Trae Tha Truth pays for grads’ caps and gowns

it’s graduation season and as lots of families finding out that and get pretty expensive in some cases students can’t afford the graduation necessities a Houston rapper found out about a handful of seniors dealing with that at Booker T Washington high school so he surprised them channel twos Taisha Walker live with that feel-good story tonight in Taisha trade the truth coming through in the clutch that’s right Dominique so on June 2nd all 150 graduating seniors here at Booker T Washington High School will walk across the stage at TSU at 10:00 a.m. in their caps and gowns and today trade the truth made sure of it signs around Booker T Washington High School in northwest Houston serve as a daily reminder for students to strive for excellence lifting one another up is exactly the message educator Booker T Washington worked to spread in walks rapper Trey the truth who shares a similar vision that possibilities may call me captain bounce let me take here oh so there’s one less thing you guys my graduation process the searching students in the room were having a tough time coming up with the $65 to pay for their senior dues those dues would also cover the cost of their caps and gowns when Trey found out he and his relief gang organization stepped up to pay off the debt students like 17 Road Sivan Martin were worried about coming up with the money by next week’s deadline and then you know my nanny said she was gonna pay it but I’m now I’m glad that she don’t have to you know it’s a blessing change who came out paper didn’t matter if it was one or two office 2010 the other day we just helping those who need to be helping that’s the principal says the lessons they’ve been teaching their students about the school’s namesake came full circle today and today is just a true fact of what success can look like when you reach down to give others the opportunity to come up as he’s done today and this is what we tell our students each and every day Trey the truth says all he wants in return is for the good deeds to spread he told me so I want to have somebody else that’s how that’s how it is this all worked out it was perfect timing the principal tells me they would have found a way to make sure that those 13 students got caps and gowns to walk across that stage on June second but Trey just happened to step in today during the perfect time Trey also tells me that he visited three other high schools today to make sure that other students have the proper necessities they needed to get their diplomas live in northwest Harris northwest Houston Taisha Walker KPRC channel 2 2 News

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