Trying 5 CRAZY Halloween Costumes Of 2019 | Elders React And Try Funny And Scary Costumes

– (Paulette) Hey, Dorothy!
We all float down here, Georgie. – I guess I’m a cheerleader?
– (FBE) A VSCO girl! – A disco girl!
– (FBE) No, a VSCO girl! – Oh, VSCO!
♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ – (FBE) Halloween
is around the corner. – (clapping) My favorite holiday!
– I loved Halloween. I loved to pretend.
And I loved being scared. But most of all,
(sing-song) I loved the candy! – (FBE) Well today, you will be
reacting to some trendy costumes from 2019.
– That should be funny! – I actually did dress up one time.
I wore a bridal costume, and I was Dennis Rodman.
– (FBE) And even more fun, you’ll be trying some on.
– Oh, wonderful. (laughs) – Are you serious? Okay.
– I’m up for it, yeah. I love costumes. – That’s a scary one. – (laughs)
– There’s no clowning around here. – You have the horror movie ones.
I don’t even know what that’s from, because I don’t really
like horror movies. – It looks like a clown,
and maybe it’s from some movie that I did not see.
– I just love It. I like the original one
with Tim Curry the best. The new one– I didn’t see
the second one yet, but the first one was really scary.
– (FBE) So, that was a clip from the sequel of the It franchise,
It: Chapter Two. – My granddaughter just saw it
with her friends. She said they brought hoodies
to put over their eyes at certain points. (chuckles)
– I have read the book. I have not seen the movie.
– (FBE) There are various takes on the Pennywise
evil clown costume, and it is one of the most
popular costumes this year. – Oh yeah. Oh yeah,
I’m expecting to see more clowns than usual.
– (FBE) So, we have one of the options to show you now.
– I like that. Wicked smile.
– Ahhh. I like that. – Now, that’s sexy. (laughs)
– That’s kind of creepy. I mean, I’m not afraid,
but it’s just kind of creepy, almost evil looking.
– (FBE) You ready to try it on? – Sure!
– Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! ♪ (whimsical piano music) ♪ – We all float down here.
– (Robert) Yeah. How you like me now? – The costume’s great.
I think I’d do my own face in real makeup.
I’m not big with masks. – (Paulette) Hey, Dorothy!
We all float down here, Georgie! – (FBE) Let me show you
this next clip. – (girl) Hi, you must
be new, mm-hmm. Yeah, this is my new hydro flask.
Oh, you don’t have one? – No.
– (girl) Hmm. Well, save a turtle. Um…
– Is this the VSCO girl? – (girl) These are just my scrunchies.
I notice you don’t have one. – Oh, I have lots of those.
– (girl) Really? You keep that. Don’t even worry about it. (laughs)
– Slow down, girl. – I have no idea
what she’s even saying. – (girl) Oh my god.
You’re not wearing a big tee, but do not fret.
I actually brought an extra! (laughs) Here you go.
You can keep it. Don’t even worry. – Ah-ha-ha-ha, I don’t trust her.
– She’s hysterical. She’s cute. But I have no idea what the hell
she was talking about. – (FBE) So, that was Tik Tok video
depicting VSCO girls. – What’s VSCO girl?
– (FBE) A VSCO girl is a term that is generally associated
with someone who edits their images using the VSCO app
and wears puka shell necklaces, scrunchies, and oversized T-shirts
as well as typically drinking from hydro flasks and advocating
the use of metal straws to save the turtles.
– Huh. Interesting. Learn something new.
– Hey, I’m part VSCO girl then, ’cause I have metal straws.
– I heard of it because of the videos where they dressed up the dogs
like these girls. – (FBE) Here’s an image
of a VSCO girl. – Oh, she’s cute.
So, that’s what they wear? Long T-shirts?
– I’ve seen my daughters kind of wearing some of this stuff.
Like, they have multiple scrunchies. I haven’t seen
the puka shell necklace, ’cause that’s pretty weird.
– I see the shoes. I see everything there.
I kinda like it. – (FBE) You ready to try it on?
– If you insist. ♪ (whimsical piano music) ♪ – I like the straw.
It’s really neat. – I guess I’m a cheerleader?
– (FBE) A VSCO girl! – A disco girl!
– (FBE) No, a VSCO girl! – Oh, VSCO!
– And I oop. And I oop. And I oop. (snickers)
Hey, ready for Halloween. – ♪ Thank you, next ♪
– Cheerleader costumes? – ♪ Thank you, next ♪
– Is that Ariana Grande? – Ariana Grande!
– Oh, dear. She’s expecting.
– (laughs) – Oh, god. One of them
is pregnant. (laughs) You know, we used to
cover ourselves with– really so you couldn’t tell
you were pregnant. Today? Poof.
– It’s a nice thing to bring into the video and make
that more acceptable. – (FBE) So, that was a clip
from Ariana Grande’s music video, “thank u, next.”
– Yeah. Okay, I love Ariana Grande. – (FBE) The pregnant cheerleader
in the music video is YouTube celebrity
Colleen Ballinger, who’s actually been
on YouTubers React here at FBE.
