Trying On Clothes My EX Wouldn’t Let Me Wear Haul ft PRETTYLITTLETHING

konnichiwa what does she know namaha India hi everyone its India and today's video is going to be reducing sodium poor of things I can finally well now I'm single if you didn't know I went through a breakup they probably knew because that's basically there might be some videos during the relationship he didn't really like it when I would wear certain things if they were like too revealing which is understandable to an extent there even a couple times where he would call me names like for for wearing certain things for example this top and this top that's nice so although he was never controlling with hers he didn't force me not to wear certain things we didn't tell me I couldn't instead he just touching me if I did out of respect I kind of stopped wearing certain things that I knew would upset him you know when you're in a relationship with someone and you love them you don't upset them but now I'm single and who doesn't have to really think of his knees so that's fun do you wanna mention that this is sponsored however I'm the one that reached out to them I love pretty good something I've seen a ton of really cute things in the website at the moment so I just where you guys know yes it's sponsored but I reached out to them because I genuinely loved walking with them I think they do some really cute clothes for a great price and I can tell from my videos that you guys always really enjoyed when I do pretty little thing holes they tend to get a lot of views you guys tend to really love them so can I do another one for you I haven't seen what's inside it so I'm really excited I completely forgot what I wanted actually let's go that's why if you're wondering why I'm like stood up in in a robe just because it makes like trying the things on like easier open literally no order this is just random things playing out I'm showing you first thing we have dress let's just soak you I've seen like blaze addresses be really like popular recently so I'm gonna try this on I don't do that oh oh so this is what it looks like though yes should have got a size smaller actually no that's a lie because only smaller it would have been too short because lengthwise it fits perfectly only thing is I feel like the top bit right here and like the waist could have been a little bit more snug I thought it would be really cute to just wear like a black lacy bra just so like because when you move like it does like show a little bit and so I feel like kind of makes a little bit more askew fun here it is for like length oh my god you know what I just realized this with my cute little thing black heeled boots I love this by the way I wear them like all the time I wouldn't so much use out of them oh this is a look holey shoes at first that's when I first put this on I was like it's cute but I don't know if it's really me but now I put it on I'm literally obsessed with it I think it's just the whole outfit like this was my in my back my back is this is a look okay nope outfit I've honestly forgotten everything picked out oh this is so cute okay this is a really cute white flowy dress which I thought would be like perfect for like some ah I'm gonna go try this on and I'll be right back woah okay so I'm actually kind of obsessed with this so this is what it looks like super cute super flowy I'm very summery it is quite revealing on the top half but I like you I think it's cute on to the next thing I got was here we have o bottoms yay I'm so happy I bought bottoms honestly like I have so many tops and just not enough bottoms and I'm always like what buttons to wear I'm really excited 'yes they look really cool yeah okay so I really could you just put on a random top just to go with it but now these are the bottoms so I'm obsessive like you only issue with them is all those you top with the waste is like a little too big I think I just got it tailored or something but like it's a loss if it fit like this this would have been like perfect but I'm happen to like hold it a nice idea other than that I'm really cool I don't think I would have been able to go for a size Lola because I'm kind of tool I mean this oh it's like a cool set oh okay I've been obsessed with like cool sets recently and like what kind of vibe good okay so I'm obsessed and I think it's so cute Luva it's just too big I call everything a size 8 and I usually fluctuate between size 6 and size 8 but I definitely got size 8 because honestly like I have gained a bit of weight and I've eaten like fast food like every day for like a month so bad oh it's a dress like or is it a Roomba no yes dress it's a dress Wow okay well this dress is very revealing you definitely gonna need some sort of like boob tape to keep this together yeah this is it it's really cute it's black and I'm really obsessed it's got little pockets a belt and a very very very low cuts I'm gonna go put on that black lace bra look yeah I actually kind of been fire it with the black bra I think I like adds more to it makes it look like kind of cool uh yeah I really like this I think it's cool over the knee boot pull like super extra over the knee boots and like a nice how it would be like so sick yeah I think this is really cool oh oh that's why I was so difficult to get into this dress it has a hidden zipper like right this idea that's why I'm just my brain doesn't work next week what oh my god I ordered these black patents pants okay I don't know how I feel about these they're really cool yeah I feel like these would be great for like an Instagram picture but like just an Instagram picture like imagine walking into a club or a party and just hearing this ooh I see myself wagging up like an Instagram picture and that's it I don't think I could do a whole night out and these actually maybe you could cuz I no one's really gonna be listening to it's gonna be too noisy next it is a rope oh this is so cute okay I'm gonna try something here back I'm obsessed so this is what the romper looks like this is like the top half I'm wearing a black bra underneath by the way so just so you know if you're not wearing a bra everything will be out yeah this is what it looks like super cute yeah I really like it I think it's really cute super fun super brush I'm obsessed I think it's really cool this is a dress oh it's like off-the-shoulder ruffled a Lulu let's go try this on so this is the dress super cute it's just like nude kind of ruffled at the top and then just like kind of plain ish awesome I think it's really cute and yeah I really like this one I think it's adorable definitely gonna wear this to like a cute party is like dinner would even be nice like pictures of the off-the-shoulder I just love the whole top part like the whole ruffles ruffles vibe it's like really my thing next off we have this is a bode students okay so this is the top it is really cute I love the lace super cute yeah it's not like it doesn't Wow me like the other items have but so cute next item is Oh like I kind of like cool set kind of like a satiny silk one okay this I'm obsessed with I think it's really cute just cuz it fits nicely it's pretty uncomfortable but it looks so good that it's worth it in my opinion it's just what it looks like yeah I just think it's really cute I really like it it makes you look super snatched and I've been looking for something like this for a while and it's exactly what I wanted next up oh this is so cute okay so it's like a top that goes like this let's try it on Wow okay so this is definitely one of my favorite pieces in the whole I think it's super cute super like my vibe at the moment I love the sleeves I think they're cute um I just think it looks so good woah I'm obsessed over loops that's okay so we have this top oh let's just so cute okay so it's that's me silky okay so if we want to get on but now that it's on I'm obsessed it's like it's just kind of backless okay so I just went ahead and tried on the last thing that I got it's really cute dress it's like huh kind of like a bronzy color this is what it looks like this is the top it's got this like kind of what's this called the cowl neck I don't know um and it's really cute like gold hoops over here yeah with it I think it's really cute too like a policy or something oh I don't know alrighty then wow I think that's everything that I got all the items will be linked in the description for you guys to go check out I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up comment down below your favorite piece that you saw me well and that's everything I love you guys so much bye

