TJ Maxx $100 Style Challenge | Shopping Stylish Clothes on a Budget!

what's up you guys we're back at it again with another shopping video and today is all about style and a budget and what we're going to be doing is of course taking this hundred dollar bill and seeing exactly how much style we can buy with the hundred dollar bill aka the original $100 style challenge so we're going to be going to t.j.maxx this one has been requested a lot and the reason why I've been kind of putting it off is because it's really hard for some of you guys watching it to buy the same pieces that I show but it's a really good store if you're on a budget so the best thing of stores like this like Marshalls Ross and DJ Maxx is that you can find amazing brands at crazy prices like Ralph Lauren Cole Han Vineyard Vines Tommy Hilfiger Levi's all these brands that would cost you 30 40 per item you can find them here for 10 15 per item the only downside is that you have to spend a lot of time going through racks looking for your specific size and nothing's actually ever guaranteed like sometimes you can come here find nothing other times you can come here find a whole lot of thing so it's very unpredictable and that's why I really never did a challenger at this book but I'm very excited to do it today hopefully it goes great so like I said this could be a little challenging because you have to keep going to racks and racks and racks there's another shirt but look at that $12 for just one shirt that's awesome all right so before we keep going I do wanna talk about a brand that I really love and that's mass drop I've talked about this brand before and it's a great brand if you're shopping on a budget or if you're just on a budget in general and are always looking for big-name brands that are on a budget one master up does is basically buys in bulk and then sells to you at a much discounted price and you'll find some great brands like Allen Edmonds on there for fractions of the price so I'm gonna have them linked below it's completely free to sign up and they send emails all the time of the constant drops that they do and it's not just clothing they do technology they do gear that you everyday carry there's a bunch of cool stuff on there that you can get at fractions of what you will pay regularly retail price tag for so I'm gonna have master down below and they were so great to partner with us in this video to bring you this shopping video if you enjoyed this video big shout out to mass drop I'm telling you you're going to also enjoy master up and the great deals they have I'm gonna have it linked below make sure to sign up completely free so here's a personal observation that I've made with these stores now I don't know if this is true across all like all of these stores but what I've noticed here and where I live the areas if you go to stores that are in nicer areas for some reason you can find better brands there like you'll find more Ralph Lauren and Lucky Brand Jeans and stuff like that while a stores look in not-so-nice areas while they will have those brands it won't be as consistent and as abundant so I think I went a little bit overboard I have like 30 items in this card so I need to kind of go try everything on and see what fits best and then narrow down and get under 100 but I don't want to speak too early I might have over six outfits here under $100 let's see what we can do alright guys so this by far has been one of the most successful challenges ever I don't think you will believe how much I bought with just a hundred dollars get ready alright guys so we are back to the t.j.maxx style challenge and like I said I think this is one of the best or more successful challenges that I've done so the subtotal was a hundred dollars 95 cents with tax it came out to 107 and with that I was able to buy eight total items here is the full receipt I want to say that was some really successful shopping I don't know too many shops where you can get a stylish quality pieces all for under $100 so that's pretty amazing to me that's why I love stores like TJ Maxx Marshalls and Ross these are stores that if you're on a budget and you're trying to look good that you should already know how good they are so just to show you the quick pickups I got this dark denim American Eagle jeans $15 I also picked up this medium flannel from a brand called on the road this one was $12 I picked up this green quarter zip sweater for another $13 picked up these nice green chinos kind of like denim almost like 12 Chino $13 these are all slim fit they fit very well I picked up the short sleeve shirt for $13 from a brand called denim and flower again fits very well this is one of my favorite pickups I picked up this shirt it was $15 it's a dress shirt and it's from a company called Jake's it's a slim fit and it fits really well for it being off the rack and considering it's only $15 it's a very quality made sure like if it's really nice and you're about to see that right now and finally I picked up something casual and so I picked up this nice black printed tee that says California on it I really liked it it was from a company called bul resupply and it was only eight bucks so now we're going to throw them on in outfits and show you exactly how many outfits you could put together so for the first look I decided to go for something a little bit dressy or most business casual I paired the American Eagle jeans with the dress shirt and the total cost for look this good believe it or not is only $30 that's insane to me that's the cost that you would probably pay for one shirt if you're lucky let alone trying to find good jeans at a mall or an outlet shop if you want to dress it up I decided to throw on the quarters zip sweater this makes it a completely different look you can swap the shoes and it looks like you're wearing something completely different and the total cost for this whole look believe it or not only $43 that's the jeans shirt and sweater included now the next look I wanted to go something a little bit more casual a little bit more relaxed so I kept the dark denim jeans which is why I always say dark denim is essential because you can dress them up dress them down you can wear them with so many things and people will never notice you're wearing the same jeans so I kept the dark denim jeans and I threw on the more casual printed black t-shirt the t-shirt was only eight dollars the jeans were 15 so the cost for this whole looked was only $23 now for the next look I wanted something kind of like a school look so I decided to pair the 12 chinos which cost $13 and the shirt sleeve shirt which cost $13 as well so the cost of this total look is only $26 and since the temperatures are dropping I also threw on this American a really really thick fair isle cardigan again I got it from TJ Maxx and I didn't mention it in the beginning believe it or not this sweater only cost me $15 so the total cost of this looks comes out to only $41 even including the sweater which is an amazing deal again makes the outfit look completely different a little bit more lumbersexual and perfect for this winter season and then finally something a little bit more neutral something that almost anybody can pull off the classic flannel with dark jeans look I think it looks amazing so of course I kept the jeans I threw on the flannel the flannel was only twelve dollars so the total cost of this look comes out to $25 answers you're wearing really well-known brands the clothes doesn't look cheap so you can dress cheap and look amazing all right guys so that's it for this challenge what did you think was it successful was it one of my best ones I have a pull up here let me know most people when they have $100 all they think of and maybe I can get the pant and a shirt if I'm lucky but in reality if you know how to shop you can stretch it far enough and you can pull out six seven I could have pulled up way more looks with all these pieces of clothing that I got this is just a quick sample so that's it for today's video I hope you enjoyed it don't forget to check out mass drop if you're a guy that shops on a budget I'm gonna have it linked below completely free to sign up and I'm telling you guys you're going to enjoy it so that's it for me in today's video see you next time

