TREND REPORT: teddy bear coats | Cop or Drop? Which ones are worth buying?

[Music] hi guys my name is Jamie and welcome to my channel so in today’s video I want to give you guys a trend report on teddy bear codes we all have seen it it’s definitely trending right now we’ve seen it on Instagram but the question is should we buy one now and in today’s video I want to tell you guys a little bit about what I think is a good teddy bear coat and if or if not you guys should buy it and finally I’ll show you guys how I style my teddy bear coat the way I see it I think a long puffer jacket and a wool coat had a baby and gave birth to the teddy bear coat it’s kind of warm and functional like a puffer jacket but also it has that clasp and it looks a lot more put together than a puffer jacket and feels a little bit like a coat so it’s kind of like the best of both worlds I’ve an eye in one since last year but I didn’t buy it last year because I thought it would be like a little bit of a one season hit but it wasn’t and the original iconic teddy bear coat by Max Mara is coming out with more colors and the popularity of these coats seem to be only increasing and I think it’s something that people constantly gravitate towards because of the comfort and flexibility of this particular article of clothing but since the original Max Mara iconic teddy bear coat is a whopping four million six hundred and eighty thousand Korean Won which is like four hundred and fifty dollars no four thousand and five hundred dollars but since I can’t afford it and nor will I probably purchase this hi I had the money I think it’s a good time for us to find alternatives I think this particular piece can come off very cheap if you wear it the wrong one or wear one with bad material so my take is that if it’s gonna look cheap don’t follow the trend and if you can afford to find something that is either expensive and looks expensive or something that looks expensive but isn’t that expensive go get that one but if you can’t find either what either one of these two is just don’t buy it I’ve combed through quite a lot of online shops Instagram and department stores and I realize that dupes look really cheap so what makes them look cheap it’s the fabric the max marijuana is 88% camel wool now we can’t compete with that but a good alternative will have somewhat and a mediocre number of camel wool and a little bit of wool and very little polyester mine is camel wool 36 percent wool 40 percent and polyester 24 percent I think it’s a good mixture because when I wore it there was a lot of wool in it as well so it happened volume and it had that warmth and a little bit of rigidity that I wanted at the same time it fell nicely mine the downside is the color is a little off it looks like the iconic teddy bear coat from Max Mara has been washed and watered down but I prefer texture over color so I made the purchase however most dupes have very little to no camel and it’s mostly polyester and plain wool had there been a lot of just well I think that would just be tolerable as well but I think a good example by a bad teddy bear coat is one that Keynes had advertised and I really really like the celebrity she’s beautiful and she looks like a beautiful person inside and out but this one particular collaboration that she did where she chose this teddy bear coat to be hers this particular season I don’t buy it it was won by a brand called on and on and if you see the material it’s 100% polyester yet the price is even 200 to 300 dollars looks are our priority yes but the functionality should be taken into consideration as well a 100% polyester coat is not going to be warm I’d rather buy a North Face puffer jacket that costs $100 more so now I’m going to show you guys why I gave into this trend I bought mine for a pretty hefty price but I am in love with mine because of the versatility of this item the first look is as comfortable and messy as one can get I wore my sweats with the thirsted Stasi sweatshirt it looks like I’m either going to the gym or resting at home the beauty of this puffer jacket is that this blonde outfit turns casual but fun I paired my new fluffy checkered slip-ons to create the furry on furry look the second look is a bit more fixed up jeans and a knit are my go-to during the winter I noticed that the teddy bear coat looks better with a turtleneck because of the color that peeps through and a lot of celebrities and models just pair jeans and Gucci sneakers with their teddy bear coats but I think that’s a little bit too much luxury in one look I added my Nike Air Force Ones to the look to create an ordinary daily outfit the last look reminds me of Victoria Beckham it’s fierce minimalistic and chic all black on this look and a softer coat evens out the general feel of the look I imagine a businesswoman or someone that just really wants to look effortlessly chic to wear this outside all these looks are somewhat ordinary and bland but I wanted to show you guys how versatile this piece can be it can be business appropriate to casual and comfy when you go out to get coffee with your family on the weekends so that’s all for today thank you guys for watching I want you guys to know that I really really only wear my teddy bear coat right now and I imagine that I’ll be able to wear it up until December and when it goes down to below zero degrees I’m gonna have to wear my puffer jacket so thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next one bye

15 thoughts on “TREND REPORT: teddy bear coats | Cop or Drop? Which ones are worth buying?

  1. Teddy bear coats are a cop but jeez they are SO expensive
    And I think that your duped coat is amazing!

    P.s can you do a video on learning languages? 🤠

  2. Last look is my favorite!👀❤ Noticed that your editing has changed, and i love it. So informative and easy to understand👍🏻

  3. I just came across your channel. You’re so informative and I can tell that you’ve clearly done your research. Subscribed. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. No one disagrees that quality comes w a price. Here in the states most young girls buy teddy’s from SHEIN which are super affordable & still looks good. Then there’s the higher end from Nordstrom. Just as a side point Teddy bear trend is nothing new but a market gimmick… it’s been around since I was a kid in the 80’s but back then it was know as Sherpa coats. Sherpa’s been around like forever.

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