43 thoughts on “Trying On Clothes My EX Wouldn’t Let Me Wear Haul ft PRETTYLITTLETHING

  1. Just wear what makes you comfortable.. just know that too much showing then yes it might be too much in a relationship but single? Who cares haha wear what you want. Freedom haha

  2. Wtf, she is 16?!!! My parents would kill me if I wear something like this at her age. I am 18 and still not wearing clothes like her … what is wrong with girls now. No hate but why they are trying to act like they are 25 years old hot bitches 🤨🤨🤨

  3. If your ex wouldn’t let you wear those clothes
    Then let me tell you your ex is a real man its his total right to get jealous over his girls body I mean he doesn’t want any other man to look at you in a wrong way

  4. I literally unsubscribed because her channel is all about her ex now no hate I love her but she’s obsessed with him

  5. I feel like you're just covering up the fact that you're sad by showing everyone your body and boobs etc. Like girl you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. Making these sort of videos Will give your ex the attention that hè would want from you

  6. The first outfit makes her look even more like Blair Waldorf, even though she already looks like her

  7. I don't think she's obsessed. I just think it's one way to get over the toxic relationship she seemed to have with her ex. and that's ok in my opinion

  8. lmao nobody fucking cares if you think she should ‘get over’ her ex.everybody moves on in different ways so don’t tell her what to do cause thats none of your fucking business

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