look as
far as I’m concerned. It is felt as I mentioned, so like one wrong move and this whole thing is just ripped. But it’s comfortable, it’s functional. I could just wear my little sports bra and bike shorts with it, and go trick or treating. My hat is cute. It’s the same kind of vibe though, I feel like a cat that’s dressed up. But, it’s very comfortable. I will say that this hip area here doesn’t give much more, than if you were like a size 18, so it’s not exactly
authentic to the plus size claim that it makes. But this collar and everything, like yes. I do feel like you could
definitely DIY this though, if you had a long enough piece of felt. Just an idea, but either way, I mean, it’s cute. I ain’t mad at it. Let’s keep this good momentum going. Next here we have a… Oh, I think this is a flapper, so let’s see how this one pans out. What comes with it, is it literally just a dress? I thought it came with other things. It just says it’s a size one X dress. I thought it came with like the little long cigarette thing, and like the flower, but I guess you had to order that. All right well, we’ll try it regardless. This one’s kind of a dud, because it’s literally just the dress, and I’m so disappointed. I usually pay such close attention to seeing if accessories
are included or not, but this one it wasn’t. I mean, it’s very pretty. Look, I can do this. But, I really feel like I’m
missing my little headband with the feather sticking out of it. I feel like that would
really complete the look, but I mean, it kind of fits nice. I wouldn’t say it fits like a one X, I’d say it fits more like a zero X, like I still have a lot of room in it, but it’s shaky. It’s not my favorite
thing in the entire world, it kind of just looks like
I’m wearing a black dress, so. There was bound to be one fail in here. All right next, since you know I’m a holidays person. I love Halloween, but I also love Christmas. We have a Merry Christmas Santa costume. This comes in an etra large, so it might not be the most plus size, but it was the largest
one they had available. This says, “Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year.” To you as well. “Dear friend, thank you for your purchase. “How do you like it? “We hope this product
can bring you surprise.” – [Drew] Surprise. – I can only hope for the same. Okay, so we got a belt here, and then we have the dress. Oh, I might actually keep
this for Christmas, low key. All right, let’s try it on. Hopefully it fits. This I’m not even kidding, is so cute. I wanna keep it, and it actually fits. It’s comfortable. Ho ho freakin’ ho. I’m not joking, I really love this. This is an instant 10 out of 10 for me. It does fit really well around the waist, and I even have some room. The only complaint I will make, is that the arms are
very, very very tight. But, it’s very comfortable. I love the hood. I’m feelin’ the Christmas spirit. I really can’t stay. No, that song’s terrible. I like it, but I really don’t have
much else to say about it. It’s comfortable, it’s functional, I like the skirt. It’s got like a double usage included, like you can wear it for Halloween, and you can also wear it for Christmas. So I mean, I’m gonna give
it a 10 out of 10 instantly. I think it’s great, wouldn’t change a thing about it. I love it. Genuinely going to keep this, I’m not kidding. Like I’m going to wear
this come Christmas time. Like I could wear this to
your family Secret Santa. If God is a woman, then Santa can be too. And last but not least, we have another battery powered one, because I just can’t stay away. And this one, it doesn’t even have an explanation on it, it just is the photo. And it’s a man, and that man will be me, riding a shrimp. That’s a shrimp? – [Drew] Or a prong. – I’m really excited about this. Possibly the most excited of any of them. We’re gonna assemble this off camera and then give it a go. Okay, here I go. I go in this way, oh my feet. – No, those are the fake legs. – Thank you. (dramatic music) – Are you ready? (laughing) – This is the stupidest thing. My tail’s very heavy. I mean, it’s cooling, because you have the
fan on you at all times. It’s comfortable, it’s not comfortable at all. – [Drew] I like your shoes. – Yeah, my shoes are great. – [Drew] No, no your. – Oh, my shoes. Yes they are. I think this is supposed the
be inflated a little more, but like the air distribution
is a little janky. This gets an automatic 10 out of 10. This is the best Halloween
costume I’ve ever tried on in my entire life. I might even like this
better than the blow up suit, the pink one. The legs are pretty great, I’m not gonna lie. (laughing) If you actually picture
them being my legs. It’s blowing cold air up my back, so that’s not a plus. But if I was hot, I definitely would find it to be a relief. So I mean, do I hate it? No. I think that’s a good place to end it. We gotta go. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up. My thumbs, you can’t see my thumbs, but they’re there. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you guys haven’t already. Thank you guys so, so, much for watching this video. I hope you have a very
safe and Happy Halloween. I love you guys so much, and I will see you in the next one, bye. (upbeat music)


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