100 thoughts on “Trying Cheap vs Expensive Halloween Costumes!

  1. Seriously can’t thank you guys enough, we’re nominated for a Streamy Award! How crazy!! I hope you like the video 💕

  2. @9:15 the costume doesn’t come with any skirt. Check the description in the product info. You weren’t even meant to get a shirt. You should have received a white detachable dickie, though! … even so… still a bummer 🙁

  3. The Etsy Harley Quinn costume was definitely a scam. It looks nothing like the picture and you payed $400, I’d be pissed

  4. That Hot Topic costume is a RIP OFF. I've bought a ton of their Slytherin themed stuff on clearance- skirt with suspenders and a sweater for less than $30 (one was $10 and one was $12). Paying that much for robe, sweater, and tie? Eeeesh!! I lucked out though, I got a Universal Studios robe on Mercari for super cheap.

  5. I’m wondering, and if I don’t at least ask or try then this will haunt me, but why do you complain something is skimpy if you are specifically searching for, and buying, the “slutty” versions as opposed to the more authentic and wholesome costumes?

  6. The first costume the cheap one is wayyyy better actually looks cute, second costume the expensive one is still cute I think it looks better without the shirt if the sweater was longer it would look adorable, 3rd costume not gonna lie the cheap one looks better OMG YOUR PRINCESS LOOK IS AMAZINGGGGG 4th costume the expensive one is adorable I love it it’s amazing you looks sooo cute in it best costume yet

  7. The cheap Rey costume looks so nice from the waist up, that I would just wear a pair of my own shorts over their bodysuit and call it a day.

  8. Hermione costume, I had a look on the website, this is what I saw
    "Costume kit includes: robe, deluxe heather knit sweater, deluxe tie and detachable white dickie"

  9. I looked online at hot topic about the skirt issue. In the description the skirt is not listed as what the costume comes with. The only piece you didn’t get was the little white collar. Otherwise everything else was correct. Might want to read the product description before you rant about not receiving a “completed” costume. Bad on your part.

  10. Its $400 dollars because its marketed more to cosplayers and apparently that means extortionate prices (not all but alot)

  11. I have a love hate relationship with Sierras channel. I love her videos and content but when I'm not in a good mood her videos annoy me so much lol but either way I love her vids and she's killing it

  12. Hey there! I think it would have been cool if you did it Safiya style and shopped for/compared the costumes with us and chosen the lost similar ones. I'm not sure If it was difficult to find matching costumes but it seemed the styles were very different. Like a sexy one and a regular one. I think if you compaired them and checked things better like the hermonie costume wasnt meant to come with a skirt.
    I think yandee is a stripper shop aswell.
    But great video!

  13. I think that if you combined the Harley Quinn costumes you would be all set. Like have the jacket, the belt, and possibly the shirt from the more expensive costume with the shorts, tights, and certain other things from the cheaper one you would look awesome. Also, if you got a gray skirt and blouse for the Hogwarts more expensive costume you would look awesome in that, too.

  14. Now I have paid 1-200 dollars for a costume before, but we’re talking full on renaissance garb. I don’t know who in their right mind would pay 400 for a shirt and skimpy pair of shorts unless they were ungodly rich and unwilling to help the needy. That is crazy to me. How do people get away with that pricing?

  15. Griffindor here 🙌🏻🙌🏻 2 years back I actually decided to invest in a nice Harley Quinn costume (mainly cz I love Halloween and it was like an early Christmas present for myself) and I so came across the same 2 costumes that you bought as like the top picks for Harley Quinn costumes! But just after a few reviews and seeing photos of the costume pieces I could tell neither of them is really worth the $$. So I ended up buying each piece individually tbh. I got a lace front wig, which I found one that was pre-done in low pigtails (finding one with high pigtails that also looks good on would have been like 2-3x the price) for like $50; I also, invested in a jacket, which was $60 and hands down it was the best investment! The jacket is beautiful, warm (esp great for sexy Halloween costume in NYC), and made in superb quality; and the rest of the items (shirt, stockings, shorts, and tats I got for under $25. I did not invest in shoes as only ones that are $100+ looked good enough to buy, and I simply didn’t think they mattered that much. But buying pieces separately for a costume that I really wanted to look good gave me the freedom to alter in sizes for pieces (as I have a large bust and always need my tops to be larger than bottoms) and it also really gave me the freedom to choose which pieces are worth investing in. Bottom line is that I spent under $150 for what I consider a really expensive Halloween costume, but it was absolutely worth it (I still use it for dance performances whenever required and it has held up super great!). And if I were to spend full $400-$500 like you did, I would have gotten them right shoes and the right accessories (bat, jewelry and belt) and would still have $$ left over, so the fact that your expensive costume did not include any of that is absolute insanity!!!!

