100 thoughts on “Trump tweets: Melania’s jacket was message to media

  1. When the Civil WAR that CNN is pushing for Starts … Patriots should Remember where all the CNN Buildings are located. That is where it starts!

  2. Completely false, she wasnt wearing the jacket when she arrived to Mcallen, Tx. She had a button-up cream colored blouse when she arrived to Mcallen and when she boarded the plane she also had the button-up cream colored blouse. The other pictures of her wearing the jacket she is clearly wearing a bright white sweater underneath. She mustve worn it in another visit somewhere else but not to McAllen, Texas to see the migrant children. Look it up if you dont believe. Another fake news propaganda….

  3. No creo tenga el cerebro o la iniciativa para tomar acciones, ella es solo un títere del gobierno de Trump…/ I don't think she had the most little leadership initiative for something or any action, actuality she is the puppets of Trump's government… Her brain it's so limited!

  4. Democrat and proud. Thank god for cnn and liberals alike to call out this woman’s obvious SS Natsee message. But dear god I want to see the bottom of her feet.


  6. And yet the media still remains so out of touch with reality that your dont realize we are all laughing at you. And you still think that you can change the narrative by just re writing it to be what you want it to be. Cnn you've become a joke.

  7. She went from classy to trashy just another bag of trash like her husband Trump she finally showed her true colors now instead of hating one we can hate them both equally she deserves all the media bashing she brought it on herself

  8. He leads the press around by the nose. It's pathetic to see all this deciphering over a stupid fashion choice, ( who knows maybe she's getting a pay day from Zara for her trouble), and Trump's opportunistic bashing of his favorite pinata, the media. This country's a tiresome embarrassment…and CNN's shares in this, let's be clear about that.

  9. Hello people hello world we know the truth hard within Melania and what's in Donald Trump too hard and what's in the rest of the Republicans and everyone that is on their team and cheering for them they are Nazis Klu Klux Klan and white supremacist they don't give a hoot about anyone kids but their own that's not getting confused people this is the new world this is the luck the world we've been living in for hundreds of years and for all my life since I've been here on this Earth that's all I ever seen to be at Mississippi Boy that's all I ever saw that's all I ever heard and it's true it is this everyday I live see it and breathe it and it amongst everyone but that's not Who We Are if you have hatred and don't want to do right by peoples and specially dividing family what these people have done for a lifetime they kill our kids they kill our parents they locked I was people's up they locked kids

  10. No, no, no, no, no, no!!!!  Melania was directing this message to Trump as he tries to explain Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal or the dozens of others!<<Adopt Trump impersonator voice>>  Melania, don't believe those dozens of credible stories about me philandering around the country… its all Fake News Media lies trying to malign my character, blah, blah, blah… the Fake News Media is making this up, blah, blah, blah… they're out to get me, blah, blah, blah!!!Melania:  Save it Donnie!!!  You're the only one lying over and over again!!!  I can't believe anything you say, and "I really don't care do you"!!!

  11. why wear a jacket but that's another story. I can only imagine how viciously the right wingers would have attacked Hillary or Michelle if they had worn anything similar to that jacket.

  12. 'UP ON THE HILL , PEOPLE NEVER STARE – THEY JUST DON'T CARE ' Steely Dan Aja – a long time ago they saw this .

  13. why don 't you cnn morons just ask her what it means, oh ..that's right cnn fake news is not welcome at the whitehouse

  14. Damn I thought she was using Trump money for something useful. Instead, she brought and wore some ugly eyesore jacket. Middle of 2018 and she still hasn't done shit yet for being the First Lady.

  15. And by the way they do " care" about something or those children woukd not be there without their paremts….is there an a agenda on what exactly they planned for these children? What exactly did that "law" passed say that happens to the children? I would love to see how that law reads…its been said its on the Obama website but yet to find it?! Or is it like what reads on her jacket…I really dont care do you? It seems people in the "free" world cant see the horrific things that are going on…until its them i suppose being locked up in a walmart store..perhaps then they will know what that jacket really was meant for and to say

  16. I now believe that Melania is openly rebelling against her wayward husband's misguided sentiments, policies, and practices.

