The Try Guys Try Childhood-Ruining Costumes

– You show up at a party
and everybody’s like Hey! Some guy is here in yellow! And I’m like it’s Pikachu! And they’re like barely! And I’m like thank you. (upbeat organ music) – Today we’re trying on sexy
childhood-ruining costumes. – So basically sexy versions
of things for babies. – Some things just
aren’t meant to be sexy. – It’s for children.
– (imitating vomiting) – We’re gonna give some
people some confusing boners. – Who watches a cartoon
a cartoon and is like, yepp, I wanna (bleep) that. – I mean I was sexually
awakened by cartoons. I don’t think anyone wasn’t. – [Voiceover] They’re (bleep) everywhere, they’re a nightmare. – Oh! Minions! These guys are so funny. – Are they like (bleep)
fire hydrants, right? – You can’t ruin a childhood
that’s still happening. – It’s got a chinstrap? (laughing)
Is this right? – These feel stretched
out. Has Ned been in these? – That is a tight minion. – Off to a good start. (laughing)
Oh what a mistake I’ve made. – If anyone does the Minion voice in this, I’m going to be very upset. (unintelligible speaking) – Oh no! Aren’t these guys like evil?
Isn’t that their thing? – Little ass in there. – They’re just little pill-bugs that hump. They’re like super sexually driven, this honestly isn’t
that dishonest of them. – I don’t know which
way is forward anymore. – This wouldn’t ruin my childhood, it would titillate my childhood. (unintelligible speaking) – Anything yellow that resembles them, they wanna (bleep) it. (singing)
♫- I’m for a childhood-ruining couples costume ♫ – This is a mall pretzel-vendor costume. – Candy stripers? – Where do your boobs go?
– Oh yeah! – Is there such a thing
as camel toe for guys? – It’s called moose knuckle. – Oh no, this is so horrible. – Looks like a mean librarian. – I think I’m more of an Ernie. – I don’t think you’re
fitting into these shorts, no offense. – No eye holes. – That just scares me. – Duck on the butt. – Rubber duck is so close to rubber dick. – I’m hiding the letter D. – I love couples costumes. Usually go with my wife,
– But, – could make an exception.
– make an exception. – This would be really good as a sexy gay couples costume. – Yeah it doesn’t make
any sense for women. – Here let’s adjust it. – It’s like (bleep) what up! Let’s (bleep) each other. – Hi-ya Burt! – Ernie, you smell like liquor. – I didn’t think Burt
ever really liked Ernie. – He like hate (bleep) him a lot. – He might as well have
an openly gay, very sexual couple on Sesame Street. They already have entire fists
up their butt anyways, so. – Alright, they’re puppets. – [Voiceover] Pikachu! Oh boy. – I know this tail, I had a GameBoy Colour. – Pikachu is a fearsome character cause he’s fast, but also powerful. – You’re making me a sexy Pikachu? Is that allowed? – Cartoon animals are free
game to make sexy, I’m sorry. I don’t care who you are. – I feel so naked. – This isn’t a costume, it’s tubes. – Oh! This is a man costume. We’re sexy men now. – We’ve talked a lot today
about sexualized lady costumes, but guys also feel pressure to look good. – Everybody look at my body! I’m Pikachu or what not, let’s all (bleep) masturbate together. – I think Pokemon are more fun
to dress up as than trainers because then you can be creative. – Pikachu’s a pre-teen, his
voice hasn’t dropped yet. This is a sexy 12 year old. – This is the cutest (bleep) thing ever. – Pika! Pikachu! – I’m a (bleep) sexy electric rat. – Come into my cage, pika pika. – This is a whole ‘nother meaning of the word Smash Brothers. – Take a (bleep) Pika. – Pikachu wanna (bleep). – You all wanna (bleep) baby rats? Be my guest. I’m a sexy baby rat you can (bleep). – [Voiceover] I’m glad I
can turn some grandma’s on. – Oh! I get to be Cinderella? Little ‘ol me? – Oh no. – I’m Belle. Does that mean my wife is the beast? – I get to be a villain.
(evil laughter) – Alright now I’m a mermaid. – If you were wearing a thong, this would be a seriously kinky costume. – Oh damn! It’s getting some dominatrix shit. – Fairy Godmother made my
dress out of a dish towel. – She did not show this much leg, I’ll tell you that much. – That is a titty hole. – Come on, I can only
wear this until midnight. – Suck in more. – I can’t, I have a ribcage
like a normal person. – Do I enter from the bottom? – Gotta do the bow. You could fit some boobs in here. – It makes sense to
sexualize Disney characters. Oftentimes the sexiest
characters are the villains. – I am talking boobs. – Bibbity boppity boobs! – This is like a cheap, trashy version of a beautiful ballgown. – Goo goo gaa gaa, boys. – I feel like I’m a condom. – I’m the belle of the ball. – I just wish they’d give me enough fabric to cover up this big ‘ol pumpkin. – Bonjour! – It’s gorgeous. – You want a bite of this poison apple? – Mirror mirror on the wall, show me the try-guy whose skin as pale as cottage cheese. Hair cover the body like a rabid beaver. – [Voiceover] Cinderella’s whole objective is I got one night to find a man. Why not Halloween? – That’d be a fun costume if I had my friends dress as
like, sexy woodland creatures. They sing and they cum on my arms. (backstage laughter) – I feel like we ruined a lot
of people’s childhoods today. I mean look at me. This is clearly a mistake. – You love your body and
you like showing it off, be as sexy as you want. – Just don’t do it when
there are kids around! – If a three year old owns pajamas with this character on it, you shouldn’t be wearing
it sexy for Halloween. Just like, come on. But don’t cum on me. – [All] Happy Halloween! We’re sorry! – We’ve done worse, but this certainly isn’t helping anybody. (screaming) – Do we have scissors? – Happy Halloween.

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  1. I love being Brazilian because u know "Pikachu'' Pokemon,ok,and "Pica'' in portuguese is basically…hm…dick

  2. Zach : “If anyone does the minion voice in this, I’m going to be very upset”

    Ned : (Proceeds to do the minion voice)😂

  3. Eugene's jokes are just… HA! And of COURSE he'd be the Evil Queen. He's the only one sexy enough to pull off a villain costume.

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