Tips for Red Carpet Fashion : Matching Nail Polish to Gowns

HARMONIE KRIEGER: So you’re always going to
get a manicure and pedicure before you go to your big event. Now, I just got a manicure
and mine is “Need A Vacation.” That’s what the name of the polish is called. So make
sure you get a color that suits your dress. Now, this is very neutral. It’s a pink. It
goes with everything. But the most important is you don’t choose a color that offsets your
dress. So if you have a black dress, you’re not going to do like a black nail polish or
deep red; you’re going to probably do something that’s neutral. Always make sure your nails
are up to par because you’re going to be holding your clutch or your bag, you’re going to be
holding your camera, and if your nails don’t look pretty, you just don’t feel as groomed
as you should be. Manicures are good to get at least once a week. But the thing about
manicures, if they do chip, you have to go back and get it fixed. Don’t walk down the
red carpet with chipped nails because people will think that you just don’t groom yourself.
So manicures and pedicures are a definite must and please choose the color that goes
with your dress. Just like your lip gloss, you want everything to flow on your big day.

1 thought on “Tips for Red Carpet Fashion : Matching Nail Polish to Gowns

  1. with a black dress, deep red sounds really hot and dramatic! isn't this for the red carpet??? then again, my whole life is a serious fasion don't as far as the 'rules' go, so just remember, what YOU like is what's important!

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