Top 10 Scariest Halloween Costumes That Will Give You Nightmares

On that scary note, welcome back to another
most amazing video. I’m your host Landon Do Not Singh. Halloween has been commercialized since the
1900s and people have made it a time-honoured tradition to dress up in their scariest costumes. So, what makes a costume scary? Well we are about to find out with this list
of the top 10 scariest Halloween costumes that will give you nightmares. Let’s get things started in at number 10
with a Smiley Face. No, I’m not talking about the innocent,
yellow smiley face. This costume is more sinister, and it doesn’t
make me want to smile. It looks like the man made slits in his eyes
and he sewed his lips so that he is permanently smiling. This costume is designed after a creepy pasta
about a tall, silent man who stalks strangers with a maniac smile. And all I can say about this costume is that
I never ever want to see it again. Let’s move on to number 9 with the Scary
Easter Bunny. Seriously, what is going on with old creepy
vintage costumes? I know they weren’t trying to be creepy
back in the early 1900’s but these costumes are literally the scariest things I have ever
seen. Take a look at this creepy Easter Bunny. It looks like this demon Easter Bunny came
straight from hell and he is about to snatch all of the children and offer them to the
Devil for snacks. Seriously though, what parent in their right
mind would allow their kid to sit on his lap? He has crazy devil eyes and he looks like
he can’t be trusted. I hope this costume was burned or buried because
if I see this costume on Halloween, I don’t think I will be able to handle myself. Number 8 brings us to a Creepy Clown. I know a lot of you guys don’t like clowns…and
I don’t blame you. And you probably hate clowns because of people
who do creepy pranks like that. But there’s something else about a clown
that gives me the chills. And it doesn’t help that Halloween is a
time where everyone seems to break out their scary clown costumes and chase people down
the street. This clown costume looks like he is addicted
to meth and is in serious need of rehab. Take a look at his face, his teeth are black,
his skin looks like it was ripped off and he is blind in one eye. But he still has one demon eye that he uses
to look for his next victim… Pregnant Zombie Costume breaks into this list
in at number 7. I will give her props for how realistic her
costume looks but she loses marks for tastefulness. I mean is this real life right now? This costume is pretty insane and controversial
at the same time because it literally looks like she ripped her uterus open and it is
snacking on her unborn baby. What makes things even worse is that people
who are actually pregnant attempt to make this exact same costume. I mean, we gotta draw the line somewhere…I’m
pretty scarred so let’s move away from this crazy pregnant zombie. Just when you thought you were safe, we have
the Annabelle Doll crashing onto this list in at number 6. This costume is inspired by true events and
the movie Annabelle which about a doll that is believed to be possessed by a demonic spirit. In real life Annabelle is a Raggedy Ann doll
that is locked behind a glass case in the Warrens’ Occult Museum and she is believed
to be extremely sinister and evil, so I wouldn’t recommend visiting her anytime soon. So, when Annabelle the movie was released,
this costume became insanely popular but there is something about this mask that sends chills
down my spine. I think I must have a phobia for creepy porcelain
doll costumes. Alright next up on our list in at number 5
we have Zombie Mom. Zombie costumes are pretty scary because they
look so realistic. Her teeth look rotten and her jaw looks like
it was broken while she was feeding on human flesh. And don’t get me started on her eyes. They make her look like she is possessed by
the devil. I don’t know about you guys, but if I saw
this person on Halloween night, I would run so fast in the opposite direction I would
probably break Olympic records. A Four-Legged Monster creeps onto this list
in at number 4. What the hell did we just watch? This costume should be banned from life. It’s honestly so creepy how he walks and
moves his head. But wait there’s more…you’re telling
me that there are two of these creepy creatures roaming the streets? I guess I won’t be trick or treating this
year because I definitely don’t want to run into these guys. Jeff The Killer Morphsuit stabs his way into
number 3. Jeff the Killer is one of the internet’s
most disturbing creepypastas. His face has been burned off by acid and he
apparently hides in your closet telling you to go to sleep. Yeah, that’s super comforting and not scary
at all…But in all seriousness, the morph suit makes this costume a hell of a lot scarier
because it’s like wearing a second skin. So if you saw this person creeping around
town I know you would be terrified. No Face brings us to number 2. Somebody hire this girl as a special FX makeup
artist because this is actually insane. I think I’m going to have nightmares about
this skinless face tonight because it is way too realistic. Her makeup must have taken her hours to do
and I bet her skin is really itchy. This costume is even scarier than I thought
because that head that she is holding is actually real. Nah I’m just kidding…or am I? And finally in at our number 1 spot we have
an Alien Monster. Ok now I am officially scared. This monster is the definition of hell. Look at those dark beady eyes and super long
sharp fangs. I wouldn’t want to get in a fighting match
with this creature because I feel like I would die instantly from being too scared. This person is setting the bar way too high
for Halloween…I literally go to a costume store and buy whatever I think looks the coolest. But this person loves Halloween way too much
because this costume takes way too much effort to pull off. I feel like if I was able to do this kind
of special FX makeup, I would wear this for the whole week before Halloween so that people
can truly appreciate it. But then I would be scaring people all over
Toronto, so I guess it’s not the best idea… Well there you guys have it…

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  1. I hate you my screen was covered when the jumpscare happened I just heard the screen then when I put it back on I saw the face

  2. Around 4:19 i collect porcelain dolls #offensive Lol just kidding 😂😂😂😂😂😂 but I do collect porcelain dolls


  4. The jump scare didnt scare me dude and its loud r.i.p headphone users

  5. But the 4 leged monster costume is just why did you bring it up? So now I'm just gonna watch my little pony for the night

  6. I love clowns. I wanted to make pranks 2 years ago but the killer clown thing is started. Cmon clowns are good. We need to love them. Im clown maniac, you meed to be a clown maniac to.

  7. I'm at my nan's house with head phones in so I don't wake anyone up and it's 2am, not funny with the jumpscare dude, you should put a trigger warning on the video. That could seriously do some damage to people with certain conditions. I'm not trying to be mean but it's a serious issue. Please don't think I'm trying to be mean I just don't want anyone to have to be seriously triggered by the video, please understand 😊

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