hey everyone so today we're gonna be doing a very exciting video in this video we are going to be trying on more inexpensive prom dresses every time I do a video like this I think it's gonna be my last one and then you guys request a whole bunch of different brands trying their prom dresses so I mean if you guys keep enjoying these videos I'm gonna keep doing them it's that simple so in this video we are going to be trying prom dresses off of dress Lily calm really quickly let me just tell you guys about my experience with ordering from this website just because it was a little bit different so unless share that so first things first I placed an order on dress Lily a little bit over two weeks ago and I ordered five prom dresses and I actually only received four so how that works is when you place an order it actually doesn't ensure that you're going to get all of those pieces if they end up being out of stock they just won't send them and then they'll refund you for it so you think like once you place the order that it's gonna for sure come but that's not always the case I guess because I didn't receive one so that is good to know if you are looking to get a prom dress off of this website you might want to get two just in case one ends up being out of stock you don't really know so it's a little scary but I think you could make it work the prices on this website are super super affordable I think the most expensive prom dress I bought was $27 I'm really upset though because the one that didn't ship out was this one it was red stunning I was so excited for it it's actually the one I was most excited for so of course it would be out of stock everybody else wanted it so without further ado let's see how the quality of these work and by the way there is writing on here that says rose girl that was from a different video this is just a different box so yeah anyways ok let's try on these dresses so in these videos I kind of try to find inexpensive alternatives and hopefully find a good dress for a good price so yeah but if you haven't seen my other videos I did it for eBay whish and Amazon and I have more coming in the mail so but okay let's do the first one let's start off with the one that's literally falling out of the bag genuinely it came like that so here is this blue dress okay already not too sure about this one this dress was $24.05 yeah five cents here is what the picture looks like on the website okay let's just it's really long the fabric feels kind of like athletic wear so it feels super super stretchy I wasn't super in love with the way this dress looked but I know not everybody has the same style preferences as me so I try and get dresses that are something that I wouldn't usually go for and some that I really like this is a high neckline this part feels pretty plasticy not really surprised by that since it is really really inexpensive you know what I think we better try this on you guys often say I look good in blue so I've been like trying to get blue because you guys are so sweet about it but okay let's try this on okay so I back this camera way up so you guys can see the full outfit head to toe because sometimes I cut it off like right here and I get that that's kind of annoying so full body this time and just in case anyone's wondering or if you're like around the same size as me I got these in a size small all of them and I'm five foot five so okay okay so here is this blue dress on alright so let me just start off by saying this isn't my favorite look I just feel like it's very droopy looking I guess this fabric really feels like you would start fitting me and then throughout the day it would just grow longer and longer and longer until I have like so much dragging on the ground this chain right here is kind of taking away from the dress to me just cuz it's so big and bulky I almost wish that it was the same fabric as the rest of the dress as for the sizing of the dress though it does fit me good the length is a little bit long for me so that's better than it being too short it feels like thin leggings to me all the way through but I mean it doesn't look too bad I feel like you can get away with wearing this dress if you like it I just don't know if I'm in love but I will say when I bought these this was my least favorite style so hopefully we go up from here okay the next dress I have to try on is just light pink this bag is so loud this dress was only thirteen dollars and 56 cents such a good price and the picture looks pretty decent like here is the picture that's a really pretty dress that I've seen like multiple times at prom so let's see this fabric is really decent like this is not this doesn't feel super super cheap feels pretty good not super thick but not really nothing wrong here the top feels a little bit more thin than the bottom but it feels super flowy and pretty and I love love like pink so let's throw this one on oh no you guys this this is not looking too good what the heck I have high hopes for this okay you know what I'm just gonna like see if I can make this a little bit better I feel like it's a little bit big so let me just work some magic here okay guys so I just clicked both of the straps a little bit shorter you can definitely see the clips right now they're right here also ignore my bra yes I have a bra on and if you were gonna wear this dress you probably wouldn't want to wear a bra but it actually doesn't have a built-in bra and the top is a little bit see-through so I think you would have to wear like pasties or something just so you guys know because the top is a little bit see-through like I'm wearing a nude bra and I can see it through it a little bit but okay all of that aside the see-through parts this isn't bad for thirteen dollars you could really make this work like imagine you have this dress you're $13 in you get the straps shortened you buy it a little skirt slip some pasties you're probably in it like maybe $30 and you have a cute dress it's a good length it fits me good it goes right to the floor which I like love the color you know what I'm actually going to give this a nine out of ten I'm pretty impressed I wish that it wasn't see-through though like why not just adds one fabric that it's opaque why is everything seen through I do like this style of dress because I say this in a lot of videos being comfortable is really important and a dress like this you'd be super comfy in so good okay next dress okay next dress that we have to turn is this black dress and this was twenty dollars and sixty one seven and here is the