40 thoughts on “TJ Maxx $100 Style Challenge | Shopping Stylish Clothes on a Budget!

  1. Yes these jeans are tighter than what I usually wear ( and thats because in stores like these I've noticed you either get super classic cuts that are baggy, or skinny fits (like the one in the video). And given those two options I choose the latter. I should've clarified that in the video

  2. I dont have figure like you and costly or nor costly shirts fits me well what can I do please say me . I will be eagerly waiting for your reply..

  3. I have been watching ur videos for awhile now and they are amazing! Just a quick question in some of the other 100$ challenges u got ur clothes tailored. Did u get anything tailored in this challenge?

  4. Denim and Flower are shirts that a type of zuniga like me really appreciates. Always come in nice, subtle patterns with detailing like contrast stitching or fabric panels. Absurdly cool and interesting shirts for $12-$15. I have a number of poplin button downs in my bizcaz weekly grind rotation. Subtle from a distance but unique up close. Love 'em.

    Negative: the collars are tiny (~2" button down) and the plackets are a little bit slimmer (~1") than I'd like (or is standard: 2.50" – 3.50"+ collar and 1.25" – 1.50" placket.) Definitely more for younger and thinner men.

  5. My aunt bought me a reebook backpack that cost her 24dollars and it used to cost 70dollars i havent gone to this store but the backpack was so new it smelled new i looked new when i go to ross sometimes the stuff has smudges from people but this store im looking forward to going

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