    After studying and evaluating all the evidence, I conclude it was a brilliant gambit that utterly blindsided Mr. Trump.

    Let me walk you through my analysis and reasoning since it's by no means obvious how to make sense of this.

    This story was a challenging one to parse. After researching it for the better part of a few days, I finally arrived at the best surviving hypothesis that remains consistent with the known facts.

    Here, without further introduction, is my concise explanation of the Zara jacket, as I first posted it four days ago on the YouTube Comments on Stephen Colbert's Monologue.

    Given that both Ivanka and Melania (reportedly) lobbied Mr. Trump to revoke his policy, I doubted the sentiment expressed on the back of the jacket was hers. Let me explain.

    I can imagine Mr. Trump having said something like that to Ivanka or Melania on multiple occasions in the past. If so, Melania may have acquired (or borrowed) the Zara jacket to remind her husband of his heartlessness when she finally had an opportunity to take a direct action of her own in response to such a mocking question from him.

    And here is the evidence for that: The night before, in Duluth, Mr. Trump repeated the phrase "We Don't Care" in a mocking call and response chant to his base.

    It occurs to me that Melania intentionally wore that jacket because it quotes what Trump said at his Duluth rally the previous night. She threw his heartless words back at him and then personally and publicly acted to repudiate his manifestly heartless sentiment.

    Jesus famously said to one of his own disciples, "Get thee behind me, Satan." Melania was literally putting her husband's unbecoming remarks behind her, as she headed off to demonstrate her genuine concern and compassion. And note that she donned the jacket a second time as she returned to the White House. But she did not wear it in Texas, only in Washington DC.

    When Melania met with some of the migrant children in Texas, she expressly called them "kind" thereby refuting Trump's absurd and oft-repeated claim the Latino youth were illegally crossing the border to become MS 13.

    That's the evidence upon which I rest my case.

    I've laid out my own preferred working hypothesis du jour. Now we wait for future evidence to affirm or falsify any or all of the numerous and varied alternative narratives on the airwaves.

    And I'll give you dollars to donuts, the ridiculous narrative explanation DJT tweeted is the polar opposite of the ground truth.

    Now on to my bottom line:

    Melania brilliantly revealed and branded her husband's heartless demeanor. Moreover, there is nothing he can do about it. He can't fire her.

    Moreover, she has beaten him at his own puerile and tiresome game of branding others.

    When the dust has settled, I anticipate that Melania's remarkable gambit will be seen as an unanticipated and heroic turning point in the fortunes of her husband's manifestly heartless administration.


  18. Where on that jacket does it mention things about KIDS???? WTF is wrong with y'all? Y'all go online to post shit but don't DO SHIT PROACTIVELY

  19. 😂😂😂you all fell for it! She did this to get the attention from your biased news sources, they knew the only way you would say anything about her going there to see those kids is if she have you all something BAD to report on! You all are fools, utter fools… we are all laughing… hard.🙏❤️☺️ her sarcasm is palatable.

  20. What a bunch of tasteless, thoughtless, raggedy, trashy, heartless pieces of amphibian shit… Fuck everything about the Trump administration and everyone who like this group…

  21. CNN should be reporting about the issues in Mexico that are causing the Mexican Families to illegally sneak across the US border breaking US laws. If CNN and the lefties really cared about immigrants there would be discussion and questions posed to the Mexican authorities about why Mexicans feel the need to run from Mexico to escape such poor living conditions. Truth is… They really don't care!

  22. It's a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today's important visit to Texas, I hope this isn't what the media is going to choose to focus on…….

  23. Upset because the first lady wore a jacket saying no one cares, do you. But some of you morons don't seem to care about the children, you only care about First Lady Melania Trump.

