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Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss trad style; what
it is, how it evolved, and how it’s different from prep style or Ivy style. Trad is an adaptation of the North Eastern
American style which is not as popular as prep or Ivy style. Arguably, trad is the most classic and refined
version of this northern American style. It’s, in fact, a somewhat contemporary take
on the fashions of the roaring 20s. Its core is similar to Ivy style, trad was
born as a form of rebellion against the fathers and the parents. It was a way for students to develop their
own identity using clothes that were somewhat related to what their fathers would have deemed
appropriate, at the same time, adding their own touch to it. Trad was way for young men to distinguish
themselves from polo and boat shoes wearing young men as well as very stodgy old Saxon
wearers. So what exactly is the difference between
prep, Ivy, and trad style? Think about it this way, prep is the most
casual style. Ivy is a notch up, and trad is even less casual
and more formal than Ivy style. Some of those argue that trad is a more sensible
approach to classic clothing that is a little more unique and interesting. The entire purpose of trad is to maintain
the conservative approach to clothing while adding a personal note without going overboard
and looking like you’re wearing a costume. For those attending Ivy League schools, that
often meant a blazer that was very traditional, sometimes with a crest embroidered on the
chest pocket, maybe paired with a repp tie and a regular button-down cotton shirt in
white. For more casual events, andanIvy style proponent
would probably wear a school sweater. A trad person would maybe wear a v-neck sweater
with a sport coat on top of it. In the 60s and 70s, a piece that was very
popular was a turtleneck sweater. Ironically, it is popular once again the Instagram
world and so if you look around, you can see a lot of men wearing turtleneck sweaters combined
with suit jackets or sport coats. For a casual event today, a trad would maybe
wear a sweater or a sweater vest but with a bow tie and a tweed sport coat. Whenever you see the bright colors of Polo
Ralph Lauren or maybe even J.crew, think of trad as more muted and less flashy. Often students weren’t allowed to attend functions
or school in the more vibrant preppy or Ivy style clothes so trad allowed them to express
themselves while still adhering to traditional dress codes. So how would you dress in a trad style way? Well first of all, think of it as using a
very traditional approach with a bit of nonchalance. You can also check out our video on sprezzatura
and while that’s over the top, in most cases, it goes in the right direction. You just add more casual elements that would
traditionally not work with your outfits, for example, that means you invest in a blue
navy blazer or two in several three-piece or
two-piece suits, as well as cardigans and sweater vests. However, instead of going with plain solid
worsted colors you would mix it up and wear maybe a herringbone suit in brown just like
the one I’m wearing here right now, or maybe a houndstooth flannel suit, or you would go
with a faint windowpane on your navy suit, instead of going plain solid. So to mix it up, you would skip the matching
vest with your suit and instead, opt for maybe a burgundy flannel vest or a doeskin vest
or a moleskin vest or you could go with a blue tweed vest such as the one I’m wearing
it here right now. In terms of neckwear, you can still wear neckties
and bow ties, however, you can maybe go with slightly different knots. Not just a four-in-hand but maybe the Oriental
knot the Victorian knotk or the Kelvin knot, and to learn more about how you can tie those,
please check out our video guides here. In terms of type fabrics, madder silk ties
were very popular and so were repp striped ties, however, a little more texture such
as with knit ties, or maybe a bourette silk ties just the one I’m wearing here right now
were quite on point because they were different than what their fathers wore. The goal is to always express yourself in
a sophisticated way that is different enough to break with the monotony of classic suits
all the while not allowing people to pinpoint how your outfit is different. So for shoes, that could mean adding suede
shoes to otherwise conservative suits or maybe adding a colorful pair of shoelaces to an
otherwise rather stiff outfit. To learn more about shoes, shoelace colors,
and how you combine them, please check out this video here. When it comes to suits with trad style, you
wear them predominantly maybe 60-70 percent of the time with the rest being Navy Blazers
and combinations. With Ivy style, it’s about 50/50, 50% suits,
50% Blazers and combinations , and a prep style follower will hardly ever wear suits
and mostly wear a blazer or more casual options. While preps would often roll up their pant
hems, that’s not something you would see with a trad enthusiast simply because they weren’t
too keen on showing their bare skin. While preps love their boat shoes, Ivy style
people would prefer penny loafers and a trad enthusiast will always opt for a penny loafers
and never for the boat shoe unless of course you’re actually on a boat where they serve
its purpose. If you’re into Ivy style and you wear a seersucker
suit, you could combine them with white buckskin shoes. For trad, that is too loud and over-the-top,
instead, you’d maybe wear a pair of suede shoes. Likewise, slim fit shirts are a no-no for
trad. You wear traditionally full cut dress shirts
that don’t show off your muscles or anything else. It’s all about natural fit and comfort and
if you wear shorts during a warm summer day, you opt for the solid Navy ones, not the bolder
colors or any patterns on them such as the Madras pattern that may be a prep style enthusiasts
would wear. Obviously today, dress codes have relaxed
a lot more and so it’s okay for trads to wear slightly more colorful pocket squares or just
things that are a little bit louder that might have not been considered 100% trad appropriate
50 years ago. For example, you could also go with an alligator
belt or a lizard skin watch strap rather than a plain calf leather watch. I think trad is a wonderful concept because
it allows people to wear suits that are not business suits and therefore they look more
casual but they’re still quite stylish. Of course the world, in general, has become
more casual and so prep style and Ivy style are more popular today but if you want to
mix things up and go a little bit more formal, trad might be the perfect way to do so. If you haven’t already done so, please check
out our guides on preppy style and Ivy style as well as all our other guides and videos
that are related to it such as Madras, maybe knit ties, or the ten ties every man should
have. Of course, all these new videos come conveniently
to your inbox if you subscribe and then hit that little bell on YouTube. In today’s outfit I’m wearing a classic two-piece
suit it is single breasted with a notch lapel it has three patch pockets which make the
suit a lot more casual and of course the fabric is much brighter it’s not just a tobacco Brown
it’s a medium brown with a small herringbone pattern paired with a blue tweed vest as well
as a white shirt and a bourette silk tie in brown that has a houndstooth pattern the pocket
square is wool challis in blue and it picks up the color of the tweed vest
my socks I opted for a shadow striped brown and blue socks from Fort Belvedere which tie
the entire outfit together and you can find all of these accessories in our shop here
so take a look In terms of footwear I opted for a thick double soled English pair of tricker’s
boots in a nice tan color which go well with the overall feel of the suit my dress shirt
has double cuffs and our cufflinks from Fort Belvedere with tiger’s eye in gold I have
a little pinky ring with blue and gold and my watch is a very flat gold very thin watch
with a brown lizard strap that ties it all together

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