  16. If you spent $400 on a "halloween costume" that is no longer for halloween. That's Cosplay. Something you wear to Comic Cons.

  17. If I remember correctly, dream girls is an adult lingerie brand, so I think your chest and booty were meant to be out and it wasn’t meant to be worn outside

  18. I do find Sierra sounds very entitled a lot, when she was saying how the Wednesday Addams costume needed braids and lipstick to sell the look otherwise it's just a dress, how hard would it have been for her to just plait her hair? Also that the expensive one came with stockings that she just didn't feel like putting on (so not really reviewing the costume as a whole).

  19. Slytherin 💚💚💚💚
    My little brother is Hufflepuff💛💛💛 same with one of my older brothers and my dad
    And my other brother is Ravenclaw💙💙💙💙

  20. 300 + dollars for a costume? Not. Much Rather buy regular clothes and get my moneys worth. Those are hardly worth that much. You can do your own thing. Be creative.

  21. in the hottopic site u should have just gotten the velvet black dress and they had cheap boots with black stockings it could could have been re used as separate outfits and u would have saved money disappointed…also u could have gone to party city for some as well

  22. Not to be THAT guy, but the listing for Hot Topic's Harry Potter Gryffindor Student Deluxe Costume Set states "Costume kit includes: robe, deluxe heather knit sweater, deluxe tie and detachable white dickie."

    It's a unisex costume set so they don't include a skirt or pants. So, the only thing your costume kit is missing is the white dickie. It's a bummer that part of it is missing though!

  23. if you look on the hot topic website the harry potter outfit you got says in the description that it only comes with robe, deluxe heather knit sweater, deluxe tie and detachable white dickie, NO skirt or anything :/

  24. I may be wrong but I am pretty sure…The studded harness piece that you could not figure out, the piece that looks like some sort of body crossing bdsm wear, does kind of go on like a back pack. It crosses at the back, straps of shoulders and your gun holster hooks onto it.

  25. I love her but please please please stop popping your leg out on your videos because you are a fullfigured girl. You can get away with that during pictures that aren’t moving film I really wish she would not do that. She will even pop her leg out when she isn’t posing

  26. My Harley cosplay is still the most expensive cosplay I have😅 I couldn’t help but laugh at that $300 one and the gun harness thing 🤣

  27. I am a Ravenclaw, and our entire basement library is done as the Ravenclaw Common Room.💙🦅 It's EPIC!

    I got the SAME Glinda costume from Amazon for $65 about 5 years ago and I wore it again this Halloween. Sad it went up so much! It's been a great costume.👑 I wore it with my wedding petticoat, and it ended up looking perfect.

    I mostly do thrift store and making with patterns. My friends and I went as the Sanderson Sisters with some homemade costumes for the Oogie Boogie bash….we ended up with a line of about 40 people and Disney had to free us from the crowd.😂 Definitely a fan of homemade.🎃

    I think you look amazing in the Anna costume you used to wear. You match her!

  28. I don't like the shirt or shorts for the more expensive Harley Quinn outfit, but I do like the jacket, belt & wig for it.

  29. I believe that part u didnt know what it was for on the Harley Quinn outfit, is a belt that goes around ur waist and ur leg.

  30. It's not sexy Harry or Hermione it's a hufflepuff costume(not that the color is just yellow no red) and both Harry and Hermione are from Gryffindor 😅 I'm such a nerd….its just a sexy random hufflepuff

  31. Chinese here. It’s true that sizes in Chinese run smaller than American sizes in general. I’m size M in the States but would have to pick size in L in China

  32. Is no one going to talk about the fact that the Harley Quinn costume is obviously not the costume that she orderd? Sierra, the etsy seller 100% scammed you. That looks nothing like the picture. The pants were supposed to be bedazzled. The shirt was supposed to be ripped and cropped. The belt needed to studded and the jacket doesnt even look like the same material. You should be doing a charge back on that scam

  33. Cool video! I’m impressed with all the work you put into this. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and identify as Ravenclaw!

  34. Girl return that Harley Quinn costume. If the Etsy person doesn’t take the return then open a claim on PayPal— you’ll definitely win because that’s nothing like what was described and what the picture showed PLUS it’s the wrong size

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