  24. Nobody "Dumbass" Awww! Did facts and truth FUCK YOU! in the Ass ..AGAIN!! Just as life and your "uncles" have done repeatedly, While you are a Corner suck Bitch, like your mommy taught you, to make the rent. So get back to the corner BITCH!!!

  25. . Previous first ladies. all have been cautious of what message they send. This is apart of that fish bowl life they live in.

  26. Stop discussing that fucking jacket! Stop feeding trolls! Just demonstrate it once and make meaningful tense pause, that's more than enough for smart people!

  27. These 2 heathens really need to crawl back under the rock where they came from hello can we actually get a human elected and not heathens or at least an intelligent human who is mature ?

  28. and a first lady we can actually understand and who knows what her job is and how to represent herself instead of making a complete ass of herself and the us i mean shes like 50 right? shes clueless which makes us look like complete uneducated idiots

  29. Of course it's a message by Melania that she doesn't care that fat ass Trump pays hookers and porn stars for sex. She gets to keep the millions after all. She is not just the first lady, she's the first gold-digger.

  30. Great message Melania! The media truly are fake news on so many things… thank you for sending this message to them on behalf of all the people who would like to here the truth… not the coverups… and to President Trump for clarifying who the message was aimed at.

  31. Where is this famous jacket now we all know that her husband is a cheat and a complete fony? Lol, divorce your loser orange, save face and move back to your fatherland hahaha

  32. It now seems that her words were directed more at HIS crazy ass, than a dig at the media. She obviously can't stand him – rightfully so, and she's starting to directly oppose his divisiveness & lunacy. I just may grow to respect Melania.

  33. What do you expect from a Stupid women from a another Country Stupid BITCH she knows what she or Anyone in the public eye will be looked as a foul thing to wear to see people in distress especially Children! Go back to Your Country your Not welcome here or Canada 🇨🇦! Cgr Ktz Mom Disrespectful ‘hag’

  34. You know…it is all a joke. The whole family is a joke. I will be glad when they all go home. They take up too much internet space.

  35. I think she's fed up with the media…..so am I. She obviously loves children, she's a dedicated mother. Reading everything into everything she does is ridiculous. Pretty sad news day kids.

  36. The B.V.M. tells us we all are God's Creation – plants, animals waters mountains… – and should be united in love through Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit… Any one of the Creation suffers the whole Creation suffers….
    She did mention Nibiru…. https://youtu.be/JcrOr8-uRM0

  37. I have a coat and on the back it reads- " Trump, you are a real dick!" People love it and have asked to buy it! I'm thinking of putting it into mass production.

  38. yea tis dumb white bitch she wore tht jacket on purpose she really dont care but if the cartel took her fucken kids and separate her family you know she would care if the tables where turned feel sorry for them kids separate from there parents she sent a clear msg of what she wanted to say she has a closet full of jackets and she decided to wear tis one

  39. Lolololol
    The Reality President's wife
    Wearing her jacket of the year
    Even her son knows she has no fashion statement.
    But then again only in a Reality White House
    Lololololol Lolololol
    I'm loving❤ it 👈

    Bye 🖖Felicia 😜

  40. Hillary Clinton. The only First Lady to ever ever be indicted. You don’t remember because you liberals have selective memory. Slick Willy. Bill Clinton. The sexual assault king. You people are all hypocrites. Get over it

  41. CNN IS THE KING AND STARTED FAKE NEWS. IF YOU DID NOT LIE SO MUCH MAYBE 200 million people would not keep saying your fake news.

  42. Hahahaha she played the msm and looking at the comments and all the fool's on the left!!!
    Greatest president ever with the greatest 1st.lady ever.
    Donald Trump 4 EVS!!!!

  43. It don't refer to no media. The fact that she wore it to the detention camp says it all Melania purposely wore that jacket the tell the world she doesn't give a damn about the kids at the border. She's as evil and selfish as her husband is.

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