– Oh! Cool. – (FBE) She was pregnant at the time,
and Ariana wanted to include her in the video, which has made
the pregnant cheerleader costume even more popular this year.
– Okay. Pregnant cheerleader. All right. (laughs)
– (FBE) Here’s what it looks like. – (laughs) Perfect!
Okay, I’m in. I mean, he’s got better legs
than I do at this point, but they used to be something special.
– That’s some– no, no, no, no, no. That’s almost like mocking motherhood.
Oh, no, no, no. – Isn’t Halloween supposed
to be a little out there anyway? You know, where we destroy
all of our norms, our societal norms, and for a day,
we suspend reality and we become dogs and giraffes and gorillas
and whatever else. So, just be whoever the hell
you wanna be. – Okay. This is not the way
it felt, but… (laughs) I still remember. ♪ (whimsical piano music) ♪ – What are you doing
to me? (laughs) Do I have to kick my legs too? (cheering) – Oh, my grandkids are gonna
LOVE this episode! (chuckles) Ra-ra-ree, kick ’em in the knee! – (FBE) Here’s this next video
that inspired a costume this year. – (Dustin) Is she here?
– Love this show. – Oh, that’s from Stranger Things.
– (Steve) Henderson. – (Dustin laughs)
– (Steve) Henderson! He’s back! He’s back!
– (Dustin) I’m back! You got the job!
– (Steve) I got the job! – Great sailor outfit.
– There’s another costume right there. – (boys making sound effects) (boys laughing) – (Robin) How many children
are you friends with? – She’s strange thing.
That’s a strange thing. She’s a… That’s not nice.
– When I was a kid, parents did that to the little kids.
They put ’em in sailor suits. That was a costume back then.
– Since that series was so popular, I expect to see a lot
of those people banging on my door while I hide and pretend I’m not home.
– (FBE) So, that was a scene from the third season
of the Netflix hit, Stranger Things, which hit the record
of 26.4 million US viewers during its release weekend.
– Wow. That’s amazing. – What did we used to do?
We had costumes without TV shows. – (FBE) Here’s what it looks like.
– Okay. Yeah, that’s… adorable. – I’d wear that.
That’s cute. Ahoy there. – I like that. When I was growing up,
it was more like professions, people’s professions: nurses,
doctors, sailors, army clothing, you know, things like that. ♪ (whimsical piano music) ♪ – I love it!
What kind of ice cream can I get you today?
– We make the best banana split you’ve ever had.
It’s just amazing. You’re gonna love it!
– You want me to go out of the house looking like this?
– ♪ (humming) ♪ That’s the old sailor shuffle.
It’s from an old Gene Kelly movie. – (FBE) Here’s another one.
– Okay. – Aww, Mr. Rogers.
– You got a pullover sweater for me? (chuckles) Right?
– I was too old even when he started, really, to watch his show,
but my kids did. – ♪ Could you be mine? ♪ – Oh, what a wholesome TV show, has his sweater on.
– ♪ …neighborhood with you ♪ – Okay, I’m curious
what the costume would be. – (FBE) So, that was a clip
from the children’s show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.
– Right. Mr. Rogers. – (FBE) It was announced this year
there would be a film about Fred Rogers called
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which will be releasing
November of this year. But it’s already inspired costumes.
– I forgot about that film! Of course! That’s gonna
generate a lot of costumes. Let’s take a look at one.
– Oh. – Mr. Rogers never came out like that.
– I didn’t see that coming. That’s a different variation.
– Okay, they spiced it up, uh-huh, with some hot pants.
– They look fabulous. – No. I just– especially
Mr. Rogers, though. That’s– I know they have
sexy nun and they have all– but no, Mr. Rogers…
I mean, he’s iconic. – (FBE) You ready to try
this costume on? – No, I don’t think so.
There’s very few things I draw the line at.
– (FBE) I’m kidding. We actually don’t have
the costume in for that one. – Yay. God, would I
look terrible in that. Oh, well.
– (FBE) So finally, how do the Halloween costumes
of today compare to the costumes from when you were growing up?
– I think the costumes that I had when I was growing up
were a lot simple. Some of those costumes consisted
literally of a sheet with two eye holes cut into it.
So, I bet you I’m not gonna see one of those knocking
on my door this Halloween. – Well, when I was growing up,
they were all homemade costumes. I can remember wearing a Batman
or some Captain Marvel or capes that I made myself.
It was all let’s pretend, and I loved it.
– In this day and age, I think they’re more extreme
than they were when I was growing up. When I was growing up,
costumes were like Superman, the Cisco Kid, a grandmother,
grandfather. – It was a much
different time back then. Girls, you know, they didn’t
dress like that. They didn’t put those kind
of outfits on. They might have put
a fancy gown that’s your mom’s, like they’re dressed up
like they’re in formal wear. But it wasn’t something
with cut outs and a lot of skin showing.
At least, that I remember and I would probably remember.
(chuckles) – Thanks for watching this
spooky episode of Elders React. – Shoutout to Mr. Malek.
– Hit the bell and subscribe for more videos.
– Happy Halloween! – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of Elders React. Make sure to subscribe
to this channel but also subscribe
to the React Channel so you could see our reactors
gaming, competing, and so much more.
Happy Halloween.

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