This Jacket Can Repair Itself

What’s up, everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority And for today’s video I got a rain jacket over here, but it’s not just a jacket Let me show you what it does first of all very cool rain jacket I really like the design and the color, but what’s so special about this jacket Well this kind of rain jackets usually when you poke a hole to it There is no way to fix it to patch it up and from that nail poke hole usually rips even more after a while Well the jacket is supposed to be self repairing jacket when you poke a hole into it Let’s see if it’s torn that I’m so glad they give us a little material like that extra That’s why I don’t have to destroy. This is a cool jacket. Okay. I got here three different type of nails Small medium and large and we’re going to make first of all a small hole right here somewhere Boom look at that all the way through. pull it out. Look at that. We got here a hole Let me zoom it in what I’m supposed to do is grab it with this finger and this finger and rub it together Boom whoa look at that No, way that hole is completely gone look at that on this side and this side Wow, that’s amazing! Okay That was a small hole this nail is much much bigger than this nail as you can see So let’s try this again Poke the hole in it then I’m going to go up two fingers and just rub it on it Boom wow look at that this hole completely gone I’m a poke a hole through here boom look at this giant hole in there Not like the first one. Then I’m gonna go up two fingers and just rub on this hole Whoa? No way can you believe this this hole is disappeared? Okay, first nail is was a small then the medium now. We’re going to do a large nail Hopefully it will survive and self repair itself with the large nail, okay? I’m just gonna make a hole right here books, whoa That’s a huge hole look how big that is all I have to do is just Grab my fingers and rub it together That’s insane. It’s getting smaller will it work wow, this is completely gone now That’s insane! Little bit longer to rub it on a bigger hole But there is still a little bit of a hole left in there, but for the most part it’s almost gone This is with a big nail. You see almost. God just a little bit mark left on it. Wow that’s insane WOOOWOWOWO Okay, one more test small nail right here medium nail right here and a large nail through here Not even that easiest to poke it through boom just like that now. Let’s take it all out first of all a small hole right here small hole seals up Instantly look at that boom nothing happened the bigger hole the medium one Takes a little bit longer to seal it up Just keep rubbing it and almost done completely sealed up Maybe a tiny little hole out there But that’s amazing that it sealed up it used to be a huge hole and it’d be colored here This is almost like a tear I ain’t even know. How is it even possible? For the hole for this fabric to come back together that’s just insane The large hole you have to rub it
much much longer To get it back sealed up and boom this is what it looks like it used to be a huge hole now It’s all sealed up wow ] can even put two at a whole set here for a smaller nail, you see still little holes, then I’m going to rub them and boom those three holes completely disappeared Look at that. I’m just poking through that rain jacket and all I have to do it. Just a rub it like this and All this will holes disappear how amazing is that wow? Put so many holes through here Regular rain jacket would have been destroyed most of the time I usually make holes in my new rain Jacket when I’m working by the fence or climbing over the fence or working by the bees and there is sometimes Sticking out this wires on the fence It’s usually pokes through my rain jacket pretty easily But now all you have to do it. Just rub it It’s gets all sealed up How amazing is that I’m pretty sure if you make a bigger hole than this nail I probably won’t be able to close up all the way you’ll still have a little hole in there, so it’s only for this little like a wires holes on your Rain jacket or from the tree sticks that you’re running and it’s poke a hole to your rain jacket It happens all the time definitely a huge thumbs up for me because I never seen anything like that and I love finding cool products, new technology, and it’s definitely one of a kind so I just wanted to show it to you Hopefully you enjoyed that video and thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Call me childish if you want but i been laughing at his butty fingers thus whole video i find butty fingers funny💀🏆📍

  2. Would be great for pants too. That way, you could take of your pants and jacket and then just rub it…

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