serious question for everybody do you like making money one way that I like making money is selling on several online apps and one app that I sell on is the Poshmark app and right now my Poshmark app is a little light on inventory so I need to go out and find some inventory to listen to my Poshmark closet because I like making money so what I want to do today is I'm here at goodwill in Weston Indiana I'm trying to find some items to put into my Poshmark closet because my Poshmark closets actually getting a little bit low right now down to like three or four items I want to find at least five items a day at this goodwill to put into my Poshmark closet hopefully I'll find maybe some shirts hats shorts other objects around here it's kind of nice to is it's also fun to go out thrifty and go out thrifting find some stuff to resell throw it onto your Poshmark closet make some money also make sure there's a direct link below download your free Poshmark app is free to download you can list and sell items on Poshmark it's wonderful easy process we'll walk through that later in the video or right now I got a walk around this goodwill and I've got to find some stuff to sell because let's make some money just found the first place to go into my Poshmark closet we've got a size small toggle Bay Area's peppers Reebok on-field Jersey really good condition minimal wear I make this like nine out ten condition I mean it's like like like new condition crazy condition so this is so well posh March so let's be going into my part closet or 49 plus military discount there's the first piece about a nice piece Virginia but it is all it is beat so into such bad condition got a pass on it that stinks just found my next piece a Nike dri-fit Minnesota Twins shirts for our forty-nine cents plus again military discount size large this thing is in phenomenal condition Poshmark this will be going to my closet I'm cosmic being easily goodbye 15 bucks out of their shirt maybe pushed 20 there's no snags in it no tears it is phenomenal condition looks like they're into one nice piece here's a Nike golf dry fit shirt but Palmes we've got a past history whose shirt is a Miss right now I'm through sizes small medium and large so got size XL and X XXL any bigger sizes to go I got two pieces now for my Poshmark closet I need at least three more pieces to put into my Poshmark closet before I call it quits let's keep looking found next piece pair of Under Armour extra large kind of like a dry that type of plus a military discount got an armored running on the back and the front of the shorts black and red your bread color stream super nice pair which they're my size I beat something to keep them but they'll be in my Poshmark closet on the first things here three things that paint they want a dollar piece and these were so between twenty and twenty four dollars apiece for the each so he spent in three dollars and she made sixty to sixty-five dollars after shipping and fees about fifty bucks in profit got another score here goodwill and chatted for for the PlayStation 4 four minutes of $2.99 everything in there is like like the new condition never played this game so least I'll check it out if I want to resell it it should go please total to $15 some decent profit again finding pop it like crazy here's some Memorex Pocky cd-rw five packs they want two dollars for this things yourself will be fifteen to seventeen dollars factory-sealed two bucks fifteen bucks easy more money buy another piece brand new with tags size extra-large represent cotton NBA shirt Orlando Magic they got it for a measly ninety nine so this would be my Poshmark closet nice shirt brand new with tags and it will be for an awesome price in my closet next piece secured it is a size large the Goo Goo Dolls t-shirt 99 it's even cooler as this is actually a two were sure to goo goo dolls from back in 2007 the shirt is in pretty good shape eiseley eight out of ten condition there's no like defects that are anything but this would be going to my Poshmark closet for a pretty you know three cheap price but following two dollars plus my military discount on this will be very very for me to buy but the cool of packet vintage kind of shirt is you know over ten year old t-shirt tour shirt and true shirts are usually so pretty well that's a nice fine I'm gonna put the Under Armour shorts back I don't think they live when I go much more than like when I'm gonna pay for them so these will not be my Poshmark closet put these back on the shelves unless you get a good deal here at Goodwill this shirt is insanely cool its brand new with tags there's a little like older like just like fading marks on it but it is a MBA thousands 2000 t-shirt or right outside of Indianapolis right now but this is a Lakers and Pacers NBA Finals t-shirt I guess you wear this t-shirt to give you all access to the NBA Finals pregame halftime postgame Corsa in locker room all access this is an insanely cool t-shirt mm a finals unrestricted all-access so I have never seen a shirt before this should be awesome for a Lakers fan or a Pacers fan it's brand-new you still have em gate tags on it size large this is a really cool piece of history that I've never seen anything like this before in my life this we go into my Poshmark closet and I don't know how much this will sell for but I bet it goes quick just on it's my Monopoly board game for a measly $4 you should sell between 15 to 20 bucks more easy profit but pounds Justin Bieber swaggy hat and Justin Bieber official merchandise a $1 for every Sunday like this before it's interesting spanning this will be my Poshmark closet I have no idea on value on this but I guarantee it's worth more than a dollar so this should be pretty nice piece that I found something to my Poshmark closet very soon let's go ahead and check out I think I'm done here I just found a second Justin Bieber swaggy hat for a dollar he must have been here on shul just recently it looks like so can't beat that another dollar hat Wow I've got all these goodies that I got I got to put to my par smart closet and I've got to list all this stuff also never forget whenever you go off thrifting and stuff whenever you list your items for sale make sure you take off like these goodwill tags make sure you take them off free take pictures of these for a listing like for your par smart closet because you don't want people seeing the jillion paid you know two bucks for a t-shirt you're trying to sell for 15 or 20 that's a bad look i'ma show how easy it is to pretty much put an item up for sale on your Poshmark closet all you gotta do just open up your Poshmark app once that's opened up I gotta do hit your cell button next take a couple pictures you want of your item all I gotta do is add a nice and simple description to it some like goo goo goo goo dolls that's the worst name for a band all-time like goo goo dolls tour shirt 2007 size large like that describe it very nice condition goo goo dolls 2007 tour shirt size large shows very minor wear from usage and from washing period very nice condition for the Aged click category let's do men's shirts original price most concert t-shirts are usually about 30 bucks easily we're gonna list this thing for $20 list and it's done it is that easy to listen item onto your Poshmark closet it literally takes you a minute so you can look into my Poshmark closet all you want you can see all kinds of my items right now you can scroll through you can check them out I am constantly adding in new listings into my closet also make sure you come at your your closet handle in the comment section just video my closet handle is that franchise kicks come at your closet handle drive some traffic to your closet on my add-on quite a few more items into my Poshmark closet the rest of this night it's gonna be fun we're gonna go through adding some more a month up some more items we're gonna fill up my closet full of all kinds of goodies so make sure you check out my Poshmark closet at franchise kicks also make sure direct links in his description box below in this video download your free Poshmark app you can buy and sell all kinds of goodies clothes hats sneakers anything men's women's children so get creative see what you can buy see what you can sell also if any of these clothes that you saw in this video that are in this closet right now for you to purchase you can go to my Poshmark closet right now and make offers on anything in my pock smart closet so lets them have this hat listed for 20 bucks you can make it offer a 15 and I might take it we can negotiate so everything prices are flexible make offers check it out on that


  1. We have a dollar thrift store in new jersey. We sell everything for $1.00 each & benefits a local charity. Great for resellers. Clothing, accessories, home decor, toys & more for only $1.00 each. Open 10 – 6 Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sunday 10 -3 pm. Black Sheep Thrift Shop _ Dollar Store 323 Drum point rd, Brick NJ 08723

  2. Have you tried to sell on mercari? Im having good traffic in that site. Have not used poshmark yet but will look into it.

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  4. @baccardi is my seller name on Depop. Got some vintage baseball and basketball jerseys for sale. Great condition. Will be adding more.

  5. Take a shot every time he says “Poshmark closet” 😂😂 lol just joking man, get that money!! Love this video, do more like this.
    Poshmark Handle: @zcox252931

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