picture off the website so it's not your usual to the floor prom dress but I know not everybody is thinking that so thought this would be kind of fun I really like how the bottom in the picture anyway it like scoops down so I'm excited to try this out this feels like a really good fabric it feels thicker does I don't think it'll be see-through which is nice looks like it might be a little bit big but we'll see so okay let's try this on okay that's good okay so scratch everything I just said everything was completely wrong this dress does go all the way to the floor and beyond oh my gosh the back is so low what is going on and the sides are like pretty much just this is this doesn't really look like the picture but it doesn't look awful so let me just quickly clip a few parts okay so this dress out of the group so far anyway definitely had the most alterations here's what it looks like super basic just a slim black dress if I was keeping this I would have to get all quite a few alterations and have to get there's all the clips exposed if you guys are into this style I would say size way down with this dress because he's small usually would fit me and it was way too big so maybe an extra small would be more like a me I don't know maybe I just got the wrong size I'm actually not sure anyway on to the last dress which is my favorite so fingers crossed but it looks good all right so last and final dress this was actually the most expensive one but that's not saying much because there's only 27 dollars and 26 cents and here is what the picture looks like it's just this really pretty Lacey cream dress already though the color is a little bit more orange yellow whoo all right here's what it looks like the top looks super stunning so far and down to the skirt there's this nice slit wow this is really really pretty and this came in red and black as well but they were out of stock when I was buying them but this in red or black as well so stunning but okay let's try this one on feel super soft and it's got a few layers so hopefully it won't be see-through but let's see okay so here is this dress on first things first when I pulled on the strap it actually broke at the back so I have to like re push it in cuz it was just this little plastic circle so it kind of like broke and lit this the string out but then I like shoved it back I don't know what but it kind of was weird okay so here is this dress after I pinched it a little bit it fits a lot better as soon as the waist fits I feel like I enjoyed the dress a lot more it's not see-through which is nice there is quite a bit of extra fabric so tailoring lace is a little bit more difficult because when you have the lace layer you have to try and line up the lace so it's harder and can be sometimes a little bit more expensive not in love with this color on me because it happens to be almost the exact same shade as my body I think a deeper skin tone would look stunning in this dress literally so gorgeous but I don't hate it I just think it would look better if black or red with me and the trains actually a really length it's not super long but like you'd have a little bit dragging maybe you could like do some extra sewing to ensure that it stays on so yeah I think I'll give this one an 8 out of 10 looks wise I think it's pretty great build wise I would be a little bit hesitant but ok so this is the final dress let's go to my final thoughts final final final alright guys so that has been trying a few prom dresses off of dress Lily I really really wish that red one would have been in stock I just feel like that one would have been like the best but that's okay my final thoughts on these dresses as I think the quality was probably like a 7 point 5 out of 10 I don't think it was super super amazing quality at all and I do think that the sizing was a little bit confusing but I think if you like the style of any of these dresses I think you could make them work sort of thing they wouldn't be like ideal perfect but I think that for one day and if you want to get a good deal I think that these dresses you could make work for sure no matter what size you are I think that they would need a little bit of tailoring which is usually normal with prom dresses so it's not a huge deal but it is worth thinking about but yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this video to the people who have been suggesting that I try off dresses off of dress Lily I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope that it helped you guys out and if you're looking for an inexpensive prom dress for sure subscribe because there's gonna be more videos like this coming out in the next couple of weeks and I have other ones I'll link the playlist oh my goodness okay I totally forgot to tell you guys this package had 30 dollars worth of customs on it which I thought was really really pricey so that is something to be aware of the customs on these packages I don't know if it was just mine and I got unlucky but it was $30 which is quite a bit usually when it's like 15 I'm like okay that sucks but oh well but 30 it's like kay why why so yeah just so you guys know thought I would throw that in because you guys ask a lot but okay so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and don't forget to click the subscribe button I want to say thank you guys so so much for 170 thousand subscribers that is honestly surreal um real I'm so happy thank you guys so much yeah so I will see you guys in my next video bye

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  1. Is it pronounced Mia or myahhh
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  2. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Dresslily on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/dresslily-review/ Thanks, Elden.

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  4. Hey. I usually watch a lot of your videos and i have to say the dresses you picked today doesn’t look that wow on you. I think more dark colours suit you more xx but keep posting i like watching the dresses and all ?

  5. I love theis video so much???????? it so funny ???? and you so cute ?? I love you so much?????????????

  6. Theres a lot of people (like me) who watch your videos say later and just love watching them! I know that if I'm looking for a swim suit or whatever I'll search videos like that so if you post these year round it doesn't really matter! People will search when they need and a lot of us watch them without even needing a dress haha

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